The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Profile

The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Profile

With more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram today, how do you shine through, gain authentic followers, and engage with them to take your business to the next level and grow your Instagram money? Of course, you need an amazing Instagram profile for the first attraction. 

One thing is clear. Your social media marketingapproach must be excellent.

Travel enthusiast, Jack Morris, who has 2.7 million followers, told Cosmopolitan that for a single post, he once earned $9,000. And there are companies like Oreo, Nike, Starbucks, Adidas, and Chanel who are ruling Instagram today. 

There is potential to earn money on Instagram. And with more than 200 million Instagram users looking up at least one business profile per day, your chances of earning are more. 

You must know the anatomy of setting up the perfect Instagram profile. The rest will follow.

Here are some tips to help you set up the perfect Instagram profile that people can’t resist following.

#1 Keep a Recognizable Profile Image:

It could be a logo, logomark, or a mascot. You want people to recognize your brand when they visit your profile instantly. If you are already active on other social media sites, your audience will easily recognize the image when they decide to check you out on Instagram.

The famous sportswear company Nike keeps their company logo as their profile image. Anyone can recognize it and follow their account


#2 Write an Insanely Actionable Bio That Shows Your Personality:

While using Instagram, a good bio should describe a bit about your brand and what you do while appealing to your audience. 

While you are at it, also make sure to use your brand’s tone and voice.

You can also use a Call to Action as Apartment Therapy does.


  • Or use emojis to show your personality like Asos brand.
  • Use story feature to bring your Instagram account to life

It is estimated that 300 million users make use of Instagram’s story feature every day. Leverage this feature to draw the audience’s attention to your best content. You can also offer resources for your followers. Make sure to keep it precise. 

For instance, you can create a poll like America’s Test Kitchen to engage and entice the audience.


Or use effective humor to showcase your products as in the screenshot below. The image is of a brand that uses the story feature to showcase their wall art.


You can even share a compilation of videos.

Also, an important part of each Instagram bio is the links that have been shared on it! This will help you to gain more followers for your brand, even on other social media accounts you are managing. 

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let users share multiple links on their bio. But we have an awesome solution for this. 


AiGrow is an Instagram management tool that will help you create all-in-one bio links. Using this amazing tool, you will be able to create a fake path on the web and share all your links in it. 

Actually, using this tool you can use widgets for your social media accounts, use themes to keep up with your Instagram theme, and also link to images and posts available on your Instagram. So, check it out and sign up for free.

#3 Use Hashtags to Increase Engagement:

Not only do hashtags help you in organizing and categorizing your content, but it can increase engagement 12.6%

Just make sure not to overdo it. Use only targeted hashtags. Also, avoid using overused hashtags and keep them relevant to the image you are posting. In short, don’t spam.

If you need help, there are tools to help you research and select the best hashtags for your business and target audience. 

Here, you can use AiGrow as a hashtag tool and choose the best and the most related hashtags to succeed in your business. 

Fortunately, AiGrow offers multiple packages and you can find the best for your needs among them. However, we highly recommend the Pro-managed and the VIP package. These two can cover almost all the things you need to have a great Instagram profile.


#4 Post-High-Quality Photos: 


Studies show that the human brain processes visual information 60K times faster than text. Posting stunning and relevant images and fewer texts will thus work in your favor. 

You can invest in a professional photographer, but if you choose not to, use an iPhone or an excellent camera. Shoot the photos when the natural lighting is best and edit your photos instead of using the default filters that you find in the Instagram app.

However, one of the biggest problems of users that capture qualified images is that Instagram doesn’t allow users to share photos on their desktop. This is really problematic because transferring high-quality images to mobiles takes a lot of time and needs a great amount of space.

Luckily, AiGrow can help you solve this problem too. Using this amazing platform you can upload images and photos using a desktop and save a great deal of time. So, try it for free and share on Instagram from a desktop!:)

#5 Motivate People:

Why are brands like Nike so popular? Not only do they offer high-quality products, but they inspire people to try new things.

Now and then, Nike posts motivational stories about athletes, and it gets lots of likes and shares.


You can motivate people to try out a new recipe, take a well-deserved holiday, or prompt them to lead a better lifestyle and all these counts on your branding.

#5 Run Contests and Giveaways:

If executed effectively, games can increase engagement, increase brand awareness, build a stronger community, and grow your following.

It is estimated that Instagram contests can increase followers by 70%

For instance, you can carry out a surprise giveaway, as shown in the image below, to keep in touch with your followers.


Or organize a contest to gain followers.


To know how to succeed in Instagram giveaways and best apps you can use to do so, click here.

#5 Build Trust:

In a survey, shoppers pointed to trust as the main factor while deciding where to shop. It was found that 85% of online shoppers leave a website if they found it was unsecured.

Be an authentic brand that followers can trust. Try to build friendships instead of follower count. Also, make sure to respond to your customer’s queries on time. 

Another effective way to gain your follower’s trust is to secure your browser by using an SSL certificate. If you have multiple subdomains and wish to have a single SSL certificate then, you can choose a cheap SSL wildcard certificate. Having your site protected by HTTPS will give implication to your users that your website is secure.


It is not possible to set up a business Instagram account and start earning from day one. But if you strategically plan your social media marketing and experiment on the tips provided, you can end up increasing your ROI.

Instagram’s user base is ever-growing, and it looks like the social media platform is here to stay. Make sure your brand has excellent visual stories to share if you wish to grow your followers. Leverage hashtags organize contests and build trust by ensuring that your site is well secured. 

Remember, the result will depend on your efforts. Don’t give up if it doesn’t kick off well initially. And do not forget to use AiGrow to ensure your success and get more managed!

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