How to Sell Art on Instagram: Professional Tips and Tricks

sell art on Instagram

If you are a professional artist or just starting to develop your skills and career, an Instagram blog is crucial for you. Why? First of all, it is because you need to promote yourself. It is important to advertise your art as much and as well as possible if you want to succeed in this field. But to create fan-generated content on your Instagram account, a lot of efforts are required. So, let’s find out some of the best pieces of advice to successfully sell art on Instagram!

The Best Pieces of Advice on How to Become a Successful Blogger and Sell Art on Instagram

Nowadays social networks are maybe the best online platform for startups. If you are a cultured and talented person and want to sell art online, the information that we will mention below will be very useful for you. All the pieces of advice will be related to your Instagram profile because it is the place where you may become a professional dealer of your art.

#1 Do Not Over-Use Colors

sell art on Instagram

Every image should be colorful but graceful (do not bring too many colors into your profile). Every picture should present your talent in the best light. Do not spoil it by using extra filters. Try to post everything as naturally as possible. Because ordering a piece of art a person expects to see the same thing in his or her hands but not a similar copy. 

#2 Describe Your Activities to Sell Art On Instagram 

A description of your activities should be stellar if you want your art to be sold. Write informative but concise posts where you should mention all the features of the product or service. As it is probably one of the most important points, you should treat it seriously. So, if you understand that you are not good enough at writing, ask for professional help. For example, WriteMyPaper4Me is a professional online writing service where you can order a paper of any type and complexity. Just a few clicks and your post is ready. Everything is more than simple.

Also, if you don’t want to explain everything on Instagram too much and want people to check out your blog, add clickable links to your posts and stories, and invite people to check on you!

To do so, you can use AiSchedul, which is an all in one Instagram tool and helps you with so many things!


With AiSchedul you can:

  • Create an all-in-one bio link to include multiple links, social icons, and URLs attached to your posts and stories
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  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously
  • Find the best art-related hashtags

And much more than this! So, it might also help you with the next tips! So, go and try it for free!

#3 Do Not Forget Stories

art stories

Add interesting stories. Make your profile vivid. Live streaming and stories are the best way to communicate with your audience and with every follower. In this way, you can share your professional experience with followers. So, if you want more people to follow you on Instagram, take it into account and make your content fun.

Actually, as mentioned on the previous tip, AiSchedul can help you to schedule posts and stories, repost them, and also, post stories right after posting on the feed! So, if you don’t have enough time to create new posts to share on stories, try to share your own posts on it, or even repost stories! 🙂

#4 Use Hashtags to Sell Art on Instagram 

sell art on Instagram

Tag your friends and use at least one hashtag in your post (words and word combinations like “art”, “artist”, “buy art” and so on). In this way, you can reach a really large audience who will be your potential customers.

To find the best hashtags for artists to sell art on Instagram, try to get some help from AiSchedul. It lets you find the most popular hashtags related to your niche and use them to grow your art business! 

#5 Respond to Comments

auto-respond comments

Another great tool is a comment. Always answer all the questions that your followers are interested in. Every comment is worth its weight in gold. There, people can write about their satisfaction or disappointment that will make you reinvent your Instagram profile all the time and develop your blogging skills.

Also, if you don’t have enough time to respond to all the comments, use AiSchedul to auto-respond them! Yes! You can simply write down a good response, and right at the moment someone comments you, AiSchedul will send the response. So, do not forget to try it for free! 🙂

#6 Interact With Your Followers Using DMs

sell art on Instagram

Also, you should check your Instagram account direct and react to followers’ messages immediately if you want to sell art as much as possible. It is important to be sociable and easy-going with your customers. It’s always good to give some recommendations or further information regarding items on sale or the latest tendencies and so on. 

Sell Your Art on Instagram: Nothing Complicated 

If you follow all those pieces of advice you will succeed in selling your art on Instagram. Of course, it takes much time and effort to start a professional and interesting blog where you can sell art and at the same time enjoy your occupation. But what doesn’t require effort in your life?

If you want to succeed, go ahead. If you understand that additional help is necessary, ask for it from professionals, but never give up!