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August 21, 2021

10 Instagram Followers App for Faster Instagram Growth

By Siavash

Have you done all you could to get more Instagram followers yet you’re not satisfied with the state of your presence on this visual-based powerhouse? Then it’s time to refine your strategies and learn how to get more followers on Instagram by using a top Instagram followers app.

Gaining more organic followers on Instagram can be a real pain in the neck. It takes precise planning and dedication to garner a large audience on it. And we both know it’s essential to pay attention to the basics of Instagram growth like adding the top, relevant hashtags, writing catchy bios, scheduling posts, and posting at the best time. But rarely do we notice that one excellent way to growing our Instagram account is using Instagram followers increase apps to boost our following count. So what are these top followers apps for Instagram, and why should you use them?

In a few words, Instagram followers apps are online applications or services that provide users with a range of features needed for growing an IG account. Some are simply Instagram fake followers apps; therefore, they won’t provide you with real followers. And there are a few robust ones like AiGrow guaranteeing organic Instagram growth and follower gain as a real followers app.

So what are best Instagram followers apps we want to introduce in this blog? Check the list below to find out:

  1. AiGrow
  2. Combin
  3. Famoid
  4. Turbo Followers for Instagram
  5. 5000 Followers Pro Instagram
  6. Instazood
  7. Organic Followers for Instagram (Android)
  8. Followers Track for Instagram
  9. Unfollowers for Instagram, Lost
  10. Free Insta Followers Club

This article will go over the details of these Instagram followers apps and review their features. Without further delay, let’s jump in and get to the fun stuff. And in case you’re not interested in small details, you can start growing your account with the best app to get Instagram followers for free.

Get +300 organic Instagram followers with AiGrow.

Best Instagram Followers Apps in 2021

Although many apps can increase your followers, only a few follower apps will get more real Instagram followers. Based on research, a normal person has 150 casual friends. It means an average personal account has between 150 – 200 followers on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Just imagine an Instagram followers app that gets you 100 – 300 more real followers per month. Let’s consider the worst-case scenario and imagine that only half of them ask their followers to follow you, view, and like your posts. And again, the worse that could happen is they each have 100 followers.

1. AiGrow: The Best Instagram Followers App for Instagram Growth

AiGrow is much more than a simple app. It’s an all-in-one Instagram management, growth service, and mass unfollow tool. Ranking first on our list of the top follow apps for Instagram, AiGrow brings you the opportunity to gain followers on Instagram consistently and organically. With this IG growth tool, you can get a minimum of 300 real Instagram followers a month. And this is only a minimum. With the presence of a dedicated IG account manager, you can scale growth efforts and expect to attract more than 1000 Instagram followers every month.

Basically, the main responsibility of your account manager is to manage the day-to-day activities required for boosting awareness and garnering more audiences. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll specify your goals using the built-in AI growth engine. You can set these goals based on multiple hashtags, locations, competitor’s followers, and business categories. Then one of AiGrow’s account managers will contact you to review your goals and targets. Afterward, the manager will begin generating daily growth activities to help you achieve your goals.

AiGrow’s Growth Features

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the amazing features of AiGrow.

  • AI-based growth engine
  • Dedicated Instagram account manager (included in the VIP plan)
  • Bio-link tool

AiGrow Bio-Link Tool.

  • Direct messaging system

AiGrow DM Plans.

AiGrow Bulk Delete Posts Plans.

  • Mass unfollow service

  • Multiple hashtag search
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring

And so much more! All a click away from you to take our Instagram marketing to a whole new level. Let us not spoil all the fun at once. Since it’s completely free, why not give it a try? You can create an account for free then watch this video to get familiar with AiGrow’s Instagram growth engine.

AiGrow Growth Plans.

So should you pay to get started? Absolutely not. All of these features and a lot more are 100% free. Even if you purchase one of their packages and don’t see the expected results, you can ask for a full refund.

2. Combine: An Insta Followers App

Combin is another good Instagram follower app to find, analyze, engage, and grow your audience. Moreover, this app has an Instagram scheduler that can help you with content planning solutions.

So what are Combin’s key features for Instagram growth?

  • Targeted followers
  • User analysis
  • Schedule to unfollow
  • Safelist (list of followings who you do not want to unfollow accidentally)
  • “Not Follows Me” list (list of followings who do not follow you back)

How to Use Combin to attract followers:

  1. Go to the website and download the app.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Enter Instagram information (password is required) and start working with it.

