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Insta ghost followers apps can be useful if you have more than 3K followers but only 100 of them like your posts! Cause when this happens it means that most of the followers of your account are ghost followers! Ask why am I saying this.

That was a nerve-racking issue for me! When I started sharing posts on Instagram after a while, and despite having more than 5k followers, I gained less than 100 likes, indicating that just a few of my followers have seen it! I searched and got to this point that one of the reasons is having ghost followers!

Fake followers on Instagram can severely damage your engagement rate. So, how do you remove ghost followers on Instagram? Do you know the best IG unfollower apps designed to remove fake Instagram followers?

In this article, we will show you how to remove ghost followers on Instagram, find the best ghost followers app, and even stop ghost followers from invading your account and growing your account using the best instagram growth service, AiGrow.

So, let’s know how to get rid of ghost followers on Instagram!

Why Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram?

You may ask why you should consider removing ghost followers when these so-called followers can be beneficial to your social proof.

As you may know, according to Instagram algorithms that are constantly changing, the engagement rate indicates the success of an Instagrammer or type of influencer on Instagram, not the number of followers.

Remove Ghost Followers Instagram
Why Delete Ghost Followers Instagram

Before we get into why you should remove ghost followers on Instagram, let’s define ghost or fake followers.

What Are Ghost Followers on Instagram

Ghost followers, or as some people call them, ghost accounts or lurkers, are users on Instagram who don’t engage with your account and stay inactive all the time. These are fake followers mostly generated by dangerous bots or for many other reasons.

Fake followers on Instagram or bots only help you to have a higher number of followers written on your profile. They don’t engage with your content, and if they do, which is rare, the result might be embarrassing, and your engagement rate will always be down.

The most common ways that accounts may gain ghost followers are by buying IG followers, using free or paid Instagram followers apps, or taking part in Instagram giveaways.

Ghosts are not just bots. In most cases, users who are just visitors and don’t engage with your posts are considered as ghosts. There are simply some people who just don’t like to engage with any other Instagram accounts and enjoy snooping!

Additionally, Some people create so many fake accounts only to involve Instagram giveaways or social media campaigns. They use these accounts for one week or two, then abandon them without even bothering to delete them.

Also, some people forget the password or have issues that they can’t log in to their IG accounts. So, they created another new account and stopped using the old one.

To enhance your engagement rate, avoid all of these false profiles by identifying and removing ghost followers’ Instagram accounts.

Instagram ghost followers applications and follower trackers can help you. In the following part, I will mention a few of the best IG ghost followers apps.

Remove Instagram Ghosts Using The Top Insta Ghost Followers Apps

Luckily, employing Instagram ghost followers apps allows you to erase ghost followers on Instagram and get rid of inactive followers.

Numerous programs offer the ability to remove ghosts, such as Instagram followers trackers, but the following Insta ghost followers apps are specifically designed to remove ghosts.

If you wonder how to get rid of fake followers, keep reading.

1- Use AiGrow Ghost Removal Plans to Delete Your Ghost Followers on Instagram

AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram Growth tool that provides ghost follower removal plans to prevent your account from ghosts.

AiGrow’s Instagram experts understand Instagram algorithms. They identify false and inactive accounts among your followers and eliminate them in bulk.

To discover inactive followers and ditch them using AiGrow, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Register for free and connect your Instagram account.
  • Step 2: Add your Instagram account to the AiGrow dashboard.
  • Step 3: Tap on Packages & Prices in the upper left corner, then select Remove Ghost Followers plan.
How to remove ghost followers using AiGrow ghost followers app
How to remove ghost followers using AiGrow ghost followers app
  • Step 4: Once your payment is complete, you will meet online with your account manager to go over the specifics.

Note that AiGrow is beyond an Instagram ghost remover and is one of the best Instagram growth services and organic Instagram solutions that help you save time and energy by using effective Instagram marketing methods that’ll keep your account safe.

AiGrow is a web-based app. It offers a comprehensible set of tools to manage Instagram page(s); however, one of its most popular services is Instagram growth packages. Using AiGrow you will access a complete dashboard with a lot of capabilities.

AiGrow has received positive feedback on Trustpilot and other reliable websites, like this AiGrow review on the Hoothemes. The following are the features of AiGrow:

  • Ghost Followers Detector and Removal
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Manual Growth Activities
  • Instagram Post, Story, and IGTV Scheduling Tool
  • Content Creation Plan
  • Mass Delete Feature
  • AI-powered Targeting Options
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Social Monitoring + Analytics Tool
  • Hashtag Generator Tool
  • Instagram Mass Unfollow Tool

Additionally, the AiGrow content creation plan assists you in content creation strategies. And its Link-In-Bio Tool allows you to add as many links as you wish to your profile.

