Best Instagram Hacks for Marketing Your Wine Business

Best Instagram Hacks for Marketing Your Wine Business

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Instagram marketing has taken businesses by storm. Then, if you have a wine business, why not promote it through the photo-sharing social media platform? You know that marketing your business using Facebook is almost impossible if you are looking for organic methods. Instagram lets you promote your products using high-definition images and videos without spending heavily on paid marketing. Then, if you have the budget, you can market your winery using paid ads on Instagram as well. However, if you are new to the business, we recommend that you opt for organic Instagram marketing andnot Facebook that will yield you zero results, provided you use paid ads. 

Take some time out of your busy schedule and research what your competitors are doing. Take your time and do not rush. You will see positive results if you learn how to use Instagram marketing for your winery in the right way. There is no doubt about the same. It will not happen overnight. However, you will see the results definitely and better outcome than Facebook organic posts. 

According to an article published on, you can boost your brand’s presence using the My Story feature of Instagram. Again, you can repost user content and improve your fan following. Read on to learn about some of the essential tips to grow your wine business leveraging Instagram. 

Focus on nothing except visuals 

Instagram means visual appeal. Therefore, use creative, high-definition, and well-designed photos of wine bottles and chalices to improve user engagement. It is one of the best ways to take your wine business to the next level. For example, you can post images which are a mix of the wine varieties you sell with a matching lifestyle to pique audience interest. Instead of just wine bottle shots, wine lovers would like the experience of dining with their favorite red or white wine. Use your imagination and you can create stunning visual content on Instagram. 

Besides images related to wine and lifestyle, you must focus on your business logo. You can integrate your company logo at the corner of each Instagram photo or video that shows up in the feed. Then, ensure that each post also includes your product. This way, followers see your logo thrice, one on the Instagram profile, the product, and the post itself. Then, you should integrate the logo in such a way that it does not distract your audience from your products. 

Make your visual content personal so that you can connect with your targeted audience with ease. Your content should be part of the experience of sipping wine watching the sunset on the beach. Do not make your images look like a marketing bait. It will not help in driving user engagement. 

However, there are exceptions when you would like to highlight your brand. In such scenarios, you can post an image of your logo. You can do this only when you have gained enough followers and people have started to like your wine brand. We recommend that you read more of the Instagram guide for business to understand the nuances of social media marketing and your industry in a better way. 

Are you thinking of superimposing? If you are not sure of it, do not attempt it. It calls for a lot of hard work. Post images that look real. Let your audience think that they want to experience the same dining and drinking experience as displayed in your Instagram posts. Pasting a bottle of Pinot Noir on a random food dish is a big no and does not work anymore. 

Use hashtags wisely

Your goal is to drive user engagement for your wine business on Instagram. So what are you supposed to do? Ask questions, tell a story, give followers some fun tasks, and use the popular hashtags? Well, hold on! It is not as simple as that. 

Besides searching hashtags for your winery, modern Instagram users can follow the hashtags they have an interest in and act accordingly. When it comes to your winery, you should add relevant hashtags in every post to reach out to new customers. It is one of the best organic methods used to discover your business and develop your community. There is no doubt about the same. Therefore, use this strategy for now until something new crops up in the days to come. 

Make sure that you understand the meaning of relevant and make its appropriate use when looking for hashtags. Avoid using the popular hashtags in the hope of reaching out to an increasing number of customers if the hashtag has nothing to do with your wine business. It will not work to your benefit and Instagram may penalize you for spamming and using irrelevant hashtags. 

Use your hashtags wisely. Take some time off your busy schedule and research. You will achieve your business goals. There is no doubt about the same. 

Instagram Stories 

It is something that you need to consider seriously to take your wine business to the next level. Did you know that over 250 million users are using the Stories feature? This information came from Instagram itself. 

Stories remain visible for a day and therefore, it is a perfect way to display your content that is a bit uneven and around the edges and look genuine. You need not create stories as you curate photos for a stunning look and feel. However, you can use curated Instagram stories because some of the brands are doing it. Then, it is not mandatory to use curated stories. If you like, you can do so. 

You can also leverage the Story Highlights option so that you can save your favorite stories to your business profile. Stories are important, would stay and never fade. Therefore, make the most out of the same. If you have already started using stories, there is nothing like. If you are new to it, you can refer to some Instagram guide for business for a better understanding. 


Now that have these guide ready, use it to your benefit. Market your wine business leveraging Instagram photos, videos, and Stories. 

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