Your Instagram Post Scheduling Made Easy

Instagram Post Scheduler

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As you know most mainstream schedulers have been and are a pain when it comes to Instagram.

The team at AiSchedul (a full Instagram Scheduling tool) has realized this pain and has addressed the problem with the best and most convenient approach. Read the rest of the article to see how it works. Here is a screen of the Scheduler tab on one’s AiSchedul’s account.

Your Instagram Post Scheduling Made Easy

The Scheduler categorizes and shows,

  1. The posts in line to be posted in future, and allows you edit them anytime.
  2. The ones already posted, and
  3. The posts which were not able to be posted because your account wasn’t connected to AiSchedul at the time.

both for your feed and story!

In a nutshell,

Post once and never come back

With AiSchedul, now you can Schedule image or video posts on desktop or mobile to feed/story of any of your Instagram accounts or even MULTIPLE accounts all at once. AiSchedul will automatically publish for you at your preferred times without bothering you again later. Yes, you got it. No need for any more actions by you later.

Plan your video and multi-photo posts in advance

Upload a video or multi-photo posts to your AiSchedul scheduler, and we’ll post it for you at your scheduled time. Absolutely, No reminder or notifications to be sent to your phone at all. Unlike main schedulers in the market, we’ll automatically load your post into Instagram with your pre-written caption.

Post on multiple accounts simultaneously

If you are an agency or your startup has multiple accounts to be maintained and schedule posts for, don’t worry ever. We have made it possible to post on all of

your accounts in one shot. This is great for marketing agencies.

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