System Requirements to Use Combin as an Instagram followers app

  • Windows 32-bit
  • Windows 64-bit
  • macOS
  • Ubuntu

Best App to Buy Instagram Followers in 2021

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Good question. The short answer is no. Buying Instagram followers can seriously hurt your efforts to gain authentic followers. The platform is more and more shifting to protecting itself from inauthenticity and cracks down hard on any action violating IG guidelines. So it’s best to avoid thinking about purchasing Instagram followers and instead put all your focus on methods that guarantee organic, everlasting results.

3. Famoid: Best Instagram Follower Seller App

It’s better to gain real followers organically instead of purchasing Instagram followers. Still, if you are looking to buy Instagram followers, you should know what options you have.

Famoid Followers App

Right now, Famoid is the best choice if you are looking for an app to buy Instagram followers in 2021. They also have likes and views packages. At least, Famoid knows that a quick increase in followers will lead to Instagram banning an account. 

This video will inform you on buying Instagram followers:

Best App to Get More Instagram Followers for Free

If you are looking for free followers as a number, use a follower trader app. They have a system called virtual coins. You simply follow other people on the app or like their posts and earn coins in this system. Then you can buy followers using your coins. If you don’t have any problem with this system, let’s see the best Instagram followers trader app:

4. Turbo Followers for Instagram (Free Instagram Followers App)

Turbo follower is one of the best Instagram followers trader app. For a while, it will increase your Instagram followers when you follow others. But the growth is not continuous because you have a limitation for the following number. Moreover, if you don’t have enough time to earn coins, we don’t offer it. 

How to get it to work

  1. Visit the “Turbo Followers for Instagram” website and download the Instagram followers app APK or whatever your device is.
  2. Download the Turbo version that is compatible with your device
  3. Install Turbo
  4. Open Turbo and login with your Instagram account
  5. Tap save info

Key Features

  • Follow for Follow method.
  • Uses the hashtags planned to broadcast your Instagram profile
  • You can use some features to be followed by as many followers as you wish


  • It is free
  • It can be used by computer and mobile users of any kind
  • That is easily usable.
  • It’s guaranteed to deliver 1000 free Instagram followers immediately.
  • It provides you with the bonus of getting free Instagram likes and video views.
  • The rating was so high (4.7 out of 5). (Due to the privacy policy, Turbo followers are no longer available on GooglePlay or Apple App Store.)


  • Free Fake followers
  • It doesn’t give you followers in your niche
  • Time-consuming system
  • You have to follow others to get coins
  • Your follower number will decrease when you reach the following limit
  • It is not ideal for those who don’t want to follow Instagram accounts
  • Some features are costly


  • Free

5. 5000 Followers Pro Instagram (Android only)

Another app that you follow users to earn coins. Then spend coins to promote your Instagram account. This app requires android 2.3 and up. It’s one of the best followers apps if you only care about numbers. But the biggest problem with all free followers apps is that the number will decrease when start unfollow people because of the following limitation number. So, it seems a waste loop where you only increase the risk of getting banned by Instagram.

How to get it to work

  • Download the 5000 followers pro APK file
  • Install and log in
  • Earn coins and get followers

Key Features

  • Increase followers for free


  • It’s free
  • Straightforward app


  • You have to follow others to increase your followers
  • Not active followers
  • Your followers will simply unfollow you after a while
  • Just designed for growing followers, not likes or other engagement parameters


  • Free

Best Instagram Followers Apps for Automation

An Instagram auto followers app is similar to Instagram followers traders, but the difference is that it automatically follows others. After that, they wait for the follow backs. Then, If the targeted user does nothing in a specific period, the app will automatically unfollow that user and go for the next one. Generally, automation is risky due to Instagram’s daily limits. But if you are interested in the auto followers apps, the best one is:

6. Instazood (iOS & Android)

Instazood is an automation followers app that will automate follow, like, comment, and view story activities. In addition to the Instagram bot, Instazood has a TikTok bot.

So how can you use it?

