Top 27 Daddy Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram 2023

Top Daddy Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram

Once upon a time, parenting blogs were exclusively run by moms, but in recent years, the rise of Daddy Bloggers has been hard to ignore. These dads have used the Internet to share their stories and experiences as social media influencers.

Daddy bloggers are a new and growing phenomenon in the blogging world. As more dads take on a larger role in raising their children, many have taken to the internet to share the trials and tribulations of parenting. Daddy bloggers offer an honest and insightful look at life as a father, from giving advice on making parenting easier to sharing funny anecdotes about their children.

Using humor, personal anecdotes, and advice, daddy bloggers are turning their parenting journey into part of their digital identity.

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How To Find Instagram Daddy Bloggers

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1. Doug (@Thetravellinggays)

Doug (@Thetravellinggays) is one of the top daddy bloggers around. As a proud dad, he loves to share his experiences and advice on parenting with others.

He’s not afraid to tackle difficult issues related to fatherhood either, sharing thoughtful perspectives on how parents can build stronger relationships with their children and how dads can be better role models for their kids.
His influencer posts are always honest and heartfelt, giving a real sense of connection between him and his audience.

2. Duty (@Christophekeyes)

If you’re a dad looking for some advice on parenting, then look no further than Dad On Duty (@Christophekeyes). This popular daddy blogger has been helping dads around the world with his witty and honest approach to parenting.
Whether dealing with sleep deprivation, toddler tantrums or just trying to get their little ones to eat more veggies, Dad On Duty has got you covered!

This daddy blogger shows the ups and downs of being a father. He shares real-life stories that any parent can relate to and offers useful tips on how he deals with different situations.

His posts are often funny yet relatable and offer insight into his life as a dad. So whether you’re just embarking on your journey as a parent or if you need some extra guidance along the way, be sure to check out Dad On Duty for inspiration!

3. Luke Leonard (@Daddynannydiaries)

Meet Luke Leonard (@Daddynannydiaries) – the self-proclaimed ‘daddy influencer.’ This dad blogger is making a wave in the daddy blogging world, sharing his experiences with parenting and day-to-day family life.

Luke started @Daddynannydiaries to document his journey as a single dad raising one son and one daughter. His Instagram account is where he shares everything from parenting advice to updates about his kids, giving readers an insight into their unique family life.

He also posts about fatherhood topics such as stay-at-home dads, work/life balance, and the positive effects of being involved as a father.

Thanks to Luke’s honest and relatable content, he has quickly become one of the most popular daddy bloggers!

4. Brian Nagel (@Briannagel8)

Brian Nagel is an actor and producer who is best recognized for his roles in feature films. He has one of the most popular Dad blogs on Instagram, with 45.5K followers.

He has two adorable daughters and is looking forward to the arrival of their third newborn. His Instagram page documents everything about his and their family’s lives.

5. Zach Fack (@Zachfack)

Zach Fack is one of the top daddy bloggers on Instagram and has about 122,000 followers. Zach shares the sweet memories of his family, his wife Anna and their twins, around their dwelling and while traveling.

6. Colby Shipwash (@Doddblog)

Staci Salazar is Colby Shipwash’s husband and dad to five children. This daddy blogger has amassed 13,400 followers on his Instagram account, where he posts travel, family, and lifestyle content.

7. DJ Hapa (@Djhapa)

DJ Hapa is an early champion of DJ schooling who has more than 29,000 Instagram followers. This DJ coach is recognized as a successful daddy blogger because his Instagram account consists of images of his three kids.

8. Binh Tong (@Banuntil)

Binh Tong has a son of his own. This father blogger posts his travel and lifestyle content to his over 14.7K Instagram followers. Follow his Instagram account to see his full journey, from getting married to being a caring father.

9. Peter Holland (@Champagnegatsby)

Peter Holland is one of the top dad bloggers who has a son. In addition to the role he plays as a father, Peter is a businessman as well. As a writer, Peter ranks highly in the Instagram category for father-son topics.

10. Travis Clark (@Traviswethekings)

Travis Clark is a Nashville musician and lead vocalist for the popular band, known as ‘We The Kings.’ This multi-talented dad’s well-followed Instagram account contains images of him and his daughters having fun together.

11. Scott Clifton (@Cliftoncam)

Scott Clifton is a Daytime Emmy award-winning actor, best known for his work in the long-running American soap operas General Hospital, One Life to Live, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

He currently lives in North Hollywood with his wife, son, and their four over-fed cats. His Instagram account is where he shares his life as a husband, dad, pet owner, and actor.

12. Tony Bellissimo (@Tonybellissimo)

Tony Bellissimo is an award-winning actor and dancer who is known for his work in the 2017 film La La Land. He is widely acknowledged as one of the great dad bloggers on social media. Often he shares images in which he and his young son are in matching outfits and smiling ear-to-ear.

13. Aaron Thygesen (@Thedad.Father)

Aaron Thygesen, who uses his Instagram account as a father blogger, posts his vlogs, toddler clips, daddy tips, and lifestyle on his 58.3K followers.

14. Jon Gustin (@Thetireddad)

Jon Gustin, also known as an exhausted dad, is one of the top dads who love parenting. He shares many humorous videos of his family along with his son and daughter, and his wife.