2- Unfollowers & Ghost Followers APK for Android

Unfollowers & Followers app for Instagram is popular among users. It scores 2.7 on Google Play. It gives you a list of your ghost followers that you can simply remove from your account and make space for more active ones.

It also shows unfollowers and you can unfollow them directly on this app.

ghost followers app
Unfollowers and Ghost followers app

However, numerous users expressed dissatisfaction with the app’s effectiveness. This could be attributed to Instagram’s strict prohibition of third-party apps or bots for executing actions on the platform, as such usage may result in account suspension or termination.

3- My Ghost Followers Instagram APK for Android

My Ghost Followers Instagram is an APK file designed for managing or detecting ghost followers on Instagram, and it is available for free. Unlike apps found on Google Play, this particular app is not listed there. Instead, you can find and download it from alternative sources like by searching its name.

My Ghost Followers Instagram APK for Android
My Ghost Followers Instagram APK for Android

If you are considering using any third-party app related to Instagram, it is essential to exercise caution and ensure the app is legitimate, safe, and compliant with Instagram’s guidelines. Always verify the source and legitimacy of any app you intend to use, and be aware of the potential risks involved.

4- Unfollowers Ghost Followers Follower Insight

Unfollowers Ghost Followers Follower Insight is a free Android application developed by Bad Raccoon. This app is designed to identify ghost followers. It is available in English and was previously available on Google Play. However, currently, you can find and download it from websites like and

Unfollow Ghost Followers app Follower Insight
Unfollow Ghost Followers app Follower Insight

As previously said, it is normally advisable to manage your Instagram account through official or trustworthy channels in order to maintain a safe and legitimate online presence. So, before you use this Insta ghost followers app, do some research on it.

Utilizing third-party apps, particularly APK files from unknown sources can be dangerous and may violate Instagram’s terms of service.

5- Reports + Followers Analytics For Instagram (Mobile X)

This Insta ghost follower app helps you to find your best Instagram fans and get rid of the others. Using its free version, you can get a comprehensive report of your account performance and even see who unfollowed you. Teaching engagement is another great tool that this app offers.

Reports + Followers Analytics For Instagram

It used to be a good app for removing fake Instagram followers, but after looking at the reviews, we noticed the app has been glitchy and not working correctly. It is ineffective, like other ghost followers apps, therefore consider another solution to remove ghost followers on Instagram.

6- Ghost Followers Apps; GhostHunter

If you are an influencer or a business, you can use this online service to find unfollowers, mutual followers, and more. This app also allows you to protect your Instagram profile from ghost followers, bots, and hackers.

How to remove ghost followers using ghost hunter
How to remove ghost followers on Instagram using ghost hunter

The application gives you an anti-spam to monitor your account and block unwanted comments and ghost followers. Using this app you can delete spam profiles and remove users that aren’t active.

Note: Based on our last information on this app this Insta ghost followers app is no longer available.

7- App For Fake Instagram Followers; Cleaner for IG

This app allows you to delete or block unwanted followers on Instagram. Using Cleaner for Instagram you can do these activities on the app. There is also a web version of this app and you don’t need to download the APK file.

Remove fake followers using Cleaner for IG
Remove fake followers using Cleaner for IG

This Insta ghost followers app is not available on Google Play, but you may download it from other websites such as Softonic.

8- Ghost Unfollowers For Instagram & Fake I.G. Clean

You might have used this program to eliminate all of the lurkers on your page (eight other Instagram bots or other users). This app also used to allow you to track your last 100 Instagram posts in order to better understand your followers’ behavior and identify those who are the most inactive. Then, utilizing mass unfollowing, unfollow these accounts at a rate of around 60 ghost followers every hour on Instagram.

Ghost Followers App

But according to our last investigation, this app doesn’t exist on Google Play, appadvice, and other websites. Apparently, it is merged with another app with this name.

9- Remove Ghost Followers’ Instagram Using Firing Table

Some Instagram services also provide a ghost followers feature. For example, Firing Table is a social media management service that one of its features apparently was to identify ghost followers.

You can read the Firing Table review to know more about this service. Unfortunately, their site doesn’t work lately.

10- Delete Ghost Followers Instagram Using Phantombuster

PhantomBuster is a solution that provides automation and data collecting for social media networks such as Instagram. It offers options that enable users to gather data from Instagram, such as followers, to determine which accounts are legitimate and which are not.

It’s important to note that using automated tools like PhantomBuster to remove ghost followers goes against Instagram’s terms of service. So, find another way to remove ghost followers on Instagram.

11- SpamGuard Insta Ghost Followers App

With Spamguard, allegedly you can examine, declutter, and fortify your Instagram account. The tool allows you to conduct a thorough scan of your account, pinpointing and categorizing any unwanted elements like bots, commercial accounts, and other potential spam.

