Copywriting For Instagram: Write Captions That Convert

Copywriting For Instagram
While Instagram is primarily a visual platform, captions are key to hooking your followers and getting them to take action. With 1.15 billion active users and 90% of users following at least one brand account, a vast audience can be found on Instagram. In fact, two in three customers say Instagram is the best way for brands to connect with them. However, 89% of your competitors are thinking the same way. Perfecting your captions is, therefore, essential if you are to stand out against the competition and engage users. But how to write a perfect caption and what are the best tips for copywriting for Instagram? Keep reading to find it out!
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Open with an immediate hook

You only have three to four lines before Instagram shortens your captions, so you need to hook your audience right away. Devise a hook tantalizing enough for readers to want to carry on reading. For example, a question is one of the most common and effective hooks. Ask your audience something that targets their pain points or needs, and they’ll immediately click “more” to find a solution. However, there’s plenty of other effective hooks to choose from. For example, start telling a compelling story, and your readers will want to know what happens next and how it ends. Or begin with a surprising misconception – something most people think is true – and go onto explain how it is, in fact, false.
So, avoid writing generic captions or adding hashtags in the first few sentences of your caption. Instead, write something attractive and hide your hashtags to look unspammy.

Nail Copywriting for Instagram by Providing real value

More than just simply being interesting to read, engaging Instagram copy needs to offer real value to engage your audience and boost conversions. So, put yourself in the position of your readers, and think about how they’re benefiting from reading your captions. Ultimately, you need to highlight the typical problems or pain points that your product or service solves. Your CTA also needs to follow naturally and logically without coming across as insincere or too salesy. In particular, the PPB (preview/promise/bridge) writing method is an effective way to get readers to click. Start with “preview”: tell your audience what they’ll get from you; then “promise” by telling them how it’ll fix their problem. Finally, close with the “bridge” — a logical, transitional sentence that connects to your CTA.

Use a conversational voice

Instagram is typically a fun and light-hearted platform, and not the place for dense, annoying, and jargon-packed copy. Remember: millennials and Gen Z are the prime users, with only 29% being over 35. Your brand voice, therefore, needs to be human and personable (not robotic) to appeal to the main user base, who prefer quick and simple information. Focus on using short and catchy sentences and an active voice. Emojis can also add personality and catch attention; they can even be effectively used to replace words in the middle of sentences. Spaces are also helpful to improve readability and engage short attention spans.

Pro Tip on CopyWriting for Instagram

As a professional Instagram marketer, I suggest you leverage your copywriting for Instagram by adding pre-written sentences to your captions. Actually, this might appear at the end of your caption or at the beginning of it. But I suggest you add them to the end to have the opportunity to capture the readers’ attention using the first sentence by writing something relevant to the post.

But why should you add pre-written sentences and how to add them? Well, these sentences can be your brand’s signature! This way, you can perfectly personalize your captions and let people figure out that a post they are seeing is yours without checking your username.

By the way, Instagram doesn’t have any features for this tip. So, I recommend you use an Instagram schedule like AiSchedul. Using this amazing tool, you can attach pre-written sentences to your captions, create hashtag groups and add multiple hashtags to your first comment with just one click, and much more than this. So, sign up for free and try it right now.

copywriting for instagram

Final Thoughts on Copywriting for Instagram

Writing good Instagram captions is essential to engage your audience and stand out against the competition. With these simple yet effective tips, you’ll be able to boost engagement and increase conversions.

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