Best Bio Ideas to Get more Followers on Instagram

best bio for Instagram to get followers

As we have discussed before, your bio is one of the most important parts of your Instagram profile and makes the first impression on people who come to see what’s going on on your page! Moreover, we have talked about the best Instagram bio hacks to have a better impression on people! But, does an Instagram bio help getting more followers? Definitely yes! So, keep reading to know the best bio ideas to get more followers on your Instagram.

7 Best Bio Ideas to Get More Followers

Now, without wasting time, let’s see a few tips to make your Instagram bio geared to attract more followers. 

#1 Share Clickable Links

One of the best bio ideas to get more followers on Instagram is to share clickable links! Actually, this is a simple way to let people know you more, especially if you have an interesting blog or website! Also, if you are managing an online business there, you can simply share purchase links on your bio.

However, due to the strict Instagram limitations, you can only share one link on your bio. But, you can solve this using an all-in-one link in bio tool like AiSchedul!

add multiple bio links by AiSchedul

Actually, using this amazing tool, you can do more than sharing multiple links! You can also:

  • Link to other social media accounts using widgets
  • Let people contact you via email, directly from your bio URL.
  • Add links to posts and stories.
  • Giveaway coupons automatically.

And much more than this. 

If you take a look at, you can see that they have easily added multiple links of their blog posts and also connected to other social media accounts:

all in one bio kinks

So, take a look at the website and try it for free now! Moreover, take a look at the following video to get some advanced instructions:

#2 Share Your Contact Information

No matter if you are an influencer, owner of a fan page, blogger, or even a business owner on Instagram. It always pays to include your contact information in your bio to let people interact with you! You can share your email address, or even ask them to DM you!

So, as one of the most essential steps of creating a good bio, and also the best bio ideas to get more followers, start with your contact information.

As an example to see this, you can take a look at @rogermazzeo’s bio and the way he shared his email using a simple emoji and Instagram bio enters:

best bio ideas to get more followers

Also, if I want to give you a bit of professional advice, I suggest you use AiSchedul to let people send you an email without copying your email address, opening their mailbox, and then sending it!! If you take a look at’s page and click on the bio link, you can see an envelope button!

mail in bio URL

Then, by tapping on it, you can easily write down your email and send it to her without wasting a lot of time!

drop message from URL in bio

So, go ahead and collect emails!

#3 Do Not Forget to Call to Action

After sharing your website/blog address and your contact information, a call to action is a must for any bio on Instagram! Actually, using this amazing tip, you invite people to know more about you! And by this, you can also gain blog traffic from Instagram which is definitely amazing!

But how to do it? Easy! Just include “Check out my new blog” or “Sign up to get a coupon” or whatever you think is amazing to make them click on the link and know more about you!

In the picture below, you can see that @victoriaemersondesign has called to action by writing “Come See What You Love”, which is literally intellectual:

best bio ideas to get more followers

#4 Focus on Your Ideal Follower

One other best bio ideas to get more followers is to know your ideal followers! What does it mean? To understand this, let’s have an example! Imagine that you are selling grunge stuff on Instagram. To create and write the best bio, you must go and find out more about your audiences. For example, know their gender, age, interests, and etc! In this way, you can share something that most of them will like! 

For instance, in our example, if you see that most of your followers are teenagers, you’d better share something that’s pretty cool! So, you have the chance to attract more people like the ones who already follow you!

As a real example, you can see that @grunge_xx has shared some pieces of information that really attract teenagers, who are actually the most followers of their page!

best bio ideas to get more followers

#5 Tell People Who You Really Are

One of the other best bio ideas to get more followers is to completely introduce yourself to potential followers! Don’t be shy to describe yourself! People follow you to interact with you, so it is important to tell them about your job, maybe your company name, and also things that make you special! Actually, this helps people to trust you, so they will follow you for sure! 

Here, you can see that @heleneinbetween has aesthetically introduced herself to people and also informs them about her current location! So, people who love to travel, and are interested in Europe will follow her for sure!

best bio ideas to get more followers

#6 Share Your Interests

Actually, listing the things you are enthusiastic about easily connects you to your audience! Definitely, if people see that they have the same interests as you, they will be encouraged to follow your account to see more interest-related posts and know more things about them. 

For instance, imagine that you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle and share some posts about the best organic food brands, or some amazing healthy recipes! So, if you tell this on your bio, people who love to live healthy will follow you to find more about it! So, this one must be concerned as one of the best bio ideas to get more followers for sure!

As you can see, @yovana has mentioned this on her bio and if you follow her, you will find some amazing facts about healthy lifestyle:

best bio ideas to get more followers

#7 Inform People About What is There for Them

Unquestionably, you should clearly tell people what they can expect from following your Instagram account! In this way, if they like your idea, they will definitely follow you! So, this is absolutely one of the best bio ideas to get more followers! 

Actually, by following this tip, you help people to see your whole account at a glance and decide to follow you or not! For instance, from @by.iris.sophia’s bio you can guess that you will see photos and videos about fashion, places to travel, and etc:

best bio ideas to get more followers


Actually, Instagram bio is where you have to share your purpose of being on Instagram using only 150 characters! And also, it can help you to make people fall in love with your page and follow you at first glance! So, it is essential to use the best bio ideas to get more followers! Hence, read the mentioned tips carefully, and feel free to leave us a comment!

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