Instagram Followers Glitch! How To Stop?

Instagram followers glitch is Instagram malfunctioning when it comes to followers and followings. 

Sometimes the follow button doesn’t work, sometimes you lose so many followers at once, and sometimes the numbers don’t add up! Whatever it is, I teach you how to fix it. So stick around!

Instagram followers glitch shows up in different ways. Let’s see what they are and how to stop it.

#1; Losing Followers and Followings Overnight

In 2019, Numerous Instagram users got on Twitter and reported an Instagram follower glitch while mentioning Instagram! Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande LOST 3M FOLLOWERS EACH IN THE SLEEP!!! And I’m not speaking metaphorically!

why did I just lose over half a million followers @instagram wyd sis

— James Charles (@jamescharles) February 13, 2019

Some of these Instagrammers assumed that Instagram was just deleting spam and bot followers!

so I just lost like 4K on Instagram and it unfollowed like 100 people within a matter of minutes? what’s going on ?

like I’m not mad about my follower count cause I’d rather have less spam followers and better engagement but like why is it unfollowing people?!

— stephanie duran (@ItsSteephh) February 13, 2019


Last night Instagram removed inactive / bot accounts from all accounts, globally.

I’ve woken up to an inbox full of messages from concerned people / influences and brands who have in some cases, lost millions of followers while they were asleep!??

— Steven Bartlett (@SteveBartlettSC) February 13, 2019

So Instagram claimed the issue and promised to fix it soon and did!

Update: we’re expecting to have this issue resolved by 9 a.m. PST tomorrow. We understand this is frustrating, and our team is hard at work to get things back to normal.

— Instagram (@instagram) February 13, 2019

Although the problem was solved before, chances are that it happens again! If that is the case, report the problem on Instagram or Twitter the way these guys did.

#2; Follow Button Glitch; Not Being Able To Follow

This is when you tap on the follow button, for a second or two it appears as following, and it goes back to follow again!

How To Stop The Follow Button Glitch?

There are several things you can do.

Try The Easy Stuff

Check the network, restart the cellphone, log out, and again in. 

Check Out Instagram Limits 

Make sure you check Instagram’s daily limits. Maybe it is not a glitch and you just had too many actions on Instagram and you just crossed the limits! If it is the case, your glitch is gone by tomorrow!

Check if You Have Not Violated Instagram Policies

If you violated Instagram policies of any kind, Instagram temporarily limits your actions!

If the Instagram follower glitch you face is of this kind, you should wait 14 days at most.

Report The Instagram Followers Glitch On Instagram Itself

If this is a bug, there is nothing you do! Just report the follower glitch and Instagram will do the rest.

#3; The Numbers Don’t Add Up

This glitch happens when you see a certain number as your followers while your followers see another number! This incompatibility is typically the matter of two or three followers, not more!

How To Stop It?

Sign out and in, then the number will sink! In case it doesn’t work, report or just let go 🙂

#4; You Get More Followers But The Number Get Stuck

It might not be a bug at all! Some users follow you to get you to follow them back and after a certain time, they unfollow you! But you may wonder how come you get new followers each day the number is still the same!


How To Fix Any Type Of Instagram Followers Glitch With Ease?

Each year, a certain bug happens to Instagram and cause Follower Glitch that you may not be familiar with!

You can either refer to the internet to stop the glitch or you can hire an Instagram manager!

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