Instagram Reverse Image Search: The Ultimate Guide

Instagram reverse Image search

It has happened to all of us to see an image on Instagram and want to access the source of that image to get more similar ones. But, without giving credit to the owner of the photo when reposting, or using Instagram images on websites without mentioning the source, it would be hard to find more similar images or the photo owner’s profile. In this case, you have to do an Instagram reverse image search. 

Actually, reverse image search is a technique helping you find the source of a photo on the web. Instagram reverse image search helps you quickly discover similar images from the internet, and access the photographer or the creator account. Apart from that, sometimes you might need to see if your photos have been used by other users or not and check them for plagiarism. So, this can help you protect your images from being copied. But how to do that? Let’s see!

How to Do Instagram Reverse Image Search?

The process of doing an Instagram reverse image search is not difficult at all. All you need for this is the Instagram image you want, or at least, it’s Instagram URL. Then, you just have to use a reverse search engine and find all the image matches. In the following, we introduce you to two of the best apps for this thing, which are safe and free. 

Note: Watch the following video and learn how to do a reverse image search on Instagram just in 4 minutes:

Instagram Reverse Image Search Via TinEye

Instagram Reverse Image Search

One of the best free online tools to do an Instagram reverse image search is TinEye. Actually, this website has one of the most complete databases for images. Additionally, it has one of the best success rates among image lookup tools. So, when trying it, you can be sure that you’ll find what you are looking for. 

Actually, working with this tool is really easy. If you already have the image URL, you can paste it into the search box. To copy the image URL, open the Instagram app, tap on the three dots icon on the top right side of the image, and tap on the “Copy URL” button.

Copy Image URL
Copy Image URL

And if the account you want to search an image from is private, you can simply take a screenshot of the intended image and upload it on TinEye. 

The process takes a few seconds and once the search is completed, you can restrict the results into a special domain (here, Instagram) to just see the filtered results.

Instagram Reverse Image Search Via Google Image Search

Another good free tool to do the Instagram reverse image search is the Google search engine. Like all other services by Google, here, some strong algorithms have been applied. So, you can find all the photos related to the image you want to search for. 

All you have to do is to open your browser on your device, go to the Google website, and upload your photo by tapping on the camera icon. 

Reverse image Search using Google
Reverse image search using Google

Then, all the related images will appear in the results. That’s it!

Now, imagine that you have found the Instagram profile you were looking for! What’s next? How can you share more similar photos from that account? Let’s find them out!

Instagram reverse Image search by Duplichecker

DupliChecker is another platform with a reverse image search application. The best thing about this tool is that it is free from all types of hassles that a user can face on online platforms with the reverse image search facility. First of all, there is no need to get yourself registered with this tool, as this website doesn’t charge a penny. Moreover, this tool allows you to search by image unlimited times without any restriction. For doing a reverse image search on any Instagram post, you can copy its URL and paste it in this tool. Within a matter of seconds, the tool will display results from three search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yandex.

I Found the Image Source! What’s Next?

Now, you have access to an unlimited number of similar images on Instagram. But, what if you want to share them on your Instagram account? 

Well, the easiest way to share photos of other accounts on your own account is to take a screenshot, crop the image, and upload it on your own account. But, this is not the best way! When you do this, you will lose the chance to use the exact caption and hashtags without adding them to your post manually. Also, doing all these things takes time and you will not be able to download and repost videos on Instagram in this way. So, what’s the alternative?

Well, I suggest you use an Instagram reposter app like AiSchedul. Let’s see what’s it and how to repost content using it in the next section.

How to Repost Content Via AiSchedul?

In fact, AiSchedul is a complete solution for your Instagram management issues. Using this intriguing Instagram management package, you can:

And more. But, as mentioned above, using it you can repost content from both feed and stories. To know how it exactly works, read the complete AiSchedul review here. 

FAQs of Instagram Reverse Image Search

Right now, you know how to do an Instagram reverse image search and also know how to repost similar content when you find the source of an image. However, this is not the end of the story. There are still some points to mention. So, we decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the topic. To find the answers, jump into the next sections.

Can you Do the Reverse Search for a Cropped Image?

The answer is YES! Actually, if you use Google for this purpose, it searches to detect similarities in sequences of codes. Hence, it can easily detect cropped images. Also, if you change the color of an image, add filters, etc, it can still be detected by Google search engines.

How to Find Related Images Without Endless Searching?

Finding related images and locating them in a short while are two different things. No one likes waiting for hours and then getting their hands on pictures required. This long time span is there most when we are looking for uncommon pictures.

However, a good way to find related images, especially when you are on Instagram, is to check the hashtags and search for the same ones! This way, you increase the chance to find related images in a shorter time. Also, you can use AiSchedul to search for multiple hashtags on Instagram. So, give it a try for free to accelerate the process.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Instagram reverse image search can help you with two main things. First of all, if you don’t like to have your posts on other Instagram accounts without being tagged, and without permission, you can check them for plagiarism using this trick. And secondly, if you are searching for images similar to what you have posted on Instagram recently, you can do this search to find more similar content to share. Finally, if you have found a good source of images using this hack, try to repost them directly on Instagram and save a great deal of time.