How Instagram Can Make You Money

How Instagram Can Make You Money

Social media platforms are a big part of our lives, and it is no surprise that a lot of companies and individuals are making money on them.

Instagram is a perfect example of how anyone can start a job on social media which was unimaginable a few years ago. What started out as a place to share photos has quickly turned into a digital marketer haven.

There are a lot of guides on how to profit from an Instagram account. For instance, Printify explains how to monetize Instagram in this post. And to add to their guide, this article will also mention some great money-making methods.

Becoming an Influencer

It takes time to get a decent number of followers, but if you can achieve that, becoming an influencer could lead to a lot of great things.

Start with optimizing your profile, create a dedicated hashtag, engage with brands, related to your niche, run contests, and you should see that number of followers rising in no time.

Once you are in a place where people will contact you to promote their stuff, feel free to call yourself an influencer.

The world is your oyster at this point. Brands will be eager to make a partnership with you for sponsored posts. You can also charge them for giving simple shoutouts on your posts.

The biggest influencers make thousands of dollars per post. It is tough to become one yourself, but as long as you work hard to grow your audience, the amount of money you can make will also increase.

Affiliate Marketing

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Before social media, affiliate marketing existed on websites. These days, however, Instagram has a fair share of affiliate marketers.

Businesses understand the impact of Instagram and the number of people that use this platform every day. 

Affiliate marketing is different from being an influencer since your goal is to drive sales instead of raising brand awareness. Your posts will have to be optimized for that purpose, so keep it in mind.


Instagram is perfect for blogging about certain niches. Those would be fashion, health, beauty, and food. Visuals make a bigger impact in these niches. Instead of writing articles, you can snap pictures or take short videos and upload them to your channel. 

As long as you are consistent, you will be able to build an audience and pick your monetization method. 

Selling Digital Products

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Photogenic products have a lot of potential, especially on Instagram. If you have the skills to paint, draw, animate, edit videos or you have a talent for taking high-quality pictures which can be used for posters, Instagram is the perfect place to showcase what you are capable of. Also, remember to make use of hashtags. They are very useful when you want to reach a wider audience.

Sell Instagram Accounts

If you can master the art of growing Instagram accounts from zero, it is easy to find a marketplace to sell them. Not everyone has the skills and patience to accomplish such a thing, so they look to cut corners.

Knicking a great username is a bonus as some brands would pay a hefty sum for it. If you feel like a certain name has potential but it has not been registered yet, test it out.

Offer Instagram Marketing Services

Plenty of big accounts have people who are dedicated marketers. If you see a pretty face on a picture, it is highly likely that the same person is not the one creating the content.

Picking the right words and including relevant hashtags is difficult and takes time to learn. Not to mention videos which are professionally edited.

Learning the basics and then moving to more complicated stuff is not that difficult, especially if you have a knack for marketing and a decent understanding of how Instagram works.



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E-commerce is the most profitable method because it has no ceiling. Dropshipping has become a sole source of income for a decent number of entrepreneurs, and they are certainly making use of Instagram. 

Again, it will take to build a channel and find the perfect formula for making posts, but if you can come up with eye-catching messages and include high-quality images, you should be in a good spot.

Sell Your Own Stuff

A lot of artists have dedicated themselves to creating hand-made jewelry, clothes, and other custom products. Instagram has millions of active users so it should not be difficult finding those who would be interested in your stuff.

In a word, Instagram continues to grow by introducing new features and having new users join the platform. Such a trend should be a good indicator for those who are looking to make money. It has become easier to live off of Instagram than ever before.

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