Instagram for Students: Top 6 Reasons for its Popularity

Instagram for students

Instagram has become an integral part of our lives. Whether we like it or not. And there’s no denying the fact that it currently is one of the most important and influential media out there. But why is Instagram so popular, especially for students? 

That is the question we are going to tackle today. To make a long story short, there’s no single definitive factor that made Instagram such immense power. Rather there is a combination of factors that together create a medium that unifies millions of people starting with celebrities and politicians and ending with students and regular people who just want to share their emotions through images and videos. Stick around, and together we will find out how did Instagram gain popularity, what factors contributed to it, and what the future of this medium might be. we’ve also included some tips for you to grow your account and gain some popularity out there.

#1 Images First

Some people wonder how and when did Instagram start getting popular. Well, the answer is simple! It all started back in 2010. But the rapid growth of its popularity was caused by the shift in people’s perception of information. Instead of reading long news articles or watching the news on TV, the audiences shifted to the rapid consumption of information. This resulted in a crucial shift in the way media started to represent all sorts of information. Instagram offered users the simples and the fastest way of consuming data – through images. The human brain is designed to perceive images better than it does other kinds of visual information, such as text. Actually, this is why scrolling through the endless feed of pictures is much more comfortable than reading through some articles or whatnot.

#2 Ease of Using Instagram for Students

Do you remember the last time you opened Instagram on your computer? Well, that’s because this medium has been intended for mobile device use. And that is why it works so well with on literally any smartphone. More so, using the app from your computer is not really convenient as its functions are limited in the desktop version which, further incentivizing you to use the mobile version of the app. The application itself is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, which makes it super easy to use.

#3 It Is More Than Just Images

Today, Instagram is much more than just sharing pictures of yourself or your cat; it is a huge and very powerful medium that encompasses all sorts of visual information, including news and advertisement. Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms for self-education and development. On Instagram, you can find an education platform like PapersOwl where you can find many guides for writing different types of academic papers, applications, and free writing tools for students. Also, it can help you if you haven’t time to write your assignment and you can pay to get paper written by professional writers. 

This is really convenient, if you need help in the educational process, then you just use Instagram for this; in any case, you can just take your phone and find everything you need. The information has never been as available as it is today, and thanks to Instagram and other similar media, it becomes so much easier for people around the world to stay in touch with each other.

#4 Instagram for Students is a Way to Keep in Touch with World

Instagram is also a means of communication between people around the world. Through images and messages, the users may glimpse into the lives of other people who may live in other countries. This allows the trends to spread faster. Actually, it benefits people and allows them to know exactly what happens in any place around the world at any time. You can learn where to pay for writing papers from your peers in other countries, see what clothes people wear in Paris or New York, see what influencers and celebrities do to stay fit and beautiful, and just know what’s going on around the world. This makes the world a much smaller place as there’s almost no place you cannot see through the eyes of the Instagrammers from all across the globe. It is amazing how fast the information spreads, and Instagram surely plays a huge role in this process.

Especially, Instagram is a great place for students’ researches. Imagine that you have to write an article about students in other parts of this huge world. What can you do? Well, you can open up the Instagram app, search for hashtags, and then see student images in different countries. This gives you a great chance to write an image-based article. But how to find the best hashtags for your research? Let’s see!

How to Find Best Student Hashtags on Instagram?

Well, you can easily open the Instagram app, type students in the search box, and find one or some of the most used hashtags about it. But, this just gives you a few options. Now, I want to show you a simple way to find all the related hashtags. 

To so so, you can use AiSchedul

Using this amazing Instagram management tool, you can schedule posts and stories, repost content, search for social events using the social calendar, and also share an all-in-one bio link on your Instagram. Hence, you’ll have a great chance to post on Instagram while you are at school, and you can publish all your researches and articles on your Instagram bio. So, it can really help you in your studies. 

But, let’s go back to the hashtags. There is a hashtag tool on AiSchedul, that really helps you in finding related hashtags in every topic. All you have to do is to sign up for free, and then on the scheduler tab, enter the keyword you want, and then, find all the related hashtags. That’s what we’ve done for “Student”:

As you see, you can find all the related hashtags. So, go ahead and try it for free.

#5 Instagram Businesses for Students 

Most students do not think about Instagram as a potential platform for starting and growing a new business. But it surely is one. There are many examples of small local businesses starting with an Instagram profile. If you can do anything better than most people do it, you can start your own small thing on Instagram, create a profile, get some followers, post a lot of nice pictures of whatever it is that you do, and voila, you have a starting point for your own business. Some people pay to write a paper, some people bake cakes and sell them, some people do pizza delivery via Instagram, some create clothes, some sell beautiful paintings, and all of that is possible thanks to the power of images. Make it look great, throw in some filters, and you have yourself an advertisement.

Also, if you don’t have the chance to turn your Instagram account into a business one, AiSchedul can help you. Using this amazing tool, you can sell on Instagram even without a business account. But how? Well, take a look at the following video:

#6 Editing Functions

Apart from just posting pictures, the users can edit them. Of course, Instagram does not give you all the options of a professional editing app. But the users can still edit their pictures and improve them significantly. The filters and manual editing tools offered by Instagram are sufficient for most people, so the students can quickly and easily edit any picks and post them in their feed without any delay. This is almost instantaneous editing. This is so essential for people who want to capture some moments and enhance their pictures on the go without having to use any outside tools. More so, you can post stories and quickly change the filters in a matter of just seconds.

Wrap Up

Instagram is an extremely popular and useful media platform. This is why it has become so big among young users around the world. Apart from just sharing images and posting stories, it gives you a sense of connectivity with other people, creates opportunities for emerging businesses, gives you information, and entertains you. This is a great application. And thanks to its peculiar approach to feeding the information to the audience, it may become even bigger in the next years. 

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