Once identified, you can efficiently clean up these undesirable accounts, effectively clearing the path for enhanced engagement rate growth. As you can see, using these Insta ghost followers apps, you can identify fake followers. But most of the time, they don’t operate because Instagram identifies them as bots, and it may hurt your account.

AiGrow allows you to mass unfollow ghost followers and prevent your account from ghosting Instagram followers. It is one of the best third-party Instagram management apps that will help you have sustainable growth on Instagram and never use ghost-follower apps again.

How to Identify and Remove Ghost Followers Instagram

Sometimes ghost followers look so real that you may be unable to tell them apart. However, it is very easy to check your followers and identify some ghost followers on Instagram.

Fake Instagram followers usually don’t have profile pictures. Also, they have no followers or have only a few followers as opposed to their number of following.

Also, their usernames can contain meaningless numbers and letters. If you find such things, remove ghost followers’ Instagram accounts as soon as possible, as they will damage your account.

Why Should I Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram?

What is wrong with ghost followers on Instagram is still an open subject. Ghost followers don’t seem like a major problem; however, they can tremendously affect some aspects of your IG account. So, now that you know what a ghost follower on Instagram is let’s see why you should remove ghost followers on Instagram.

Here are some reasons that show how fake followers on Instagram affect your efficiency and should be removed.

#1 Remove Fake Followers’ Instagram as They Lower Your Engagement Rate

Well, if you’re familiar with the Instagram algorithm, you know that your IG rate is the ratio of your likes, comments, saves, and shares to the total number of followers multiplied by 100.

On the other hand, based on your activities on the app, your engagement rate, and the algorithm the app uses to determine it, are different from other users.

This algorithm depends on your activity, the accounts you follow, the posts that you like, and the people who follow you. When your account is filled with ghost followers who won’t interact in any way, your engagement rate decreases.

#2 Ghost Followers Damage Your Credibility

While you may thank Instagram ghost followers for boosting your follower count, they can destroy your credibility and lower your engagement rate. These fake followers can hurt your bottom line, especially if you are an Instagram influencer or a brand ambassador.

Essentially, brands are looking for ambassadors or micro-influencers on Instagram with high engagement rates. So if your followers don’t respond to your posts by liking, commenting, or saving and sharing your content, brands will never rely on you to promote them.

On the other hand, if you use instagram for your business, follower count provides a key performance metric for your profile, but these metrics can be misleading because of ghost followers.

Fake Instagram followers cause users to have no real way of measuring their reach on Instagram because they don’t know how many followers they have. So having ghost followers makes it difficult to assess your marketing efforts accurately.

For example, imagine you are a customer who wants to buy a brand’s product. If there is a huge number of followers but no likes and comments, can you count on such a profile on Instagram?

Therefore, whether you are an influencer, an individual, or a business, you ought to remove ghost followers’ Instagram profiles to increase your credibility and win the trust of your followers.

#3 Ghost Followers Cause Fewer People See Your Posts

Instagram’s algorithm takes engagement into account when deciding which posts to show to a broader audience. If your content receives more genuine engagement relative to your follower count, it’s more likely to be displayed to a wider audience.

If your account is full of fake followers that act as a ghost, not even Instagram hides your posts from them, but it also hides your content from other followers who are actually real and engaged.

This will damage the reputation of brands and even individual accounts on Instagram. Also, it causes lower ROI for businesses that invest tremendous time and energy in social media.

#4 Removing Insta Ghost Followers Lead to Targeted Marketing

When you remove ghost followers Instagram, you get a clearer picture of your real audience’s interests and demographics. This information is valuable for tailoring your content and marketing efforts to a more targeted and relevant audience.

#5 Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram to Avoid Penalties

In the past, some accounts with a high number of fake or inactive followers have faced penalties from Instagram. While the platform has taken steps to improve this, it’s still a good idea to keep your follower list clean and authentic.

To fix this problem, you can manually go through your followers and remove any account that seems fake. As we mentioned, fake accounts or bots have weird names and no profile pictures. This way, you can identify fake followers on Instagram or other social media channels.

But if the number of followers is too big to manage and remove them manually, some ghost follower apps will help you get over this issue.

What would you do with your ghost followers on Instagram? Do you like having an Insta ghost followers app to delete them all? Or you may want to hire an Instagram account manager who won’t let fake followers threaten your account!

Using AiGrow you can identify Instagram ghost followers and mass unfollow them! Keep reading to know that.

How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram Using Aigrow Mass Unfollow Tool

AiGrow is a secure and hands-on Instagram growth service that offers a range of functionalities to assist you in boosting your engagement and growing your followers organically. This comprehensive Instagram management solution establishes a connection between you and a team of skilled Instagram experts, including content creators, designers, and growth managers.

With AiGrow’s round-the-clock management, your Instagram account will be diligently looked after, shielding you from the acquisition of ghost followers. Moreover, the adept managers can detect and delete ghost followers Instagram accounts.

What are you waiting for?

