Does Instagram Show When You Screenshot a Story 2024?

does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story

Ever come across a story that you need to save, or send to that friend? Yup, me too. In this critical time, one thing stops you from saving that photo: “Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?”

The short answer is no, Instagram strictly respects users’ privacy and won’t ever let this kind of information go public. But does Instagram tell when you screenshot a story highlight? What about a close friend’s story? Is it safe to take a screenshot in a private direct message chat? These are all the things you’re going to find out, so read on! 

Can People See If You Screenshot Their Instagram Story? 

To have a detailed answer to your question “Does IG notify when you screenshot a story” the answer is No. Actually, Instagram does not notify the creator of a Story when you take a screenshot of their photo or video. There was a time when Instagram screenshot notification was a thing. Back in 2018, Instagram activated this feature for a very short time and then disabled it again. However, Instagram notifies you of who has viewed your story.

Therefore, if you post something to your Instagram story that you don’t want screenshots of, you must monitor the list of people who have watched it.

But hold on!  There is one exception: if you receive a photo or video via Instagram Direct Message (DM), it might disappear after a few seconds, and you won’t be able to see it again. If you screenshot those kinds of photos or videos, the account owner will know that you did that.

Does Instagram notify screenshots of these pictures? No, not with a notification. But it will show a little sign next to the photo that means you took a screenshot from the disappearing photo.

Let me show you by example, in the picture below, I’ve sent two disappearing pictures to someone. That person has taken a screenshot from the first picture. I can tell by the little sign next to it:

Taking screenshots from disappearing DMs

So does Instagram show when you screenshot a story? No. But does Instagram show when you screenshot a disappearing photo in DMs? yes.

Can You See If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story in 2024?

If you post a story visible to all your followers, the answer is no. If you post a close friend’s story, the answer is also no. 

The only time that Instagram notifies the other recipient is when you take a screenshot of a private direct message picture.

On the contrary, it does not share with anyone when someone makes Instagram Story screenshots from photos or videos you post.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screen Record a Story?

No, Instagram does not notify people when you screen-record a story or post that is posted for followers. But unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no running away from Instagram when it comes to DMs. In that case, yes, Even if you start screen recording before you open the disappearing photo in direct messages, Instagram will notify the user again. It won’t send a notification but it will show a little sign just like the one I showed you earlier.

Screen recording disappearing DMs

How to Know If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story?

The short answer is: you can’t. Instagram respects its users’ privacy and does not share such information. There might be some third-party applications that claim to be able to tell that someone took a screenshot from an Instagram story, but you can’t trust them.

First, because Instagram’s platform has limitations on what information third-party apps can access. So even if they claim they can get this information, they are simply lying.

And second. If you give such access to a third-party application, you don’t know what other information they will have access to. Third, because of violating Instagram’s terms of service, there will be a possibility that your account will get suspended. So be careful!

Can Instagram See Screenshots?

No, even Instagram itself cannot directly see screenshots taken within the app. Smartphones restrict what apps can see on your device. Instagram can only access information and functions it’s programmed for, and detecting screenshots isn’t one of them.

Also, Taking a screenshot is a basic phone function, not something controlled by Instagram. The screenshot happens on your device’s operating system, completely outside of the Instagram app.

Share “Private Stories” to Avoid Instagram Stories Screenshot

If you do not like people on Instagram to screenshot your stories, sharing private stories is the best move.

Imagine you’re on a wonderful vacation and you want to share your moments with a number of your close friends, not your whole followers. This is where creating a list of “Close Friends” comes up to help. 

While posting stories, you have the option of posting them to the list of “close friends” to prevent Instagram story screenshots by random audiences. In this case, rather than all your Instagram audiences, your chosen friends will see your Story.

How to Share a Story with a Close Friends List on Instagram?

  1. Tap onat the top of your screen or swipe right anywhere in Feed, then scroll to Story at the bottom.
  2. Tap onit at the bottom of your screen to take a photo and record a video, tap, and hold. Swipe up anywhere on the screen to select a photo from your gallery or phone library.
  3. Tap on Close Friends in the bottom left when you’re ready to share.
Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story ( close friend story)

Remember that people in your close friends list will get they’re a member of it, but they can’t view who else is on this list. So you can see your close friends list, and no one else could ask to be added. 

On the other hand, if someone has added you to their list, you’ll notice a green badge when you’re watching their stories and a green ring around their profile photo.

Close friends' story

This is an excellent handy tool, especially if you have a public Instagram. Obviously, you do not want everybody to see you dancing at a table at a party after a scandalous weekend. 

Now you might ask: “Does instagram notify when you screenshot a story of close friends?” The answer is no. Close friends is also a type of story only circled down to some specific number of followers. So it’s basically the same except that it’s more private. 

Final Words on “Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story”

In the end, the answer to the question “If you screenshot someone’s Instagram story will they know?” is no! Instagram screenshot alert was a thing for a short time in 2018, but it was eliminated after a short time. 

Remember, you can screenshot or screen record a story with peace of mind, IG won’t send a notification. But if you do the same in direct messages, the other person will surely know!


Now let’s answer some of your relevant questions on this subject.

1. Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Highlight?

Highlights are IG stories that you can still see. They are basically stories, so no, Instagram does not notify when you screenshot a highlight.

2. Is There an App to See Who Screenshots Your Instagram Story?

There might be, but these apps are extremely unsafe and we wouldn’t recommend them at all. One is because there is no way Instagram allows them to have access to such information. In addition, you’ll be at risk of having your Instagram account suspended for violating Instagram’s terms of service.

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