Social Media Marketing Tips for Your App

Social Media Marketing for App

App development is becoming more accessible now that hybrid frameworks and progressive web apps are more popular. Aside from being easy to develop, these new solutions to developing an app also make the development cycle shorter and more affordable. Still, developing the app is only the beginning. Once the app is launched, marketing becomes the next challenge.

Fortunately, digital marketing is on your side. When marketing a new app, digital marketing instruments deliver the most return for your investment. In this article, however, we are going to focus on one specific digital marketing instrument: social media. These social media marketing tips will help you start crafting campaigns for your own app.

Content First

Unless you focus on producing high-quality content early, your social media marketing campaign will run out of steam very quickly. After all, there are only so many screenshots and app features you can share on social media.

Stories about how the app is developed are great starting points. When you create a successful app, those stories become even more valuable. You are engaging not only the target users of your app but also Android and iOS developers for hire and business owners looking to develop a similar app.

Other content is just as interesting to develop. Content about how your app can be useful in everyday situations is always engaging. You deliver valuable information to your users through social media, but you are attracting new users in the process.

You can even explore content related to the genre or category of your app as well as the basic functionalities you offer through it. That actually brings us to our next tip.

Go Beyond the App

When thinking about content and activities to use for app promotion, going beyond the app itself is a must. As stated before, you can only share so many screenshots and app features. Going beyond the app itself engages the audience in a more personal way.

For an app that offers ride-sharing, going beyond the app means talking about user stories, reviewing cars based on their comfort, and other generic content. For a food ordering app, food reviews and recommendations are popular content types to explore.

You don’t need to stray far from the genre of the app to find ideas for content and activities. As long as you can keep the campaigns relatable, you will be able to keep producing content – and keep engaging the audience – over a long period of time.

Gain Traction with Ads

Investing in ads is a great way to gain traction early in the game. When you are launching a new app, the buzz around that launch needs to be maintained for the app to gain a lot of downloads. The way to maintain that traction is by amplifying your key messages using ads.

Social media ad networks are among the most effective on the market. Instagram ads are particularly handy for boosting exposure and converting the audience into users. LinkedIn ads are more suitable for apps tailored to professionals and businesses.

Social media ads are also relatively affordable, which means you can have a limited budget and still create a big dent with your social media marketing. At the same time, make sure you fill the social media pages of your app with content that users actually love.

That last part is important. Not all users will download and try the app right away. Most of them will check out your native social media pages for more information. Blank, freshly created pages will not do. You have to provide value to keep the audience engaged.

Think Outside the Box

Last but not least, don’t just mimic what other apps are doing. Similar to the app market, social media is a crowded landscape. To really compete with others on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you have to be unique and beneficial to the audience.

Don’t just focus on exposure either. Ask questions, run giveaways, and get users involved in your social media activities. You can even go as far as promoting user-generated content to spark interest and boost engagement.

Use influencers and let them have fun with your app. Influencer marketing is also handy when combined with a sufficient understanding of the influencer’s audience segment. You can tap into a large and loyal audience base with the campaign done correctly on social media.

You can even promote reviews and ratings as well as other achievements. These are simple content ideas that build credibility for your app. They are also very effective in inciting more reviews and ratings, which will then be promoted to create a snowball effect.

Social media is as robust as it gets when used for promoting apps. Now that you have the best tips and tricks to use, you can fully optimise your social media marketing and gain thousands – if not millions – from Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

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