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| On
May 19, 2020

Instagram Post Ideas to Get Engagement In 10 Categories

By Mpro

Definitely, Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites over the globe and we all know that. So, I’m not gonna talk about this fact anymore. But, I want to talk about what to post on Instagram on a daily basis to keep followers attracted and active. To be honest, we all have been in the situation of having no ideas and being totally unproductive for at least once. What can we do in this case? Are there any Instagram post ideas to follow and lead to success?

Luckily, yes! In the following, I teach you a simple hack that lets you track niche-related content on Instagram and get new ideas every day. Then, I want to talk about 5 simple and at the same time, amazing post ideas for 10 categories that help you grow on Instagram organically and stay productive. Also, in the last section of the article, I’ll show you how to keep up with the events and share event-related posts every single day of a year. So, follow me to the ideas. 

How to Find Daily Instagram Post Ideas for Literally Every Niche?

Actually, one way to keep up with new Instagram post ideas is to follow people in your niche or even related hashtags on Instagram and get some ideas by looking at the existing posts. However, this is not the best way possible. Because Instagram shows you posts from accounts and hashtags you followed heterogeneously and to see what’s new, you may need to open each account or hashtag manually to avoid missing a post. So, what can you do instead?

Well, I recommend you to use a social listening tool like AiSchedul

In fact, AiSchedul is an intriguing package of professional Instagram management tools letting you:

And more. However, it has also an amazing Instagram listening and monitoring tool that allows you to track Instagram hashtags related to your page, save content to have some great Instagram post ideas, and also monitor Instagram accounts without following them. Using these tools, you can easily get new ideas and perform your best. 

To know how to work with this tool, take a look at the following video:

As you see, it is really fruitful and easy to use. So, sign up for free right now and find the best Instagram post ideas to boost your followers. 

Apart from using this tool, I recommend you to take a look at the following Instagram post ideas. Actually, these are some successful strategies that help you perform intellectually. After tracking new ideas via AiSchedul, try to combine them with one of the following ideas to get a better result. So, let’s have a look at them.

#1 Cute Instagram Post Ideas

No matter what is your goal for being on Instagram, always have some cute ideas for your Instagram posts to keep your followers attracted and make them engage with your posts. In the following, there are 5 general ideas that help you create cute Instagram posts. 

1- Collage

Actually, some days are more photogenic and we see more things to capture. So, it can be a great idea to capture every single thing that delights us and combine them in an aesthetic way. This way, your followers and also the potential ones can get a view of your daily life at a glance. So, go ahead and try to combine things instead of sharing multiple photos and focusing on each object separately. 

2- Representation of You

On Instagram, people really care about who you are and what you are doing. We all like to know each other in a better way to get more inspired. So, apart from writing a great Instagram bio, try to include a brief representation of your life and personality in your photos. For instance, pick the top three things that you really like and take a photo of them to share your interests with your followers.

3- Family and Friends

If you are using Instagram as a diary book and love to share some adorable moments of your personal life there, it would be great if you include your family and friends in your posts. Actually, we all have hundreds of photos of our families, besties, and people who we love. So, post a cute photo of them and tell them how much you love them in the caption. 

4- Selfie

When you have no ideas or amazing photos, just take a selfie! Actually, this is a great way to show people who you really are, and also, this is a trend that is not going to dye out anytime soon. Just open up your front camera, find the right angle, and take a cute selfie! That’s it! 🙂

5- Something New

Have you received a gift recently? Take a cute photo of it, share it on Instagram, tag the person, and share your joy with your followers. Or have you purchased a new amazing product? Well, take a picture of it and share it on Instagram. Also, you can make some suggestions about what you have purchased, talk about the merits and demerits, and recommend it if you wish!

#2 Instagram Post Ideas for Businesses

Unquestionably, Instagram has become one of the most reliable platforms to sell products online. Right now, most of the brands you know have an account on Instagram and apart from them, people having small businesses use Instagram to advertise and promote their goods. So, if your account is in this category, you must keep the following ideas in mind to avoid running out of Instagram posts!

1- Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered how a person took a perfect Instagram shot or what happens in the industry to create a product? The answer to this question is probably yes! So, after making people curious enough, take some behind-the-scenes photos and videos and illustrate a bigger picture of what you do for your followers.

2- How to Use a Product/Service?

Sometimes people cannot understand what your product does and what it is made for. So, it would be great to include some introduction-type content on your Instagram post plans and show people how and when to use a product. 

3- Tell the Story of the Birth of an Idea

Definitely, there is a long long story behind all the goods and services that are created in this world. Sharing these types of stories with your followers can help them feel closer to you and hence, trust you and your products. Additionally, this gives people a great perspective on what you have done during your journey. So, tell the story of the birth of your ideas an products and attract people by telling them in an inspirational way.

