Follow Requests on Instagram: Manage Them Professionally

How to manage follow requests on Instagram

Keeping track of your following and followers list on Instagram can become a bit tricky as you try to grow your Instagram organically. Especially if you are running a private account. So what to do in order to remember who you had requested to follow, or who has sent you follow requests. In this article, we are going to give a detailed explanation on how to manage follow requests on Instagram and the different ways and means by which we can do this. So if you feel that you are missing some of your follow requests or you feel that your request list is incomplete, don’t worry. We are here to help!

How to Find Your Follower Requests on Instagram

As you may have noticed, Instagram online does not provide its users with the Follow requests tool. So what you have to do in order to accept or reject a request is that you should go to the user’s profile and you will be provided with a bar at the top of their profile with a note that indicates their request and asks you to accept or remove it. But what else can one do in order to manage their follow requests on Instagram?

Manage follow requests on your phone

To see how has requested to follow you on Instagram you can simply take the following steps

  1. Open your IG application on your phone
  2. Tap on the heart-shaped button at the bottom of your screen
  3. In the Activity section, you may find Follow requests at the top of your notifications
  4. Click on the “follow requests” to see your whole follow requests and manage them

How to see Instagram follow requests that you’ve sent

For many reasons we may want to manage the Follow requests that we have sent. For example, if you are using the follow for follow method for your account growth, it is important to see who has kept you pending for so long so you can cancel your request and instead follow more engaging potential followers. Such considerations are usually essential for your Instagram business. Or the situations in which we realize that someone is appearing on our homepage but we do not remember when did we follow them or why. So some of our follow requests become worthless after a while and it is wise to cancel the pending requests.

To see to whom you had sent the IG follow request you must take the following steps carefully. 

  1. Log in to your Instagram Account from your phone
  2. On your profile, click on the hamburger icon at the top right of your screen.
  3. Open settings
  4. Go to the security section
  5. Under the title of “Data and history” click on the “Access data”
  6. You will be provided with a complete list of your connections 
  7. On the section “current follow requests” you may find all your pending requests at the moment
  8. Tap on the “View More” button to get access to the list of usernames

After you have checked their name you can simply search their usernames on your search bar and cancel any of the requests you do not have anymore!

Why can’t I see all my follow requests on Instagram?

You may have the experience of someone’s follow request suddenly vanishing and you don’t know where it has gone. And even worse! You can’t see any of your follow requests on your list anymore. Instagram never removes a follow request on its own accord. However, there can be a few explanations for that which we are going to mention in the following

#1 You made your account public

It so happens that users make their accounts public for a short while to probably participate in an online contest, an Instagram giveaway or to simply make it easier to be stalked! Even making your account public for a second can do the damage. All of your Follow requests will be accepted as soon as you make your account public. So be careful to manage your requests before you do any such an act. 

The solution to this problem is easy: You have to manage your followers’ list now as the accepted users are there now. Remove anyone you do not wish to follow you and see your content.

#2 The person you are looking for has canceled their request

The main reason that someone’s request is not there is that they have probably canceled their request. What can you do about it? If someone has deleted their request or you have accidentally rejected someone you didn’t want to, there is no possible way to have your request back. You may send them a direct message and ask them what happened.

#3 It is an application glitch

This case is quite unlikely but possible. There is always a chance of an Instagram glitch while you are using your IG application on your phone. But for some reason, you may not be able to see all of your follow requests at demand. To fix this particular issue you can take one of the following steps to fix the problem

  1. Make sure that your internet connection is alright. This case may cause an issue with loading the whole Follow requests list. 
  2. Log out and log back into your account and if there is an application glitch you will see that the list will be updated.
  3. If any of the above methods to manage your follow requests did not work, restart your phone and check if the issue is fixed.

Final words

Instagram’s phone application has provided its users with a few management tools to manage their follow requests on Instagram. You may think at the moment that your follow requests are gone or there is a serious problem out there, However, this is not usually the case. To find the solution to this problem you should troubleshoot first to see why it had happened in the first place. If you still have any issues with managing your Follow requests on Instagram, contact our professional assistants and they will help you.