Influencer Spotlight Edition 3: @plusfitnessnorthperth


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This edition of Influencer Spotlight looks at Australian gym owner and fitness brand, plusfitnessnorthperth.

Unlike more conventional gyms who may simply provide a space to exercise in, owner Elisa and her team provide their clients with absolutely everything they need to reach and maintain their fitness goals.

Plusfitnessperthnorth’s Instagram is filled with fitness-related memes, in-action shots and videos of their fitness family working out, delicious and healthy meals. and client progress shots.

In addition to gym memberships, plusfitnessperthnorth also offers comprehensive meal plans, qualified training classes and sessions, and mindset training.

Enter AiGrow

Since signing up with AiGrow in December of 2017, as illustrated in the picture below, plusfitnessnorthperth has gained almost 700 followers while maintaining a perfectly proportional followers-to-following ratio.

The wonderful team behind Plusfitnessnorthperth are helping people transform their lives for the better.

The way we see it, the more we can help spread their cause, the better!

Want to see more of AiGrow’s star roster? Stay tuned for the next edition of Influencer Spotlight!

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