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A Free Link in Bio Tool Similar to Linktree Plus More Features


As you may know, Instagram allows you to create one clickable link in your Instagram bio. Then, you need an extra tool to optimize your Instagram bio by putting more links in your Instagram bio. This is where an “Instagram link in bio” tool can help you a lot. 

These days a lot of celebrities use apps like Linktree or SmartURL to put multiple links in their Instagram bio. Let’s have a brief glance at some of each App users. 

Celebrities Who Use Linktree (Linktr.ee) to Put a Link in Instagram Bio

1.Pharrell Williams – Uses Linktree for his Bio Links

2.Metallica – Another User Of Linktree

Celebrities Who Use SmartURL to Put a Link in Instagram Bio

1.CHRIS BROWN – َA User of SmartURL

Best Free Alternative to Linktree and SmartURL for Instagram Bio Links

We tested many platforms and finally, we found AiSchedul as the best alternative to Linktree, SmartURL or any other platforms that can help you put multiple links in your Instagram bio. But why?

It’s a complete platform for IG users that adding multiple links in bio is just one of AiSchedul’s features. The platform is created for Instagrammers to optimize their Instagram bio. It’s completely free and easy to use. If you want to know more read this article.

AiSchedul Link in Bio Features

A great feature of AiSchedul is that you have many options to customize your Link In Bio Page. you can use buttons, background images, social icons, and many other features to create an eye-catching Link in Bio Page. You can also specify URLs to each of your Instagram posts, this is a great feature for e-commerce owners.


AiSchedul is a 100% free tool for adding multiple links in bio.

Just Sign up Free and start adding all of your links in one bio link with AiSchedul. 

6 Other Tools to Put a Link or Multiple Links in Bio on Instagram

Instagram Link in Bio Tool #1: Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio is specifically an Instagram bio link tool. It’s simple like AiSchedul but not free if you want to have your own URL. Another problem with Lnk.Bio is that your landing page is not customizable.


Lnk.Bio membership costs $0.99 monthly.

Instagram Link in Bio Tool #2: Shortstack

Shortstack is not specifically created for Instagram. In fact, it’s a landing page builder that allows you to build your marketing campaigns. Shortstack can help you drive customers to your landing page for more lead collection. With this tool, you have the ability to customize your own business landing page. 


Shortstack starter membership costs $29 for one month and $159 annually. 

Instagram Link in Bio Tool #3: Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a good way to create beautiful sale pages with over 350 designed templates. In other words, Thrive Architect is a visual editor for WordPress that allows you to build impressive customizable landing pages for your business. If you are an Instagrammer you can simply put the link of landing page created by Thrive Architect in your Instagram bio.


Thrive membership costs $19 per month and a single license costs $67 for 1 full year of support.

Instagram Link in Bio Tool #4: Leadpages

Leadpages is another tool that can help you create your own landing on their platform and introduce all of your small businesses on one page. It’s very similar to ShortStack. The only difference is that with Leadpages you don’t need to have a website.


Leadpage Standard Membership costs $37 for 1 month and $25/Month for a 1 full year. 

Instagram Link in Bio Tool #5: Linkinprofile

Link in Profile is one of the simplest ways to drive more traffic from Instagram. The platform gives you a dedicated landing page that is specialized for Instagram bio links. But their prices for their service surprised us. 


All plans with Link in Profile include a 30-day free trial and the extension costs $9.99 monthly.

Instagram Link in Bio Tool #6: Tap Bio

Tap Bio is not only a dedicated landing page to host your links. The platform looks a little weird at first, but don’t worry! Tap Bio is an online card that can help you connect your followers to the things you are promoting.


Tap Bio membership is based on three different plans. Basic membership is free, Silver one costs $5 monthly and the Gold one costs $12/month.


As you may have seen, many businesses and celebrities are using Link in Bio tools like Linktree and SmartURL to add multiple links in their Instagram Bio. why not you make use of this great feature?

Linktree and SmartURL are not free, but there is still a free option to add multiple links in your Bio. Sign-up a free account on AiSchedul and add as many clickable and customizable links to your Instagram Bio as you wish.

Do you know any other free tools for adding multiple links to Instagram Bio? Drop us a comment below and share your brilliant ideas with us 😉