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How to Loop a Video for Instagram in 2021


Instagram is one of those social media platforms that you can enjoy spending time on while also working hard to promote your business. I personally, as an Instagram marketer, love to cash in on Instagram’s new features. Boomerangs and loop videos are two unique features that you can use to boost your account’s engagement rate and establish authority for yourself. Boomerangs also bring you an excellent opportunity to make your stories more memorable. In this article, you and I are going to find out more about how to loop a video for Instagram and make the best use of Boomerangs to create more engaging content.

So let’s get right to it!

What Is A Loop Video for Instagram?

A video loop consists of a one-second section of a clip that frequently repeats in the form of a slightly longer video file. According to the Instagram export settings, you need to apply specific editing to upload a loop video to Instagram stories.  

Instagram Loop Video Specification

After uploading your video on a video editor, you need to apply the specification below when making your file:

Ratio: 9:16 Height: At least 720px

Length: 3 secs – 8 secs File

Format: MP4 or JPG only

How to Loop a Video for Instagram

Instagram story videos help to develop your business, principally when you use creativity and make loop videos. For instance, if you want to share a Spotify video on an Instagram story, you need to change it to a loop video. 

To loop a video for Instagram, you can upload and edit your video on a video editor like Premiere Pro or Clideo’s Online Video Looper

In these video editors, you can select the number of repetitions to reach your desired loop times. 

To automatically loop a video for Instagram in Premiere Pro, you need to:

  • Activate the ‘Loop Playback’ button. To access this button, press the ‘+’ (Button Editor) in the bottom right corner of the Program panel.
  • Then, drag the ‘Loop Playback’ button to the group of buttons at the bottom of the Program panel.

Loop a Video for Instagram

  • Next, click the button to activate this feature.
  • Now when it ends while previewing a sequence, Premiere Pro will loop the video to the beginning.
  • Press ‘Reset Layout’ inside the ‘Button Editor’ to return the buttons at the base of the Program panel to their defaults.

Premiere Pro

This is how to loop a video for Instagram using Premiere Pro. I understand it may seem a bit complicated for inexperienced people. So you can watch the tutorial and learn this trick better. Additionally, you can directly loop and share Spotify songs on Instagram stories.

What Is a Boomerang Video?

Boomerang is a video feature that enables you to record tiny videos. It takes photos and turns them into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and backward. You can make it in portrait or landscape and then share it on Instagram. Also, it will be saved to your camera roll automatically. Then, create a compelling video ad and Inspire your audience with the visual stories you tell on Instagram. 

How to Make Boomerangs?

Boomerang from Instagram is an app that creates captivating mini videos that loop back and forth, then share them with your friends. It actually takes ten photos, stitches them together, speeds up the video, and then loops it back and forth. To make a Boomerang for Instagram, you need to:

  • Download Boomerang from Instagram
  • Find some moving pictures, or create a video selfie by switching to the front-facing camera.
  • Tap the button once.
  • Then, Boomerang shoots a burst of 10 photos and turns them into a delightful mini video.
  • Next, share the video on Instagram directly from the app, or save it to your camera roll to share later.

Boomerang from Instagram is available today for iOS in Apple’s App Store and Android in Google Play.

Source: businessinsider.com

Can You Upload A Video to Boomerang?

The short answer is yes! We can convert any video into a Boomerang and export it based on the best video settings for Instagram.

Boomerangs repeat a particular segment of a clip over and over to make an amusing effect. 

Therefore, if you want to know how to upload a video to Boomerang, follow the steps below.

  • First, select the boomerang icon on Instagram.
  • Tap on the ‘Upload’ icon in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Go to your camera roll.
  • Then, pick the video you’d like to make into a Boomerang.

Remember, you can’t use a long video due to the time limitations mentioned above.

How to Post Loop Videos and Boomerangs to Instagram on Mobile

It is pretty simple to post loop videos for Instagram on mobile. To do so, go through the following steps.

  • Open the Instagram app on mobile.
  • Tap on the ‘+’.
  • Scroll to ‘Story’ below the page.
  • Tap on´Boomerang´on the menu to the left.
  • Press the record button in the center to record new content or select to upload photos.
  • Then, you can do some editing like drawing, writing text, and toggling the sound on or off. Also, it is possible to edit them before publishing your Boomerang story.
  • Click ‘Next’ and select where you’d like to post or send your Boomerang.
  • Then, the Boomerang will appear in your story.

Post Loop Videos and Boomerangs to Instagram

That’s all you need to do to post a loop video on Instagram via mobile phone. Indeed, many marketers make and archive their files and videos on PC. However, there is no option to share your Boomerangs or Loop videos on Instagram through your desktop. Therefore, I´ll show you a spectacular way to turn existing videos into a Boomerang and instantly share them on Instagram on the computer.

How to Post Loop Videos and Boomerangs to Instagram on PC

AiSchedul is an all-in-one Instagram management tool that schedules and uploads a video to Boomerang on PC. Moreover, this app lets you quickly post long videos on Instagram.

Desire to turn existing video into boomerang? Then, AiSchedul will perform your request getting the instant results. You only need to:

  • Signup on AiSchedul
  • Immediately, add your accounts(up to 80)
  • Press ‘Manage accounts’
  • Next, click the ‘POSTS & SCHEDULING” and ‘SCHEDULER’ tabs
  • Touch the ‘Schedule’ button
  • Select ‘Story’


Write a caption and Add Hashtags

  • Then, you can schedule the date and pick ‘Post in future’ or select ‘Post Now’.
  • Lastly, press ‘Submit’.

Post Your Feed

Above all, using this app, you can repost on the Instagram story when you’re not tagged in.

The Wrap

The whole idea is that you should always be on the lookout for new features and use them to create more engaging content on IG and attract new audiences. And Boomerangs and loop videos are only two examples of these cool features.

So go ahead and make innovative and funny Boomerangs, spice up your Instagram stories, and have fun along the way. It actually will attract attention to your Instagram account and will help you grow followers a bit faster.