4- Milestones

In the journey of life and in the way of achieving our goals, there are some great moments that make life more amazing and inspires us to keep going. Actually, in businesses, this is more tangible. There are so many great moments and milestones in the way we are taking to achieve our business goals. So, a great Instagram post idea would be to share photos of these moments and talk about the journey you have been on to inspire more people.

5- Gratitude

Undoubtedly, your business is nothing without your customers and followers on Instagram. So, why don’t you thank them for supporting you all the time? A good idea would be to wait until getting a specific number of followers as a cornerstone, and then, share a photo and appreciate them for always being there for you.

#3 Instagram Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

You have the chance to make money on Instagram as a model or a fashion blogger. Definitely, you can have numerous ideas for Instagram posts and keep your followers attracted to your style. However, if you have run out of ideas, try one of the ideas mentioned below to stay creative.


If you are a fashion blogger, you have to always look fabulous and stylish. Actually, an amazing to share with your followers is the outfit of the day. Just wear whatever you want each day and then share a cute photo to give people some ideas about clothes and colors. Also, write #ootd in the caption to get more views. 😉

2- Favorite Outfit

We all have some clothes that are really comfortable and let us feel awesome. As a fashion blogger and a person who must encourage people to choose the right clothes, you have to show them that apart from being fashionable and stylish, it is important to feel confident. So, choose the outfit that you love and share it with your followers.

3- Purchasing New Stuff

Definitely you go shopping frequently and purchase new clothes on a regular basis. So, why don’t you share your experiences with your followers? For instance, you can tell them where to buy the stuff you have, give them an idea about the prices, and make some suggestions. 

4- Skin-Care Products

In addition to a perfect body and lovely clothes, it is essential to have a clean, bright, and soft skin to look beautiful. If you don’t have any style advice anymore, you can tell people about the skincare products that you use to have a healthy skin. 

5- Simple Fashion Tips & Hacks

Actually, making a harmonic combination of clothes can be hard for most of the people. So, as a person who knows how to combine colors and clothes, it would be great to share some tips and hacks with your followers and teach them to wear in a stylish way without having a closet full of different clothes!

#4 Instagram Post Ideas in Food

There are so many creative Instagram accounts in #foods and following them can help you to be more innovative and creative. Since food is an inseparable part of our daily lives, you always have something to post on Instagram. However, if you think that your posts are inanimate, try the following ideas to spice things up.

1- Dinner Table

An amazing thing to share on Instagram is the dinner table decoration. All you need is to use different colors in a harmonizing way, add some flowers, and turn on candles. This can be really soothing and lets people enjoy having dinner in your space. So, try to take some creative shots of your dinner table. 

2- Flat Lays

Something that is becoming tremendously popular on Instagram is flat lays. Actually, everyone with every level of photography skills can take some classical flat lays. You just have to put things together and arrange them on a surface in a logical way. Then, just take a cool picture and post it on Instagram. 

Actually, this works for all types of things. But a good idea would be to take flat lays of the ingredients you are using in cooking a special meal and talk about the tastes, smells, and combinations.

3- A Tip

Do you think that you have a very special recipe in cooking a portion of food? Is there anything that you can call a chef’s secret? Well, cook the food, take some eye-catching photos, post them on Instagram, and share your unique recipe with your followers to attract them. Also, you can ask them for their own chef’s secret and increase your engagement rate by getting comments and likes. 

4- Mothers Cuisine

We all are in love with our mothers’ cuisine and you cannot disagree with this statement, even if you are Gordon Ramsey. So, it would be really amazing to start cooking with your mother, take some photos, and share on Instagram. 

5- Favorite Spices

Have you ever tried to just mix things up and create some new and amazing tastes? If yes, take some photos of what you have done and share them on Instagram and also introduce the best spices you have ever tried to create the best taste ever. 

#5 Instagram Post Ideas in Art

Artists are all creative, aren’t they? So, if you have an art page on Instagram, all you have to do is to stay creative and don’t forget your talent. But if you like to be more organized and keep your art away from the routine, keep the following ideas in mind.

1- In Progress

It would be great if you can share the process of completing a piece of art. This helps your followers to know that being an artist is not that easy and they may have to work for hours and days on something to make it flawless. So, feel free to share the arts in progress whenever you liked and tell your followers what you are doing currently to keep them active. 

2- Workspace

If you are in love with your workspace and spend hours there, photograph it and share some amazing pictures with your followers. However, I recommend you to show the real current situation with your followers. Don’t try to make it super clean and neat. Because people like to see things in the way they actually are and this makes them relate to your posts more. 