  1. Sign up Instazood
  2. Confirm your account on Instazood
  3. Log in and add your Instagram account

Key Features

  • Auto-follow, like, comment, and auto story view
  • TikTok bot
  • Schedule posts
  • Auto direct message


  • No download
  • Mobile friendly
  • Full control of the auto follower


  • Instagram might block your page
  • Instazood doesn’t guarantee Increasing followers
  • Not an ideal app to get followers on Instagram without following


  • $11.99 per month

7. Organic Followers for Instagram (Android)

Against its name, using this free Instagram Followers App is not an organic way to attract new followers on Instagram. But the point is that it will help you find and follow users in your niche automatically and waits for feedback. “Organic Followers For Instagram” is compatible with Android 6.0 and up. 

How to get it to work

  • Download the app and install it
  • Add your account
  • Set up your desired filters and run the automation

Key Features

  • Auto-follow
  • Auto-unfollow
  • Find and extract the targeted users


  • High rating (4.2 for 7k reviews)
  • Auto-follow users based on your niche


    • Sometimes it’s slow or crashing
  • Automation is always risky (your account may be blocked)
  • It doesn’t guarantee growth (just automates the following process)
  • Contains annoying Ads


  • Free

Best Instagram Followers App to Track Followers’ Behaviour (iOS)

An Instagram followers tracker app won’t gain, earn, or purchase followers or likes. It’s just a tool that gives you reports and analytics of your followers. However, many fake follower trackers only report inaccurate numbers. So, if you are an iPhone or iPad user, the most reliable follower tracker app is:

8. Followers Track for Instagram!

This app gives you the most accurate follower analytics of your Instagram account. It’s free and requires iOS 9.0 or later to work correctly.

How to get it to work

Simply get from Apple App Store. Then, open the app and log in with your Instagram account. Now, you can track all the followers’ insights.

Key Features

  • Tracks new followers and unfollows
  • Track followers that you don’t follow back


  • Excellent rating (4.3 out of 5 for 76.6k reviews)
  • Reliable insights


  • Big size followers app (73.4M)
  • Annoying Ads


  • Free

Best Apps to Track Followers on Instagram (Android)

If you are an Android user, here is the best Instagram followers tracker app that you can trust its analytics:

9. Unfollowers for Instagram, Lost: Best Instagram Unfollow App

While running your Instagram account, you may lose some of your followers, which is not a big deal. But when you are still following the ones who unfollowed you, you may not get your ideal Instagram followers to following ratio and grow as much as you want. So, you need to use an Instagram unfollow app like Unfollowers for Instagram:

Unfollowers for Instagram, Lost

This app identifies your Instagram unfollowers and unfollows them automatically. So, you don’t have to spend any time unfollowing people one by one. 

10. Free Insta Followers Club: Cheater Instagram Followers App

If you want to get 10000 Instagram followers without spending much time and just by getting fake followers, the following app might be helpful:

Cheater Instagram Followers App

Using this tool, you don’t even have to download any apps or enter your Instagram password. However, to get your desired number of followers, you have to install an application it suggests or send an SMS to a fake number. So, if you want to keep your information safe, don’t use cheater Instagram followers apps at all.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram Without Instagram Followers Apps

That was all you needed to know about the top followers apps. But what if you don’t want to boost your following count without relying on Instagram follower apps? Well, keep reading to find out how to get Instagram followers at scale with our 8 proven pro tips for Instagram growth.

Use Follower Growth Trials to Gain Instagram Followers

One of the excellent things you can do to bolster your efforts to grow your account is to get an Instagram followers trial booster pack. Now we’re suggesting you use those services that ask you to complete a survey to get followers. In fact, most of those websites provide you with fake Instagram followers and, therefore, are not worth your time.

We want to suggest instead of getting a follower booster pack that provides you with real Instagram followers. To find out more about the details of getting a trial, check out our 1000 free Instagram followers article to increase Instagram followers.

Schedule Instagram Posts to Attract More Followers on Instagram

Bill Gates once said, “Content is King.” But when it comes to Instagram marketing and expanding your audience, consistency is king. And one excellent way to maintain that consistency on Instagram is to schedule Instagram posts. Why? The answer is simple. When you publish content regularly on the recommended Instagram post times, you stand a greater chance of seeing users, boosting your account visibility.

This is the part where things get a little difficult, perhaps. Because lots of Instagram schedulers are available therefore it’s difficult to decide which one to use. From among the top Instagram schedulers, it’s best to go with AiSchedul.

