Steps to Get YouTube Views Using SMM Panel in 2023

Steps to Get YouTube Views Using SMM Panel in 2023

YouTube has become one of the most used digital platforms in the world.  Whether it’s news, sports, or even a little comedy, people tend to leverage this social media platform to create a living while following their passion. 

Although it might be a tricky task, as the views are not as easy to get. And the algorithm has become something like a Rubik’s cube. Takes a lot of effort and practice at first, but once you get there, it’s a cakewalk and you might even start earning money on YouTube.

So, to have more views, subscribers, and engagement on your channel, you have to have a top-notch marketing strategy. And what’s better than leveraging an SMM reseller panel?   

What Exactly Is SMM Panel?

SMM panel stands for Social Media Marketing Panel. It helps you buy various engagement cues like “likes” and even “followers”. And when it comes to a platform like “Youtube”, it helps you get more views. 

It is more like a third-party software that helps with automating, analyzing, and improving your social sites.

Here are some ways you can use the Social Media Marketing Panel to get YouTube views: 

How To Use an SMM Panel for YouTube Views

If you’re confused with the YouTube algorithm, you can take the help of an SMM panel. Here’s how:

#1 Find a Reputable Social Media Marketing Panel

You must consider a panel’s reputation and reliability when on the hunt for a good marketing panel for your brand. Go through the testimonials and see what they bring to the table or how user-friendly it is. 

Check the panel’s age or the domain age of the website of their panel. Make sure you choose a panel that is older than 4 years.

Always filter your panel’s preferences to Social Media Marketing Panels that can provide customer service 24/7. 

#2 Register and Create an Account

Since most panels require you to make the payment first, you need to create an account. After creating, add funds to the account using your preferred medium.  

#3 Select Youtube Views Service

Select the YouTube Views service from the SMM panel site. Once selected, pay for the selected service and wait until your order gets completed. 

#4 Enter Video Details

In the panel, provide the link to the YouTube video that you want to get more “views” for. Double-check on the link that you provide to avoid it. unnecessary issues. 

#5 Select the Number of Views

Write the number of views you would like to buy in the given space. Also, if you want to adhere to the guidelines of YouTube and not appear suspicious, avoid buying an excessive amount of views. 

This might look way too suspicious if you have less subscriber count or if your video does not provide any value.

#6 Select the Time Duration

This time duration is for your delivery speed. The lower the delivery speed you require, the fewer extra charges you would need to pay. So, make sure you keep the time duration gradual to avoid appearing suspicious. 

#7 Place your Order

This is the time when you need to recheck everything that you filled in the virtual form. This includes the link to your YouTube video, the delivery speed, the amount of views you want, and any customizable changes.

Now, after being done with the rechecks, place your order and make the payment. 

#8 Wait for The Delivery

The SMM panel will then deliver the views to your video. The delivery will solely be based on the amount of views you ordered, plus the time duration by which you expect the delivery to be completed (as discussed above).  

#9 Keep Analysing Progress

Keep a check on the view count of your YouTube video to make sure that the views are being delivered at a gradual rate.  

#10 Engage with your Audience

While the panel will not fail to do its job (most probably) make sure you do your best to get as many organic views as possible. 

This includes liking the comments your audience makes on the video, responding to them, encouraging likes and shares, providing value, and creating content that keeps the viewers hooked to your video.

Benefits of SMM Panel for Views 

The Social Media Marketing Panels are designed to help the user to get more views which helps in boosting their online presence and brand recognition. 

Here are the benefits of using a social media marketing panel to get YouTube views:

  • Saves Time: Managing your YouTube channel all on your own can be exhausting. The Social Media Marketing Panels help you automate your growth. This helps you save time and focus on other aspects of the channel like creating meaningful and engaging content.
  • Cost-effective: These panels are surprisingly affordable. Given the variety of services they offer, a Social Media Marketing Panel should be your go-to if you are looking to outsource technical aspects of your channel. 
  • Boosts brand awareness: Brands who choose YouTube for business and are on the lookout to build their brand in a short time must leverage these panels. Since they provide followers, likes, and shares, it makes your brand look trustworthy.
  • Helps with Tracking Data: These panels provide you with all the data you need. From your audience to your competition, Social Media Marketing Panels track it all.   

Factors to Consider When Selecting a YouTube SMM Panel

Before selecting a Social Media Marketing Panel, you should consider the following factors:

  • Quality

Make sure the quality of the services is checked thoroughly. The services must adhere to the regulations of the platform and must be risk-free. 

  • Pricing 

You must consider the pricing. Make sure the prices they charge are fair and in alignment with the services they offer.

  • Customer Help

The customer help of your chosen panel must be trustworthy and cooperative. This makes sure that all your tasks are in motion and gives the panel more credibility.


1. What is an SMM panel?

It’s a platform that allows individuals and brands to buy social media services. These services include likes, comments, followers, etc.

2. Are Social Media Marketing Panels safe for getting YouTube views?

Yes, SMM panels are safe as long as you don’t misuse/overuse the services. You must use them to make your life easier ethically, not as a substitute for hard work.


SMM panels can help drive growth on YouTube through additional views and likes. Make sure you choose the right Social Media Marketing Panel for you. Also, go through the testimonials thoroughly to avoid any credibility-related issues.

Social Media Marketing Panels are meant to make your life easier by saving your time and scheduling your videos. Among the many services they offer, make sure you choose the ones that align with your needs.  Recheck before ordering any service to avoid unnecessary hinderances.

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