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Categories: Instagram Marketing

Creative Instagram Bios from Tumblr in 5 Categories+50 Quotes


Are you searching for a catchy Instagram bio? Haven’t you find anything to make people fall into your page? Let’s go around the web and find the most creative Instagram bios from Tumblr!!

But why is it important to have a good Instagram bio? That’s because your bio is the place where people have their first interaction with your page! So, if you share something normal, you may lose the chance to make them follow you! Hence, stay tuned and find the best ideas to share on your Instagram bio from Tumblr!

Tumblr Bio Ideas for Instagram

As mentioned in the introduction, Instagram bio is the place that you make your first impression on people. If you share something bad here, you will definitely lose the chance to get more followers, especially if you have a private account on Instagram! So, you have to share something accurate, catchy, creative, and amazing to attract more attention! But how? Let’s look around Tumblr and see some creative ideas!

In the following sections, we will share creative Instagram bios from Tumblr. 

Creative Instagram Bios from Tumblr

If you are managing a business account on Instagram, you have to share some important info such as:

  • Brand Name
  • Products and Services you offer
  • Location
  • Website Address (if available)

And etc. However, sharing these pieces of information in a normal way may seem boring. So, you have to try to share them in a creative way. Here are some of the most creative Instagram bios from Tumblr for your business page: 

  • We believe in helping people!
  • Official home of [Brand-Name] on Instagram!

  • ? FLASH SALE! THIS WEEKEND ONLY – 50% ?[+ Link]
  • ? Free worldwide shipping

  • Our job is to put customers first, since 2010! ??
  • Click the link below to shop NOW!!

  • Great selection of (type of products) merch
  • Tag us to share your creativity #[Brand-Name]  ?

Funny Instagram Bios from Tumblr

Another way to attract people using your Instagram bio is to share something funny! So, let’s take a look at funny Instagram bio ideas from Tumblr! 🙂

  • Apologize! Just for anything I post while I’m hungry! ?
  • Wait 4 it! Instagram bio is loading…
  • I hope to become GROWN-UP someday!
  • Hobbies: Breakfast?- Lunch?- Dinner?.
  • Life’s short! So smile while you have teeth! ?

  • Relationship status: Netflix+Ice Cream! ?
  • I prefer to steal your dessert, not your boyfriend!! ?
  • Bags under my eyes? They are Chanel!?
  • I am not funny at all. I’m just mean but people think I’m joking.
  • I’m not anti-social! I am an anti idiot!

Cute Instagram Bios from Tumblr

Another good idea for your Instagram bio is to share something cute and make people fall in love with you and your page! Let’s see some of the cutest ideas for your Instagram bio! 

  • Grateful to share my world with you! ?
  • ☀️Live in the sunshine you belong to ☀️
  • Most of my smiles are because of YOU! <3
  • I just sprinkle kindness where ever I go 🙂
  • Love my followers, more than life!!

  • We can always use a little magic! Don’t hide the magic with you!?
  • I’ll make sure that your dreams can come true!
  • Every day is not a good day! But there is good in every day!
  • Don’t regret the opportunities you were afraid to take!
  • I share dreams with friends, to make them kind of like a family!

Short and Creative Instagram Bios from Tumblr

A cool idea for your Instagram bio is to write down something short, but fabulous!! Note that since your bio is short, you can also center it to make your Instagram profile more incredible! Now, let’s see some short Instagram bio ideas from Tumblr!

  • I’m a soft gurl/boi!

  • Simple but significant…
  • Emotional eater!

  • Livin’ a little
  • Keep it real!

  • Life is beautiful
  • Doing better

  • Anything but predictable
  • Daily goal: A bigger smile!

  • Rollin’ with the homies

Cool and Creative Instagram Bios From Tumblr

Want to share something cool on your bio? Let’s see some of the coolest Instagram bio ideas from Tumblr!

  • Here’s my story for the history books
  • What should I put here?
  • I’m a cupcake in search for her stud muffin
  • Just another Instagram influencer!

  • In a world where you can be anyone, be yourself.
  • No! It is not a dream! It is my reality!
  • Success runs in my veins!
  • Welcome to my world!

  • Scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to unveil the bio.
  • Best things live outside of your comfort zone…

How to Put Tumblr Link On Instagram Bio

Want to put your Tumblr link on your Instagram bio and attract more people on Tumblr?? 

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Using this bio link too, you can easily add Tumblr links to your Instagram bio. Also, the good news is that this tool is free. Also, this tool can be used to link all social media accounts you have, and Tumblr is just one of them. As an example of the bio link, take a look at @bodybuilding.com.2020:

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To wrap up, since Instagram bio is the first place where people see while checking your profile on Instagram, it is really important to share something creative and unique. Actually, we have looked around the web and find some amazing Instagram bio ideas from Tumblr! So, read the article, find the one you are satisfied with, and make people fall into your page! Also, to be more professional, share your Tumblr link on your Instagram bio using AiSchedul and attract more people!