How to Start Converting Your Social Media Followers

converting social media followers

Social media is the place where you can make your dreams come true. Now that the global pandemic forced many companies, stores, and businesses to shift their offline activity to an online one, social media has become the place where all stakeholders meet. Here you can make your products, services, and business is known to the general public, generate leads, and show them the process behind it. But at the same time, the number of likes, comments, and followers you may get does not necessarily mean that they order or use your products. It means that you have a base of followers who like you, your brand, or your products and want to be updated on the latest news about your business and it’d be hard to convert followers into customers

So, many business owners and marketers might start asking themselves and thinking about ways to convert their social media followers. There is a multitude of social media platforms and each brand uses some of them. This means that there is a huge follower base you have access to and that can be converted into customers. Of course, converting all followers into customers is an unrealistic expectation, but with these tactics, you can do it with a few of them. So, how exactly to do this? Let’s find out together. 

Get to Know Your Followers to Better Convert

Converting followers into customers might seem either too easy or too difficult task. But with just a few tactics, you can do this. However, investing time and resources into understanding the entire process that takes place on social media is essential. At the same time, as a brand, you need to understand and get to know your followers. For sure your products or services are addressed to a specific target audience, but do you know it as well as you think? Marketing dissertation writers who offer a paper writing service at Assignment Masters say that getting to know your followers is essential if you want to convert them into buyers.”

Get to know their desires, expectations, and what they are looking for. Get to know their demographics, age, city of residence, marital status. All these details will help you not only when building your marketing campaigns, but also when you will want to convert your followers into customers. Because you will know what they are expecting and you will be able to modify or polish your offer so that you answer their needs and meet their expectations. 

Email Subscription

One of the most efficient ways to convert followers into customers is to offer them an incentive to order from you. Even though at the beginning this can easily be done by posting on your social media channels and offering discounts, the followers that will buy from you might be one-time-customers. So, how can you convert them into loyal customers? By making the option of email subscription available. They can opt for receiving emails with the latest discounts, coupons, and promotions. 

Moreover, you can offer them a considerable discount if they sign up for your newsletter and make their first order on your website. A discount of at least 40% will surely work. And having a large database of emails will help you stay in touch with your customers and keep them closer to your brand. 

If you are an Instagram user, you can use tools like AiSchedul to capture your followers’ email addresses and share Instagram coupons for giveaways and discounts.

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Organize Contests to Convert Followers into Customers

Organizing contests might seem like something far-fetched, but it is one of the most efficient ways to turn followers into customers. A contest or giveaway can be organized by any brand or business, no matter its domain of activity. It is important to know how to organize it to increase its reach. If you choose to organize a contest that sparks conversation, it is a great way to convert followers into customers. You can ask followers to tag other friends, share the contest on their timeline or story, or just leave their email addresses. You can also combine all these three and form the requirements of a single contest. 

What can you offer when you organize these contests? You can partner with other organizations, brands, or businesses and offer some prizes. You can also offer discounts on your shop, products for free, or any other prize. These contests will allow you to get closer to your followers, keep them engaged, and convert them into customers. Why will this work? Because it is a nice, creative, and innovative way to help your followers connected with your products or services. Remember that followers are people who are interested in and like your brand, but do not shop from you regularly. Some of them might have not even tried your products. So, the closer you manage to bring them to your products and keep them connected to them, the greater their experience. 

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Special Followers 

Another way that will help you convert your followers into customers is to acknowledge how special they are to you. They are the ones that help you promote your brand, either by sharing your posts or recommending them to their friends. They are some of your biggest supporters, so make sure you show your appreciation to them. How to do it? You can do this publicly, selecting a day per week or month where you present the “fan of the week or month”. It is important to choose other followers each week or month. This will make them feel special and will bring them closer to your brand. 

At the same time, it is essential to not choose more than one follower at a time. This will give the feeling that they are not as special as they think, and it may loosen the bond between them and your brand. Moreover, it is important to keep all your followers close and show that you care about their opinions, suggestions, and feedback. 

Respond to each comment you get from them and show them how important they are to you. If there are too many comments, you can respond to some of them and like the others. It is important to engage with every comment, either by replying or liking it because this lets followers know that you pay attention to what they are saying. And it will also make the algorithms of social media platforms show your post in your followers’ feeds. 

Caring about your followers and interacting with them is essential and it is a great way to convert them into customers. 

Final Words on How to Convert Followers

Social media platforms are the places where people, brands, businesses, organizations, and governments meet. Because the global pandemic will continue to last this year too, it is therefore important to focus your resources and efforts on building an impressive social media presence. But having a large base of followers is not useful if they do not order your products or services. Having followers that are interested in your activities does not necessarily mean that they will be your customers. So, it is important to focus on strategies that help you convert them. Acknowledge their help, thanks to special followers, and stay close to them. Organize contests to promote some of your products. Encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter by offering discounts and offers they cannot refuse. Get to know them, their expectations, and needs, so that you will answer them.

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