Instagram Aggregator Tools Importance in Digital Marketing

taggbox Instagram aggregation tools

Social media was once a leisure activity. Now it’s become a necessity for the people.

And the diversity and evolution of social media platforms with time and changing needs have led to a heterogeneous ecosystem of content, consumers, and commerce.

Social media’s influence can be known from the fact that it has over 3.5 billion active users. And it has become a pivotal element for marketers for their marketing strategies.

Especially Instagram, It is one such social media platform that is highly resourceful for digital marketing efforts due to its attributes.

With diversified content, global audience, and maximum engagement opportunities, Instagram is a hub of possibilities for marketers.

And Instagram aggregation is a technique that is immensely helpful in digital marketing campaigns using Instagram aggregator tools.

But how?

Instagram Aggregation

Instagram aggregation is the process of aggregating all the relevant, engaging, and interesting content into a single feed. This content could be gathered through Instagram aggregators.

Instagram aggregators carry out the process of Instagram content aggregation through hooks like hashtags, profiles, keywords, and handles.

And this aggregated feed can be displayed on to a social wall that can be set up at events, seminars, conferences, weddings, or at public spaces.

Instagram aggregator tools don’t just accumulate content from Instagram, but they also serve vast crucial purposes that directly affect the attraction, engagement, and conversions for a business.

We have listed some important Instagram aggregator tools that are available at your disposal.

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a highly effective Instagram aggregator that curates and displays user-generated content on a social wall.

It has various useful features that are resourceful for marketing campaigns.

It lets you customize the Instagram feed wall according to your theme and needs through a choice of themes, colors, content designs, social sharing, information, and much more.

Further, you can moderate the content that you want to display and restrict competitor’s content, irrelevant content, and profane content. It can be automated as well.

Also, the content is updated in real-time to deliver fresh and live content to the audience. That helps in keeping the audience interested and engaged.

In addition to this, It has features like Full-screen announcements, custom posts, Hashtag highlighter, analytics, banners, and more.


Curator is another great social media aggregator that can aggregate content from Instagram. It is reliable, easy-to-use, and customizable for better utility.

It has features like Hashtag friendliness, advanced content filtering, SEO friendly, and provides the option of customizable posts.

You can accumulate all the exciting content from Instagram and display it creatively and interactively on the Instagram feed wall.

Curator is a mobile-friendly tool as well that can aggregate content from vast social media platforms. Also, It delivers a clear and intuitive interface with competitive pricing.


Juicer is a simple social media aggregator suitable for small businesses.

It also has the option to aggregate content from various social media networks, including Instagram. provides features like customizing your Instagram wall, different themes, styles, and order. It also provides content filtering options to showcase acceptable and quality content.

It has an automated feed update option to retrieve freshly updated content from Instagram.

Importance of Instagram Aggregator Tools for Digital Marketing

Engagement is a key element in the digital ecosystem that defines the success of a marketing campaign. Maximum engagement is directly related to maximized conversions.

Here comes the role of Instagram aggregator tools. These aggregators tools have the attributes that can drive and amplify the engagement from a consumer with a brand.

1. Content quality

Content is the nervous system of a marketing campaign, and thus creating content becomes a hassle. But with these aggregators, you can aggregate high-quality content.

You can curate content promote unique and fresh engaging content to your audience to keep them engaged and deliver your marketing message successfully.

2. Creative visualization

Firstly, Instagram is a hub for striking visual content and it is a key characteristic of its success. Aggregators can harness these visual content and display it.

Secondly, Aggregators have a customization option that gives you the freedom to display the content in an attractive and interesting manner.

This will make your digital marketing campaign more visually creative and expressive.

3. Real-time display

The digital world is constantly changing and it is essential to stay updated and deliver the most recent and trendy content.

Instagram aggregator do that easily with real-time display. They harness content in real-time from Instagram and display it to the audience.

The audience will be highly interested in your campaign if you will deliver the trendiest and latest content before anyone else to them.

4. User-generated content

UGC is the most influential form of content available on social media platforms. And most of the people trust their peer recommendations for making any purchase online.

Besides, Word of mouth is the best form of marketing, and your customers become your brand representatives voluntarily.

Instagram aggregators let you gather and display all relevant and influential UGC as part of your promotional campaign.

5. Returns on investments

ROI is a major concern for marketers for any marketing strategy. And given the importance of social media marketing and the high costs involved in content creation and curation make it tougher.

Instagram aggregators will save you time and cost by gathering resourceful content fastly and automatically with minimal efforts.

This results in quicker and more trustworthy content for digital marketing campaigns.


So, we have given you the advantages of how your digital marketing strategies can benefit through Instagram aggregators. And these benefits are not limited to these points.

Instagram aggregators help in enhancing the consumer experience immensely through these ways, and it directly affects the conversions and revenue.

You can uplift your revenue and amplify conversions by increasing the audience engagement with your brands through maximum touchpoints using these aggregators.

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