This proactive approach ensures that you won’t face any blocking or suspicion from Instagram, safeguarding the integrity of your account.
They possess in-depth knowledge about the most up-to-date Instagram algorithm and updates, ensuring that your account is well-taken care of and optimized for growth.

To use AiGrow, you can choose between its incredible packages. These packages come at different prices and purposes, but the main advantage of AiGrow’s packages compared to other services is that they get you 100% real and engaged followers. As a result, you don’t get any ghost followers on the app!

What To Do After Using The IG Ghost Followers App

Now that your account is clear and empty of ghost followers, you need to start attracting real and engaged followers! These ways are also functional after you cleanse your account from fake followers.

Use The Best Ways To Get Real Followers For Instagram Organically

There are many paid and free ways to gain followers, such as writing engaging captions, scheduling posts, using the right hashtags, and of course, using a good Instagram growth service.

As we mentioned before, ghost followers are not useful for your credibility and decrease your engagement rate. So try to get real followers on Instagram and other social media channels using these methods:

Do Manual Audit and Block or Remove Ghost Followers Instagram

Regularly go through your follower list and look for accounts that seem suspicious or inactive. Check for accounts with no profile picture, very few posts, no followers, and little to no engagement on your posts.

Once you’ve identified ghost followers, you can manually block or remove them from your follower list. Keep in mind that this process can be time-consuming if you have a large number of followers.

Remember, using third-party ghost followers apps to remove ghost followers Instagram can be risky, and Instagram actively discourages such practices. It’s always best to follow Instagram’s guidelines and use legitimate methods to grow and maintain your audience.

So, use legitimate third-party tools like AiGrow to help you find and delete Instagram ghost followers.

Use Ainfluencer Marketplace to Attract Real Followers

You may be wondering how to get rid of ghost followers on Instagram using influencer marketing. The answer is simple. By working with the right influencers you can promote your account and reach targeted followers who will actively interact with your content.

Ainfluencer is the best marketplace that allows you to find the best influencers. To get rid of ghost followers you can find a micro-influencer with a high engagement rate and start your collaboration to attract targeted followers in your niche.

Whether you are a brand or an influencer, you can use Ainfluencer. This marketplace allows you to find influencers as a brand or find brands as an influencer to get paid. They have a vast database of large-quality influencers with the most engaged followers.

Ainfluencer Instagram Marketplace
Ainfluencer Instagram Marketplace

Ainfluencer provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard. Using this service, you can filter influencers based on their types, location, gender, and more. You can also analyze their engagement rate and monitor the performance of your collaboration.

Final Words On Using Ghost Followers Apps

‘Remove ghost followers Instagram’ as a keyword refers to the action of eliminating inactive or fake followers from an Instagram account. This process is undertaken by users, influencers, or businesses to improve their account’s credibility, engagement rate, and overall authenticity. By removing ghost followers, they aim to foster genuine connections with their real audience and build trust among their followers.

This article explained how to get rid of ghost followers and what apps you can use to find and remove them. Don’t forget that after cleaning your followers’ list from ghost followers, start using an Instagram service such as AiGrow to keep your account safe and active on the platform.

Additionally, by using the best Influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer, you can increase your targeted followers.

FAQs on Insta Ghost Followers Apps

There may be more questions that we didn’t cover in this post. Here we answer some of the queries about fake followers and everything related to it.

Q1. How Can Removing Ghost Followers Help You Grow Your Account?

According to Instagram’s algorithm, engagement rate is more important than follower count.
Instagram will remove your ghost followers if it detects them and losing followers on Instagram lowers your engagement rate. This will result in fewer users seeing your content and stories.
So, removing ghost followers will help you to increase the engagement rate and grow your account.

Q2. How To Prevent Your Account From Ghost Followers?

By following some tips you can prevent your account from having fake followers on Instagram and other social media channels. Some of them are:
Never buy followers because they include ghost followers or are generated by bots
Never purchase a pre-existing account for your instagram or other social media marketing channels
Buying likes, comments, and views are also can be harmful

Q3. Can I Remove Ghost Followers Manually?

While you can manually review your followers for suspicious accounts, removing them individually can be time-consuming. Using third-party tools or ghost followers apps can streamline the process.

Q4. Are There Any Risks Associated With Using Third-Party Apps to Remove Ghost Followers?

While some apps are reputable and safe, others may violate Instagram’s terms of service and put your account at risk. It’s essential to use trusted apps and read reviews before proceeding.

Q5. How Frequently Should I Clean Up My Follower List?

Regularly monitoring your follower list and removing ghost followers is beneficial. Aim to clean up your list at least once every few months or as needed.

Q6. If I Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram Will More People See My Post?

Removing ghost followers doesn’t directly affect on your posts being seen by more users. It can help you increase your engagement rate, and then it leads your posts and reels to get more views.

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