Connect Instagram to Shopify (Free and Safe)

Link Instagram to Shopify

According to Oberlo, Instagram has about a billion active users per day and about 60% of users use this application for shopping.

So, having an account on Instagram has become one of the essential steps of having a successful online business. However, as you may know, Shopify is one of the biggest and most popular online shopping centers. Hence, connecting these two platforms will help you grow your online business more and more! So, in this article, we want to discuss the reasons to link Instagram to Shopify and also how to add Instagram feed to Shopify!

Shopify is an analytics-friendly platform. By using one of Shopify integrations with Google Sheetsyou can track and evaluate essential performance metrics, including those related to Instagram activity.

No matter how big your business is, you always have the chance to sell your products on this platform, even if you are a merchant!

What is Shopify?

Link Instagram to Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that gives people the ability to run their own online shop without spending a lot of money and time. Actually, Shopify started over 10 years ago and from that time has added so many features and gained millions of users. No matter how big your business is, you always have the chance to sell your products on this platform, even if you are a merchant! But is it necessary to link Instagram to Shopify? Why should you even add Instagram feed to Shopify? Let’s find out!

Why You Should Link Instagram to Shopify? 

Link Instagram to Shopify

As mentioned above, Instagram and Shopify are both popular eCommerce platforms and help people all around the world to manage their business professionally. Actually, Instagram and Shopify integration will help you sell your products more productively and this results in gaining more customers and having more sales.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of features available on Instagram and Shopify integration and the good point is that they’re almost free. However, there are some non-free features that will make you level-up your marketing strategies. Hence, you must try to link Instagram to Shopify as soon as possible!

Briefly, some of the best Instagram and Shopify integration features are as follows:

  • Shoppable Instagram

Lets users sell products on Shopify directly from their Instagram page. This feature also gives you the ability to tag products to images on Instagram, so that people will find the product page on Shopify!

  • Instagram Follow Button

You can simply add an Instagram follow button on your website to help people simply reach your account.

  • Display your Instagram gallery

Actually, having an Instagram gallery on your Shopify account helps you announce people that your business is up to date and also let them take a quick look at what you offer! 

But how to use all these integrations and even more? Undoubtedly, you need to link Instagram to Shopify and download some applications offering these extra features. So, keep reading!

How to Link Instagram to Shopify?

Fortunately, there are five simple ways of letting you link Instagram to Shopify and grow your eCommerce business. In the following, we will introduce these ways and describe each one in detail. 

1. Connect Shopify Directly to Instagram

Link Instagram to Shopify

One way to link Instagram to Shopify is to add the Instagram sales channel to your Shopify account. Actually, Shopify lets you connect to your Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay accounts and help users access other accounts of yours. However, to create your Instagram channel through Shopify you need to take the following steps:

Step 1) First, make sure that your Instagram account is a business one and it is connected to your Facebook account. 

Step 2) From the Shopify admin, click on the “+” button beside the Sales Channel heading. 

Step 3) On the Add Sales Channel tab, click on Instagram to know how the channel works and set it up!

Step 4) Click on the Add Channel button. 

Step 5) Finally, log in to your Facebook account and authorize the app to give it permission to connect to Instagram. 

Moreover, to find more information and exact steps of setting up the Instagram channel on Shopify on all types of devices, open the Shopify help center. 

2. Add Instagram Feed to Shopify

Instagram feed on Shopify

Fortunately, Shopify lets you add your product catalog from your Instagram shopping page. This will help you save a great deal of time because it avoids uploading the same product image twice! But how can you add your catalog to Shopify from Instagram? 

To do so, you need to open the Instagram app and go to the Settings section. Then, you must tap the Shopping icon and confirm your Facebook account. Finally, tap on the product catalog and tap Done

By taking these steps, your Instagram feed will be added to your Shopify account and you can even change the description to share more detailed information on Shopify!

3. Link each Instagram Post to Product Page on Shopify

Link to feed

One way to link Instagram to Shopify is to add URLs to your Instagram feed posts. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have any features to help you link your posts to Shopify. However, there are some amazing third-parties that will help you through this issue. 

AiGrow is an Instagram based platform that lets you manage your Instagram account more professionally. Actually, this platform has a great feature called that lets you share posts that have been linked to related product pages on Shopify. Moreover, it lets you add links to posts you have shared before. 

Luckily, this app is totally safe and you can use it completely free. So, sign up for free now and take a look at the video below to see how it works!

4. Link Instagram to Shopify using Bio

Link in bio

Another simple and amazing way to link Instagram to Shopify is to share Shopify links on the Instagram bio. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow users to share more than one link on their bio. So, you have two options:

1. Share Shopify Account Link

Using this one you can just share your Shopify account with people and it has some disadvantages. For example, you cannot share other social media accounts at the time you are promoting your Shopify account. And also if you have shared numerous products on your Instagram account, you will not be able to share the purchase link of each item. So, it is better to take a look at the other option!

2. Share All-in-One Links

The other option, which is also the better one, is to create all-in-one links using This tool creates a second path that contains all your social media and product links. Moreover, you can choose to share links with images, Meaning that if you have shared a product image on your Instagram account, you can use that image to link to the sell URL. In addition, this platform lets you choose themes for your URL page to keep up with your Instagram theme!

Link Instagram to Shopify

5. Share product URL on Instagram stories

story links

Another simple and free way to link Instagram to Shopify is to add URLs in your Instagram stories. Actually, Instagram lets business accounts add links in their stories and help people to redirect to the product page by swiping up the screen! Hence, if you want to connect your Instagram and Shopify accounts, you can share product images on stories and add URLs linking to the purchase page! Instagram officially allows only verified accounts and +10K follower accounts to add swipe-up link to their Instagram stories. However, here’s how you can add links to your Instagram stories even without 10,000 followers. 


To wrap it up, connecting Instagram to Shopify helps you gain more followers and customers and also increase your Instagram engagement rate and your website CTR (Click-Through rate)! There are so many different ways to link Instagram to Shopify. But the best way is to add links to each post you share on Instagram so that people will be directly sent to the purchase link on Shopify and can find more information about the product and also view similar products. Fortunately, (by Aigrow) is a tool that will help you with this issue and gives you the ability to add links to feed and also create all-in-one links. So, sign up right now and give it a free try!

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