3- Challenges

Fortunately, there are so many amazing and fun art challenges on Instagram that can help you to stay creative and consistent. So, follow some of these challenges and participate in them. To illustrate, one of the best challenges you can accept to do is the 100 days challenge in which you have to draw something every day, for 100 days in a row.

4- Mistakes/Tutorials

Nowadays, Instagram has become a good place to watch tutorials and learn things. If you think that you are really talented in art and found an easy way to draw something, create a small video for Instagrammers and teach them how to draw something properly. Also, a step by step guide on drawing something can be amazing. 

5- Bullet Journals

One of the most satisfying things to do in the world is to create a bullet journal. Actually, bullet journals are empty notebooks that you can draw in it and design it as a full package of mood trackers, calendar, to-do lists, etc. If you have good drawing skills, try to create a bullet journal and share one page of it every single day.

#6 Instagram Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Well, if you are a travel blogger on Instagram things are a little bit complicated for you. Actually, despite people who are managing art or food accounts, travel bloggers cannot be traveling all the time. Hence, whenever you are going on a trip, you have to take every single chance to photograph the places and write diaries to share on Instagram until the next trip. So, take a look at the following ideas and keep them in mind. 

1- Nature

No matter if you have seen a box of succulents in a local shop or you are camping to the wood during the trip, take a moment to capture the natural beauty around you and appreciate the captivating environment around you. 

2- Favorite Destination

If you have ever traveled to another city or country, you have been in a place that made you feel like home. I call these places my favorite destination or home-like places. It can be a great idea to take many pictures of your favorite destination and share them on Instagram. Maybe other people travel there and they have the same feeling! 

3- Wierd Experience Happened During a Journey

We all had some weird experiences in our trips Sometimes things just don’t happen as we expected and this causes some problems and also weird sweet memories making the trip be exclusive and lovely. If you don’t have any ideas for your Instagram posts, these experiences would be great to share. This can also help people to be aware of the upcoming events in a new destination and hence, people will trust you. 

4- New Angle

Be inventive and grab your followers’ attention with a new angle. Actually, one of the most popular angles that have been viral in the past few years is the holding hands shot which is also really easy to recreate. This makes people feel like you are leading them into a gorgeous destination. However, this is not necessarily the best angle. Try to find your own special angle and make it go viral then.

5- City Landmarks

Well, all the travelers and tourists have photos of city landmarks. But this doesn’t make them boring or even less attractive. City landmarks are really beautiful and they are also unique. So, taking a picture with a thing that is related to just a city and serves a glorious background would be great. 

#7 Fitness Instagram Post Ideas

No matter if you are a fitness coach, want to sell fitness-related products, or just wanna share your personal experience on exercising on Instagram. You have to keep up with some personalized versions of the following Instagram post ideas to be encouraging.

1- Unlocked Achievements

Well, we all have some sports achievements to unlock, right? So, if you have currently accomplished one of your biggest goals, just share it with your followers and explain whatever you have done to make it happen.

2- Fitness Products

Ok, we all know that those perfect muscles are not growing just by doing extremely hard exercises. Also, it is essential to feed our body with the right amount of nutrition and minerals. Therefore, if you are using some amazing products to stay safe and healthy, share them with your followers and give them the integral information about it. 

3- Share Your Diet

Definitely it would be great if you take some marvelous pictures of what you eat. So, go ahead and do it. And in the caption, tell people about the calories, amount of protein and other things you think might help. Additionally, it can be a good idea to share recipes and ingredients.

4- Home Workouts

To be literally inspirational, try to forget about those high-tech and advanced pieces of equipment you use in the gym. Instead, show your followers how to do workouts and stay healthy at home. Try to get benefits from every single thing you have at home and embolden people to do the same. 

5- Before/After Photos

One of the other good Instagram post ideas to share as a fitness lover is the before/after posts. Simply share a photo of yourself when you weren’t doing workouts and compare it to one of your recent pictures. Also, if you are a fitness coach and people follow you to get fitness and diet programs, ask them for their progress and share their progress with your followers. 

#8 Funny Instagram Post Ideas

Well, you should not take life too seriously. It is essential to have fun, get silly, and share some stupid moments with other people to make them laugh. So, if you don’t want to have a one-dimensional Instagram account, try the following Instagram post ideas. 

1- Boomerang

One of the best ideas to make fun moments on Instagram is to show the dynamics of your activities by creating Boomerang video clips. Fortunately, these videos are really easy to create and they can evoke many fun feelings. 

