How to Promote your Blog via Instagram

How to Promote your Blog via Instagram

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Instagram has become the third most popular social media platform, following Facebook and YouTube. The fact that one billion users access the platform every month and over half of them use it to seek out or discover new products should be a great incentive for sharing and promoting content related to your blog. 

If you’re a blogger and you don’t have an Instagram profile yet, it’s easy enough to download the app on your smartphone and create one. If you have a profile but you don’t have an audience, you’ll have to start posting some quality content to start building one. 

Short, sweet bio with a call-to-action

Your Instagram profile bio has to be short and accurate, telling users who you are, what you’re passionate about and the reason for your blog. Make sure you add a call-to-action and a link to your blog. 

This is very important because you aren’t able to add one anywhere else on your profile, not even in your posts unless you are using ads to promote your content. 

Follow other bloggers and engage with their content

See if any of the bloggers you admire and read are on Instagram and follow them. It’s important to follow, “like” and “comment” on content posted by other bloggers in your niche. 

If you can find content similar to your own, make sure you ‘like’ it and if you make a useful comment, you may even find the person reciprocates and comments on your content. 

As an individual blogger, to impress other users to follow you and engage them with your profile, you also need to create an impressive bio of yourself.  

Post relevant, quality content

You will obviously want to promote your blog to a specific audience so it is important to think about the type of Instagram posts you could make to appeal to them related to your niche. 

Always use beautiful photos of high quality and be creative with any text overlays to make your content unique. For a good content writing site, go through Essay Shark review to know how good online writing can make a difference.  

Share video or images from behind the scenes

When you share what is going on behind the scenes in your business, you add a human element to your brand. This transparency helps you to gain the trust of your followers and their loyalty. It could be an image of you writing your latest post in a coffee shop or a short video of your office setup. 

New York City restaurant Union Fare shares videos that show what’s going on inside their restaurant using informal captions and showing some of the delicious food on the menu.

Capturing video in Instagram Stories is quick and easy and enables you to share spontaneous snippets of daily life that can be very effective at promoting your blog. 

Follow a creative theme or style

If you take a look at some of the most creative brands on Instagram, you’ll see that many of them follow a unique theme or style. For example, swim company, Aare (@aare_swim), uses photos in a series of nine squares. Share your photos in a grid to break up your Instagram feed and create a broader visual story of your brand. 

Ames and Oats (@amesandoats) uses a progressive color scheme. Why not create and plan a unique visual style or color scheme for your feed? 

You can select just about any shades you want that work with your theme or brand colors. Incorporating your brand colors into your theme means users start to recognize your content and, hopefully, begin following you. 

Convert a blog post into a story

Did you know you could even convert one of your blog posts into a mini story to share on Instagram? Real Simple, a lifestyle magazine, uses condensed versions of their useful online content to create Instagram Stories. At the end of the story, people are directed to the Real Simple website. 

To create a similar story, take a look at content you have published on your blog and choose the one you could break down into a few slides. Create the images in your graphic design software program and upload them in sequence. 

Show your product in action

Instagram stories offer a great way to show viewers more about your product and what it can do. Vitamix uses Instagram Stories to show their popular blender in action. 

For example, you can see a video of a blended dessert being created in the test kitchen. Post tutorials showing your brand in action and reveal the possibilities it offers to your audience. 

Tease your audience

If you’re working on a new eBook, about to launch a podcast or you’re adding finishing touches to a new product, there are ways to start creating a buzz and excitement on Instagram. Take a photo of what you’re working on or create a teaser video to make your audience look forward to what’s coming. 

 Be consistent

You can’t just feel inspired for a few days, post content every day for a week or two and then stop. You have to be consistent if you want to use Instagram successfully. What helps with consistency is to create a content planner by using Google Docs or Excel. 

A final word

Using Instagram to promote your blog shows that you’re not only knowledgeable about new social media trends, but that you can apply them to your own business. If you can do that in a genuine and engaging way, you will draw more people organically to your website and avoid having to annoy them with any aggressive sales messages. 

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