AiSchedul is a robust Instagram scheduler with tons of helpful features for you to organize and schedule content on Instagram. Let’s review some of them quickly:

  • Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV scheduler: Schedule content directly to your Instagram feed or stories.
  • Account audit: Get a complete report of your account’s status.
  • Hashtag monitoring: Add relevant hashtags to monitor trending posts. Repost to Instagram or save with a click.
  • Social calendar: Find content to repost using social calendar and never miss a chance to post.
  • Mentions monitoring: View posts and Stories that @mention you, and repost instantly.
  • Post and reward: Drop the link of your Instagram giveaway to announce the winners automatically!
  • Competitor monitoring: Add Instagram accounts to monitor influencers and competitors, and repost or save their content.
  • Bio-link tool: Place your URL in your Instagram bio and use it on any other social media channels you like!
  • Bulk posts delete: Save time and effort by mass deleting posts.
  • Sync Youtube channels with IGTV: Post videos from Youtube onto your IGTV automatically & daily!

Isn’t it great to have access to all of these features in one single tool for free? It is indeed! So make sure to create an account for free to boost your account and gain followers on Instagram.

Optimize Your Account for Instagram Growth

We know you’ve seen this tip perhaps a thousand times but bear with us now because this is highly important. The first step to gain followers on Instagram without using followers increase apps is to make sure your account is properly optimized. In general, you should take 3 simple steps to optimize an Instagram account.

1. Produce an Aesthetic Design for your Instagram Feed

Use graphic design tools like Canva to create templates and designs that are harmonious and appealing. This is essential to get the attention of users visiting your profile. A beautifully looking, perfectly designed Instagram feed guarantees more account views, boosting awareness and increasing your following count.

2. Write a Captivating Bio

Think of this part as being asked to introduce yourself/your business in a sentence. What words would you use in that case? The best practice is to keep it short and sweet, preferably with a strong CTA.

3. Add a Bio-link

Finally, it’s best to use a bio-link tool to add all your links in one single URL. Why? Because Instagram won’t allow adding more than one link to your account bio. And that’s where bio-link tools like come into play to allow users to create single URLs and add all their links in them.

Organize Instagram Giveaways

Another way to get more followers without using the followers app for Instagram is by running Instagram contests. And it’s straightforward to organize one. First, you need to determine the prize(s) and set conditions. The conditions are completely up to you. For example, you can use an iPhone device as the giveaway gift with the condition that all your followers tag three accounts below the giveaway post.

Once you’ve run it, use either AiGrow or AiSchedul to pick your contest’s winner(s) on Instagram.

Reach New Account Using an Instagram Bulk Message Sender

Besides focusing on inbound Instagram marketing methods to gain followers on Instagram, you also have to pay attention to outbound methods.

The best way to kick off your outbound marketing on Instagram is to use an Instagram bulk message sender to reach new accounts. Using such a tool allows you to mass DM on Instagram, meaning you can send DMs to, let’s say, 100 accounts at once. Of course, there are certain Instagram limits you should pay attention to while sending mass direct messages.

But overall, DM outreach is an excellent way to boost awareness and attract more audiences to your account. DMpro, the pioneer behind DM Marketing, reports that users can expect a 27% increase in follower to lead rate and a 4.5% boost in engagement rate. They also have an Instagram bulk message sender, which you can sign up on for free and benefit from these features:

  • 200 bulk DMs
  • DM inbox for 100 messages
  • Get up to 20 DMs in your Email
  • Upload target spreadsheets

And the core features of DMpro are:

  • DM automation
  • Mass DM
  • DM to Email
  • Message templates
  • DM inbox
  • Automatic response

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Finally, another highly effective way for Instagram growth is collaborating with influencers and running influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing combines traditional and modern marketing tactics with a focus on endorsements from influential people. Many love it when they discover a product or an account through a person’s recommendation. Therefore when you work with influencers to promote your account, you stand a better chance to grow your Instagram organically.

Ainfluencer LaunchPad Program

You can find influencers on websites like Ainfluencer. What’s great about it is that they currently have an active LauchPad Program that brings you the opportunity to get Get $20 for every $100 you spend on influencer collaboration within their system. So check out their offer details and create a free account to begin growing your account through influencer marketing.

Closing Thoughts on Instagram Followers App for Organic Instagram Growth

To sum things up, we suggest you avoid relying on Instagram automation tools and fake followers to grow your account. This way, you only increase the risk of getting a penalty by the Instagram algorithm. Simply stick with implementing the basics and scale your efforts by using a safe, reliable Instagram management tool and growth service. Organic efforts always take time, and much dedication is needed to produce results. But when results are produced, they’re everlasting.

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