Recover Your Disabled Instagram Account

So you’ve tried to log on to Instagram to only see a pop up informing you that you are disabled? It’s not the end of the world, and you can get your Instagram account back, so here’s how:

Step 1) Go to try logging onto Instagram. You should be prompted by your unwanted pop-up

“Your account has been disabled for violating our terms. Learn how you may be able to restore your account. Learn More | Ok”

Step 2) Click on the “Learn More” option on the bottom left-hand side of the pop-up

Step 3) You will have to fill in your details; Full Name that you used to sign up with Instagram, your Instagram username, your email associated with Instagram and then tell Instagram why your account should not have been disabled.

Be nice, don’t use profanities because it will be unlikely that Instagram will reinstate your account, keep it sweet, short and simple.

We suggest a general-

‘Hi there, I think my account was disabled by some sort of mistake. I abide by the Instagram terms and conditions.

Instagram is important for my business. Please review my account and reconsider.

Please reinstate my account!’


works just fine.

Step 4) Press send and wait 7-14 days. You can send do this process once or every few days, it doesn’t seem to really matter. In 7-14 days you should receive an email explaining your account has been reinstated. Be patient and hopefully you’ll be scrolling again in no time!

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