An Easier Way to Find Viral Content on Instagram: 4 Easy Ways

Find Viral Content on Instagram

I believe that the lessons are learned better with examples. You must find viral content in your niche and then be inspired by it if you desire to go viral. But how to find viral content on Instagram?


Find Viral Content on Instagram

Several ways allow you to find viral content on Instagram which I am about to explain. So stick with me.

Use AiSchedule to Find Viral Content on Instagram

Logo of AiSchedul

AiSchedul is a free viral finder tool that finds viral content in your niche and you can also schedule them and repost them on your Instagram account.

Once you find viral content in your niche on Instagram, AiSchedul lets you;

  • Schedule the content
  • Publish it on stories or post
  • Auto response to comments 
  • Tag people and locations
  • Repost content

Remember that with AiSchedul you also can:

  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts on the desktop at a place
  • Edit posts even after scheduling




Sign Up in AiSchedul

Sign-up a free account from here.

sign up page of AiSchedul

Connect Your Instagram Accounts with AiSchedul

  • Go to the dashboard and click Add Instagram Account
dashboard of AiSchedul where you should add your Instagram
  • Enter your information and click on Next
The process in which you add your Instagram account to AiSchedul and you press "Next"
  • Enter your password and tap on the Submit button
when you should enter your Instagram password to link your account to AiSchedul







Find Instagram Viral Content On the Explore Page

a minimal photo of a magnifying glass which represents Instagram explore page

For sure, the explore page is the best place to find viral content on Instagram. And the process is super easy. Search your niche and you see the viral content relating to your niche on Instagram.




Find Influencers of Your Niche to Find Viral Content on Instagram

a painted girl with social media logos in back ground

This is another way to find viral content on Instagram. Find the influencers of your niche, then follow these steps:

  • Go to Top Nine website
  • Enter the username of the Instagram Influencer in your niche
  • Now you see the top nine posts with the highest ER





Search Hashtags to Find Viral Content On Instagram

tens of painted hashtags

Hashtags have a very good chance to find viral content on Instagram. AiSchedul has a feature named Hashtag Monitoring.  

In this feature, you can search and add hashtags you are interested to find viral content.


How to Use Hashtag Monitoring Feature to Find Viral Content?

After you sign up for free in AiSchedul and go to your dashboard, you should follow these steps;

  • First, you click on LISTENING & REPOST
dashboard of AiSchedul to use listening feature to find viral content
  • Then click on Hashtag Monitoring and Add Hashtags respectively
click on hashtag monitoring and then add hashtags
  • After that, you type the topic you are interested 
  • Here you are shown 100 of trending hashtags
  • Now is the time that you pick one and click on Repost
AiSchedul find viral content through hashtag monitoring
  • Now decide as if you want to repost it as story or posts
a guy who is dancing ballet



After you choose you find the viral content you were looking for, you can even schedule it.




What Were Viral Hashtags on Instagram in 2019?

Although viral hashtags in your niche differ from viral hashtags in 2019, it is not a bad idea to see what the public tends to like.

Viral Hashtags in 2019: #Vegan

Vegan was the viral hashtag in January 2019.

Viral Hashtags in 2019: #Movember

#Movember was the viral hashtag run by  Billie’s Movember ad in November 2019.

Viral Hashtags in 2019: #Egg

2019 was the year of eggs. Eggs went viral in 2019.

View this post on Instagram

Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this ? #LikeTheEgg #EggSoldiers #EggGang

A post shared by EGG GANG ? (@world_record_egg) on

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Take that little egg

A post shared by Kylie ? (@kyliejenner) on

Viral Hashtags in 2019: #MentalHealth

Mental health is the issue of all human beings. No wonder that this hashtag went viral in 2019.

Viral Hashtags in 2019: #10YearChallenge

I bet you took part in this one too. It was easy and everyone could do it. Beside it was the best way of self-promotion. That is why it went viral. 

Viral Hashtags in 2019: #Oscars

Oscars are a viral topic.

Viral Hashtags in 2019: #TikTok

I am sure you are familiar with the concept of TikTok.

Viral Hashtags in 2019: #Coffee-Cup
scene of GOT where a coffee-cup is on the table

It refers to the coffee cup in Game of Thrones series. This series was viral series and any gossip about it can get viral.

Viral Hashtags in 2019: #BottleCapChallenge

Viral Hashtags in 2019: #Greta

Greta is an environmental activist who soon became viral. The reason she became viral is that at such a young age (16 years old) left school and forced world leaders to act on climate change.




Do I Repost Viral Content of Other Instagrammers?

I say no. You’d better come up with your own voice and try to make content and try to go viral. But according to the studies, publishing viral content of other Instagrammers can increase your sales, the ER of your post. 


If you wanna publish viral posts of other Instagrammers, make sure that you give the proper credit to do so.

How It Benefits You When You Find Viral Content ON Instagram?

When you find Viral Content on Instagram, you;

  • also find Instagrammers in your niche
  • get to know the taste of your potential followers/customers
  • can be inspired by viral content on Instagram for your sponsored posts

How to Get Sponsored Posts on Instagram?

One of the easiest ways to get sponsored posts on Instagram is through influencer marketing platforms like Aindluencer.

Ainfluencer Homepage
Ainfluencer Homepage

Ainfluencer is the first DIY free influencer marketing platform that provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with brands on your term. This way, you can make money with your Instagram account by posting daily content. How great is that!

Most influencer marketing platforms allow you to sign up on their platform only if you have thousands of followers. But, on Ainfluencer, with only 5k followers, you are ready to go. So, what are you waiting for?



You might have different motives to find viral content on Instagram. AiSchedul is a free viral finder that not only finds viral content in your niche on Instagram but also schedules the content for you.

landing page of AiSchedul

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