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How to Cut Video for Instagram Story on Android?


As we all know, Instagram is the best social media platform to share visual content with people all over the globe. However, it has some strict limitations and also a lack of features that might be really annoying. One of these limitations is about the Instagram video lengths, especially videos we want to share on Stories. Actually, videos shared on stories must be less than 15 seconds long and this makes some troubles in sharing long videos. So, since about half of the Instagrammers have an Android device, here we want to talk about some methods that will help to cut a video for Instagram story on Android. 

How to Cut Up to 1-minute Videos For Instagram Story

Fortunately, Instagram has this feature for videos up to 1-minute long. Meaning that when you upload a video with more than 15 seconds length on your Instagram story, Instagram trims it automatically. Additionally, if your video is more than 1-minute long, Instagram automatically takes the first minute of the uploaded video and cuts it into four videos with 15-seconds length. But how?

Well, to cut a 1-minute length video to share on Instagram, you just have to follow these steps:

#1 Tap on The Camera Icon

First, open the Instagram app on your Android device and then tap on the camera icon on the top left corner of the screen.

cut video for Instagram story

#2 Upload Your Video

Then, if you want to record a video, tap and hold the circle in the middle of the screen. You can see that it just lets you record four stories. 

And if you want to upload your video, swipe up the screen, find the desired one, and tap on it. 

cut video for Instagram story

Then, your video will be cut into pieces automatically. 

cut video for Instagram story

#3 Share on Stories

Finally, share your video on your stories. 

cut video for Instagram story

That’s all. But, how to cut a video for Instagram story on Android if it is more than a minute long? Let’s see!

How to Cut Longe Videos (+1 minute) For Instagram Story on Android

As we have mentioned above, Instagram only supports videos up to 1-minute long. So, what to do if you want to share a longer video on your Instagram story?

Well, we have an amazing solution to that. Actually, one way that most of the people try is to cut their videos using Instagram video cutters and then upload them one by one on Instagram. But, let me confess that it’s a waste of time. So, what is my solution?

Well! In my opinion, the best way to cut a video for Instagram story on Android is to use AiSchedul. Actually, AiSchedul is a complete package of professional tools that will help Instagrammers manage their accounts more intellectually and succeed in their own niches. 

use AiSchedul to cut video for Instagram story

Using this marvelous package of tools, you are able to:

Etc. But here, we want to see how can we cut a video for Instagram story on Android using it. 

Actually, it is really easy. You just have to follow these steps:

#1 Create a Free Account

First of all, open the AiSchedul website and sign up for free from here

AiSchedul sign up

#2 Add Instagram Account(s)

Then, tap on the “Add Instagram Account” button and add as many accounts as you want. 

cut video for Instagram story

#3 Open the Scheduler

Now, tap on the “Manage Account” button on your dashboard. 

AiSchedul dashboard

Then, tap on the calendar icon, and tap on the “Schedule” button. 

Schedule and cut video for Instagram story

After that, tap on “Story”.

cut video for Instagram story

#4 Upload and Edit Your Video

Now, you have to upload your video. Just tap on the “+” icon and choose the one you want to share on your stories from your gallery. 

upload video to AiSchedul

You can edit your video and add emojis and stickers using the toolbox at the top of the story screen.

cut video for Instagram story

AiSchedul cuts the video from the very first second automatically. If you want, you can change the time to start cutting from any other time. And then, tap on the “Save” button. 

cut video for Instagram story

You will see that all the pieces are ready to upload after saving them. 

#5 Schedule Your Video

Then, set the date and time to share the post on. You can also share it immediately. Also, if you want to share your video on multiple accounts, you can do it. And finally, tap on the “Schedule” button. 

Schedule videos on Instagram

That’s all. Your long video is ready to be shared in your Instagram stories. 

As you see, it is really easy to do and saves a great deal of time. So, sign up for free and try it right now. 

Wrap Up

To sum it up, the Instagram story is one of the best features of Instagram, and using them, you can share photos, videos, gifs, etc. However, videos sharing on stories must be shorter than 15 seconds in length which makes some problems for users. So, if you need to share a long video on your story, you must cut it into 15-second pieces which takes a lot of time. But, the good news is that using a tool like AiSchedul, you can upload a long video and let it cut automatically to be shared on Instagram. So, go ahead, sign up for free, and cut a video for Instagram story on Android devices.