Influencer Spotlight Edition 2: @vinatur

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This edition of Influencer Spotlight looks at all-natural winemaker, Vinatur.

CEO Gian founded the company in 2011 when after moving back to Switzerland he suddenly found himself without access to the wines he had come to love living abroad. From the man himself,

Our story began with bringing small batches of wine into Switzerland for friends and family. By 2014 we had grown enough to become an officially licensed Swiss importer. Since then, we have grown from sourcing wines for our private clients and select restaurants in Switzerland to bringing natural wine to enthusiasts around the world.

Vinatur’s Instagram is filled with friends and family enjoying delicious wine and enjoying life’s greatest moments. Sprinkled among these moments are shots of the new wines constantly arriving on Vinatur’s stock shelves and special deals currently available to Vinatur’s customers.

Vinatur also encourages its followers to sign up for its newsletter by providing those who do sign up with early access to hard-to-get wines, as illustrated below.

Enter AiGrow

Since signing up with AiGrow at the end of January, as illustrated in the picture below, Vinatur has gained almost 700 followers with a perfect followers-to-following ration to boot!

gaining followers on Instagram with AiGrow

We at AiGrow raise our glasses (ideally filled with Vinatur wine) and wish the beautiful people at Vinatur continued success.

Want to see more of AiGrow’s star roster? Stay tuned for the next edition of Influencer Spotlight!