How to Add Enters and Spaces in Instagram Bio?

instagram bio space

No matter why you are on Instagram and how many followers you have, your bio is one of the most important parts of your Instagram profile. So, keeping it unique, creative and sharing important data on it can help you a lot with gaining more followers and viewers. By the way, a simple hack you can use in order to create a good Instagram bio is to use Enters and Instagram bio space in an eye-catching manner.

How to Enter on Instagram Bio?

Actually, as we have mentioned before, Instagram bio is a short summary of your purpose on Instagram and even if you have a private account, your bio can help people understand what’s going on there! So, sharing exactly what you do in an exact and aesthetic way, makes a good impression of people and can help you to grow your Instagram

Using enters and line breaks you can give people info in an appealing way. How?  Actually, using Instagram bio enters, you can describe your personal info if needed, the purpose of being on Instagram, and etc in separate lines to focus on each piece of information more! But how to add Instagram bio enters? Let’s see!

1. Use Symbols for Instagram Bio Enters

An easy way to add an Instagram bio enter is to use enters plus symbols. Actually, this way can be the fastest way possible because it doesn’t need any other apps like the note apps to type your text and copy+paste it on your Instagram bio. Actually, you can do this with whatever you prefer, a dash, a dot, comma, or even emojis. And what you have to do is to follow these steps:

Step 1) Open the official Instagram app, go to your profile and tap “Edit Profile”

Step 2) Write down your bio, and when you need a line break tap on “Enter” and then tap on the character you want. Then, continue writing your text in other lines. 

Step 3) Finally, tap “Done”

For instance, we used bullets to have Instagram bio enters:

Instagram Bio Enters

2. Use Notes Apps to Add Invisible Enters on Your Instagram Bio

Another way to add Instagram bio enters is to use a note app! Actually, if you use enters on Instagram and save your bio, you’ll see that nothing happens. But, if you write your bio in a note app and copy+paste it, you can simply create the style that you want. 

But how can you add Instagram bio enters? Follow the steps below:

Step 1) Open a note app, write down your bio as you’d like to appear on Instagram, and copy it!

Step 2) Now, open the official Instagram app on your phone or desktop, go to your profile and tap “Edit Profile”

Step 3) Finally, paste the text and tap “Done”

As an example, you can see that @theabbyallison has used Instagram bio breaks to focus  on different pieces of information:

Instagram bio break lines

As you see, knowing what she does and reading her bio is really easy. So, don’t forget to use enters. Also, you can check for more Instagram bio hacks to create more amazing bios! 🙂

How to Add Spaces in Instagram Bios?

Another way to attract users’ attention on your bio is to add Instagram bio space. Actually, just like enters, you cannot add as many spaces as you want using the official Instagram app.

Moreover, when you write something on your bio, it automatically appears in a left alignment. However, if you want to make it appear in the center or even right, you have to use Instagram bio space.  But how can you add them?

To add Instagram bio space, you just have to take the following simple steps:

Step 1) First, copy whatever appears between the braces below:

Copy -> [⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀]

Step 2) Now, open a note app, write the text you want for your bio and try to create a stylish bio using the spaces you have copied in step 1. 

IG Bio spaces

Step 3) Finally, copy the text you have created and paste it on your Instagram bio and submit it!

Instagram bio spaces

That’s it! You have easily added Instagram bio space. Also, using these spaces you can create more stylish ones and even center your bio. So, use them and stay unique!:)


In a nutshell, an Instagram bio can help people find some important details about an Instagram account. For instance, users can know if the account is a business one, know how to contact and also find product links in the bio. So, you have to do your best to help people find the data they want and one way to do so is to use Instagram bio space. Hence, try to use them and keep your audience informed. 

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