2- TikTok Videos

Recently, TikTok has become really popular among people. Since there is an option to directly link your Instagram account to TikTok, it would be amazing to create some fun videos using it and then post them on Instagram. 

3- Funny Challenges

If you open Instagram and go to the explore page, you will see many users doing the viral challenges, inviting each other to do some and accepting invitations to have some funny moments. So, just find the latest Instagram challenges and take part in them to have fun. 

4- Take Quizzes

One of the best Instagram post ideas that also help you boost your account and grow is to take some funny quizzes. The questions depend on you and your business but try to keep it simple and joyful. 

5- Throwback Photos

One of the other funny Instagram post ideas is to go through your old shots and try to recreate them by choosing a similar outfit, recreating the location, poses, and styles.  This type of image looks really nostalgic and funny. 

Also, you can only reshare one of your old photos, for example, a shot from your childhood in a funny situation and share the story behind the picture in brief.

#9 Instagram Post Ideas for Kids

You can see lots of kids and baby pictures on Instagram, and who doesn’t love kids? If you have a newborn baby, you can create an Instagram account for them and share their photos and also your own experiences. Here are some of the best Instagram post ideas for your kid’s account.

1- Kids Room

One of the best ideas is to share your kid’s room photos. You can take a picture when its clean and share it on Instagram and then, take another shot after your child has been there playing for hours. This can be really fun and also lets other parents know that they are not the only ones facing these problems.

2- Challenges of Being a Parent

What challenges do you have as a parent? Share your daily problems with your followers, ask for their opinion on solutions, and also tell them what you have done to get out of the situation. 

3- First-Times

Being a parent for the first time, you will get excited about every single action from your baby. You can share these first-time moments on Instagram and spread the love and joy you are feeling.

4- Cooking

Baking and cooking with kids can be really fun if you just forget about the chaotic moments. But give it a try and see how much you enjoy those moments. Also, it seems like kids love the food they have cooked themselves. So, this can help you feed your baby better.  

5- Fun Moments

Kids are really funny. Sometimes they show some reactions that you didn’t expect and this makes you laugh. So, record those moments and share them with the world.

#10 Cool Instagram Post Ideas

We talked about cute and funny Instagram post ideas, but how about being cool? Well, it is essential to share some classy and cool moments with your followers too. So, here are some cool Instagram post ideas.

1- To-Do Lists

A great way to show how cool you are is to create and write to-do lists and share them with your followers, This shows that you are an organized person and can inspire people to be arranged. 

2- Inspirational Quotes

There are lots of amazing and cool photos on Instagram that make people aspire to reveal a better version of themselves. This can be a good Instagram post idea. But don’t just repost photos. Try to write the quote you love in your own style and then share it on Instagram. 

3- Physical Photos

Photos of photos! This is really cool. Just go take some polaroids, arrange them in a cool way and decorate them with some cute stuff like small flowers, books, etc and take a shot. This is a great Instagram physical collage and it seems more natural. So, keep it in mind. 

4- Book/Movie/Music Recommendations

Are you currently reading an amazing book? Or have you watched a great inspirational movie? Or even heard an awesome piece of music? Well, try to be creative and take an amazing shot to share on Instagram. 

5- Bright Colors

We are living in a world full of colors and nothing catches us like them. Try to find a brightly colored wall or background and take a picture of whatever you want in front of it. It can be a portrait of yourself, a piece of art, or even your brightly colored nail polish!

What Are some Instagram Post Ideas for Each Day of the Year?

Apart from sharing some amazing posts that are directly related to your niche, sometimes you have to show your followers that you do care about special events. Such as mothers’ day, Christmas, international chocolate day, etc. 

Well, checking all these events on physical calendars and planning for posts in this way takes a great deal of time. Also, suppose that you know what day it is! What do you want to post? Are you going to search for Instagram post ideas for each day on the internet? Of course, this is going to be a waste of time! So, what to do instead?

Luckily, AiSchedul has an awesome solution to this problem! Actually, AiSchedul has a social calendar that informs you about the events for each day of the year. Also, it gives you the related hashtags and shows you the most popular posts for that event to get some Instagram post ideas. 

Well, this is really beneficial and also it is really easy to use. All you need is to create a free account and add your Instagram accounts. Then, open the social calendar to schedule posts related to the upcoming events on each day of the year. So, do not miss the chance to use it!


To sum it up, it is essential to post on Instagram on a regular basis. This helps to keep in touch with your followers. But it is more important to share something catchy. So that you can keep your followers attracted to your account and even get more followers. To do so, you need to know the best Instagram post ideas. Hence, read the article carefully and find the best post idea depending on your niche. Also, find the events of each day of the year. Finally, feel free to leave us a comment and share your own ideas. 🙂

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