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Instagram follow for follow

Since Instagram keeps updating its algorithm, yesterday’s marketing tactics might become less effective tomorrow. However, you have to update your strategy and action plan for your Instagram marketing efforts. Instagram Follow for Follow has been used as one of the best Instagram hacks for account growth for years. But does Instagram Follow for Follow still work in 2021? How shall we do it to maximize the account’s growth and minimize risks? Well, we are going to figure it out.

What Does Instagram Follow for Follow mean?

Instagram follow for follow

Instagram Follow for Follow is a strategy that a user follows as many IG accounts as possible and engages with them by liking and commenting on their posts.

At first, it seems that this activity is extremely time-consuming but what you get for the time invested is worth it. The reason is that the more accounts you follow and engage with, the more likely they will return to follow your profile and engage with your posts.

The method seems so simple. But does it work for Instagram growth in 2021?

Why Instagram Follow for Follow Still Works

Instagram follow for follow

Some studies show that 20% – 35% of people will follow you back. They measured the follow back rate over 100+ IG accounts to find out their Instagram growth. The results show that one-third of users followed by you will follow you back and engage with your posts and stories.

But those new to the Follow for Follow strategy on Instagram might say to themselves, oh, if the more people I follow, the more followers I’ll get. Then, why not follow thousands of pages a day.

There are some challenges here:

Be Careful When Doing Instagram Follow for Follow!

With the new updates, Instagram has become more sensitive in user activities on the platform. If an account is detected as a bot or spammy, it’ll get Action Blocked and soon Banned and removed from Instagram. So If you want to use the strategy to grow your account, you must be aware of the risks and limitations:

Don’t Exceed Daily Limits.

There are some daily action limits on Instagram which limit your growth rate. When taking the actions manually, make sure to be careful and not exceed them.

Go after your Target Audience

In the marketing world, everything starts with the target audience. If you are marketing your gym supplements, you have to follow young adults, gym lovers, and athletes, not some kids or disabled. So you always have to define your target audience and then start following, liking, and interacting with them.

AiGrow has an amazing Ai-Powered solution that helps you find your target audience on Instagram.

Act Natural

At the end of the day, Instagram should recognize you as a human being. So you have to take some normal actions to look natural.

A normal Instagrammer visits posts as well as stories watch some videos to the end, like some posts, comments on some, reacts and responds to some Instagram stories, finds and follows a new account, searches for tags and users, chat with a friend, posts to feed and story, etc.

So if you want to be successful in your Instagram marketing efforts, you’d better love Instagram and enjoy spending your time surfing around the app the whole day.

Do you see? It’s not that simple to grow with Follow for Follow strategy.

The Best Way to Do Instagram Follow for Follow method

gain follow strategy

If you are looking for a reliable and convenient way to grow your account, try using AiGrow. On the VIP and PRO Managed packages, you will get up to 500 new targeted followers/month for the lowest possible price. If you wish to give t a try, you can create a free account here.


Instagram Follow for Follow has been used by Instagram marketers for years, and it’s always worked. Now it’s 2021, and Instagram has changed a lot. However, with some considerations in mind, you can still follow a strategy to grow your account. An easy and cost-effective alternative can be AiGrow’s PRO Managed service.

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