Why You Should Be Using an Instagram Business Profile

Do you want to go ahead and start up an Instagram business profile? Maybe you’re not too sure what it is, or you don’t know how it works. We’re going to compare Instagram business with personal profiles, inside and out.

A comparison of Instagram business profiles and Instagram personal profiles:

First off, what is an Instagram business profile?

A business profile actually upgrades a personal profile, so you can get back into analytics into your Instagram account. Obviously, you have to upgrade it, because a normal person who is just using Instagram casually, doesn’t really need back-end analytics, so they’re just posting what they ate for dinner and just posting little things that they do with friends.

When you’re a businessman or you’re trying to grow your Instagram pages, you kind of want to have analytical tracking, and you can track things like the genders of your followers, what times of day that your followers are active, how many impressions and reach your profiles get, how many saves and pictures to get, the likes you get, and the comments you get.

You have all this stuff packed up into one convenient package that is simply on the back end of Instagram.

On a personal profile, you really don’t have anything. You can go ahead and switch your profile to private, that is really the only thing that you can do on a personal profile that you cannot do on a business profile.

On a business profile, you cannot switch your profile to private, but that shouldn’t be any word to you anyways, because as a business, you want your put your profile open. You want people to find you. If it’s on private, you’re going to be doing yourself into service. Business profiles also allow for email or call buttons.

We recommend you to always use email, but if you’re an actual local business, maybe a hair salon, maybe an HVAC company, or a carpenter company, then it’s fine to put the call button there, because people might just want to immediately go and call you and when they search upon Google, suppose you’re an HVAC company, they see your Instagram profile and they search your company up on Google.

Well, if you’re not the first ranking person on Google, they might actually call another company. Consequently, if you are a brick-and-mortar business, make sure you have that call button right there for your customers’ convenience.

Business pages also get stories’ swipe ups. You get stories’ swipe up so once you hit 10,000 followers. Now, what this does? Is it a second link that you can go ahead and use for your Instagram? Instagram used to only be able to allow you to link to one place.

That was through the website section of your profile bio, but now through swipe up links you can actually use pin-up stories and that’s basically a permanent link that stays there forever or temporary links if you don’t pin your stories.

Why ads are the hands-down best way to actually drive traffic from Instagram to an external source?

Another thing that a lot of people also forget is that business pages can run ads. You must be a business page in order to run ads, the benefit you can get from being able to put together ads to drive traffic to your Instagram page and to drive traffic to your business or anywhere else, especially because of how cheap Instagram ads are right now, is insane. As a result, just being able to run ads alone, justifies becoming a business profile.

For those of you guys who are trying to figure out “should I become a business profile because what if Instagram starts to crack down on this and limit businesses reach?”. Our answer to you is you adapt. Don’t hold back now because of speculation of what may happen in the future. The amount of benefits that you get from becoming a business profile far outweighs.

What if there is less reach a year from now?

Don’t let just ‘speculation’ and ‘what-ifs’ hold you back from implementing something that is going to go ahead and 10x your business right now. Life is always revolved around adapting, whether it’s business or whether it’s anything else.

If it does happen in the future, to be more specific, if it does happen a year or two years from now, you will simply adapt to the change and there would always be a workaround there which you can go ahead and do to regain engagement or to do something that competitors aren’t doing.

Our opinion is to go ahead and switch to a business account. You can run all of your accounts that are all under your network. They might be all business accounts. The things that you can do with it. The analytics you have, the fact that you can run ads and your story swipe ups once you’re at 10,000 followers, far outweighs instilling bad things into yourself. You should just go ahead and turn into a business profile now.

If struggling to grow your Instagram or you’re trying to get the ball moving, maybe you’re trying to either gain followers or make money and really just turn Instagram into a full-time business for yourself then We do have an advanced way that is free call AiGrow. Just sign up free and expand your business. You can also leave your comments and suggestions.

If you are determined to expand your business, there is also an extension on Google Chrome which is going to help you post on Instagram by your PC. You can add it to your Chrome by downloading it from the Google Chrome Extension Store.

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