15. Gerard Fluellen (@Gerard.Fluellen)

Gerard Fluellen and his wife, Alyssa have 3 children, 2 daughters, and a boy. Gerard is an active father who uses his Instagram account to share his perspectives on parenting and relationships. He has a strong following with 67.5K followers.

16. Anthony (@Dad_vlog)

Anthony has one of the best dads’ blogs on Instagram, with over 49K followers. He posts his simple family activities to his Instagram page and revels in the ordinary and appreciates the everyday.

17. Derik Beeston (@Derikbeeston)

Derik Beeson is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and YouTube personality who has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. He has additionally accrued 150,000 Instagram followers by posting pictures with his family on Instagram.

18- Andrew (@Papaperspective)

Andrew is a dad influencer for parenting advice, motivation, and amusement. He uploads his life as a real parent on his Instagram, with the goal of appealing to his followers. He has 21.6K followers.

19. Brian (@Briansworldd)

Brian has one of the fatherhood blogs on Instagram with 17.5K followers. He uses his Instagram account as a way for others to join his adventures as a happily married man and a father.

20. Tyler Smith (@Tybrothehog)

Tyler Smith is a family man, surfer, and cultivator. He has two rambunctious sons who are usually by his side.

21. Keenan Nuehring (@Keenyapolada)

Keenan Nuehring is a father blogger who deserves to be mentioned in our list of daddy bloggers. Browse his Instagram to observe his intriguing posts and Stories depicting everything from taking strolls with his son to a night out with his wife and kids.

22. Doop Mitchell (@1doop_mitchell_)

Doop Mitchell is the husband of Hope Gabriela Mitchell and the father to Liam Haze Mitchell. As a dad influencer, he has amassed a little over 11,000 followers on his Instagram account. If you want to look at his adventures as a family man who spends time with his loved ones, give him a follow.

23. Landon Deru (@Landon_deru)

The Deru Crew has 40,000 followers on Instagram and 216,000 YouTube subscribers. The family includes his wife Julie Deru, a registered nurse, and dad Landon Deru. Together they have five kids.

24. Mike (@Icemikeloveasia)

Mike is a single father from Texas who resides with his two children. He got 1 million followers. Follow this father blogger to view his fatherhood videos, photos, and quotes.

25. Jonathan Joly (@Jonathanjoly)

Jonathan Joly is a YouTube star known for his YouTube channel SACCONEJOLYs. His channel has over 1.7 million subscribers, and he vlogs about his family life. He’s a popular daddy blogger on Instagram with more than a million followers.

26. Simon Hooper (@Father_of_daughters)

Simon Hooper has one of the best dad blogs on Instagram, with 873,000 followers. His Instagram posts and Stories are all about family life with his two daughters, his twin girls, and his wife.

27. Sergei Urban (@Thedadlab)

Sergei Urban, also known as TheDadLab, is the father of two adorable boys, Max and Alex. Sergei began posting experiments and educational activities that he had done with his children on Instagram. Before long, the number of followers began to grow rapidly, and now he has more than a million followers. He is not a teacher or scientist.

He shares his fatherhood journey, kids’ science experiments, and crafts ideas on his IG account.

Frequently Ask Questions About Daddy Bloggers

Now, let’s read some frequently asked questions about the topic!

1. What Is Daddy Blogger?

Daddy bloggers, also known as dad bloggers, are fathers who write about their experiences raising children and family life. The term was coined in the early 2000s and has become increasingly popular as more and more dads join the blogging scene. A daddy blogger shares his thoughts on parenting, from funny anecdotes to helpful tips on staying sane through it all.

Stay-at-home dads or fathers often do these types of blogging with a passion for writing who want to document their journey through parenthood—from the highs and lows of pregnancy to the joys (and challenges) of having young children running around the house. Daddy bloggers have become an invaluable resource for parents looking for advice and support during this chaotic time in their lives.

2. What Is a Parenting Blog?

Parenting blogs are becoming increasingly popular amongst parents the world over. As more and more families take to the internet in search of tips, advice, and support, parenting blogs are proving to be invaluable resources.

A parenting blog is a platform for parents to share their experiences with other parents in a public forum. Dad bloggers are especially beneficial, as they can offer a masculine perspective on parenting that can often be absent in traditional parenting media. Dad bloggers offer advice on a range of topics, from how to deal with sleep deprivation and potty training to father-child bonding activities and career guidance.

At its core, a parenting blog is about creating community and offering emotional support for one another through shared experiences.

3. How Can I Be a Cool Dad?

Being a cool dad isn’t always easy. Trying to be the perfect balance between authoritative and relatable can be difficult for any father. But don’t worry, dads worldwide have already been through this and are ready to help you become the coolest dad around! So how can you do it?

One way is to follow and learn from other cool dads on social media, like Dad bloggers. Whether they post funny stories or insightful advice, these fathers are sure to provide some helpful tips on being excellent parents. They could give ideas on fun activities to do with your kids or offer parenting advice when it’s needed most. Listening to their perspectives and experiences is an excellent way of learning how other dads tackle parenting challenges.


All in all, daddy bloggers have become an integral part of social media. They bring a unique perspective to parenting and provide a much-needed reminder that dads deserve just as much recognition as moms.
Whether you’re looking for advice, humor, or some inspiration, you can find it in the feeds of these top daddy bloggers on Instagram. From new dads to old hands, they prove that parenthood is an ever-evolving journey that should be celebrated.
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