25 Best Instagram Growth Services [Updated for 2023]

Best-Instagram Growth Services

Increasing your number of followers on Instagram has always been a hot topic among all types of IG users. It’s best to say having many followers has become an obsession for most.

As a result, almost everybody is searching for Instagram followers apps to help them grow their IG followers organically. You’ve probably heard a lot about using top hashtags, post-scheduling tools, curating engaging content, and writing a catchy bio as effective, proven ways to attract target audiences to your IG account.

Although these methods are definitely practical, we want to introduce a more effective alternative; the best Instagram growth services.

Top Instagram growth tools like AiGrow are by far your best option to gain more followers on Instagram and level up your game.

Due to Instagram’s immense popularity over the past decades, numerous Instagram growth companies were established to help people use the app to its fullest potential.

So with the help of the best organic growth service along with a great social media scheduler, you can bring about real Instagram growth. And we’re sure this is not something you’d ignore. After all, having a big follower count is eventually a significant deciding factor in showing your account’s authority on the platform.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into covering everything you need to know about the best organic Instagram growth service currently available. And we will introduce 24 other services to give you a broad range of choices.

We’ll discuss each of these Instagram growth services separately to highlight their strengths and weaknesses. So let’s not hold you up and get to the fun stuff!

Why Should You Use The Best Instagram Growth Services

Here are the benefits of using the best organic Instagram growth services:

  • Save more time: We all know that social media marketing is a time-consuming and tedious process. A top Instagram growth service helps automate the process of gaining more genuine followers, doing the legwork for you to focus on more vital tasks that you can’t automate.
  • Increase your social credibility: If you’re trying to build your brand on Instagram, then you need credibility. Having many Instagram followers establishes your brand as an authority figure in your field, leading to more sales, partnerships, and growth opportunities.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Organic Instagram growth services ensure that your accounts expand steadily, keeping customers pleased.
  • Boost engagement rate: Given the recent modifications to the Instagram algorithm, a high engagement rate is now just as crucial as a large following. To ensure a high engagement rate, using the best Instagram growth companies is a must.
  • Increase your sales: Having more followers means a better chance of selling your products on IG, especially with Instagram’s Shopping feature.

Want to Grow Your Followers Organically and Gain Engaged Followers?

Do Instagram Growth Services & Companies Really Work

An IG growth service can mean one of several things:

Growth services could be an Instagram marketing service or agency, a virtual assistant freelancer, or an automated program to boost your profile metrics. There are significant differences in approaching each option and the kind of results they produce.

For most companies and individual accounts, an Instagram growth agency is the most reliable solution because they have to consult with you every step of the way. A freelancer would be just as good if experienced, but they will require more oversight than an Instagram growth agency would.

The final route – automation – often involves bots to spur action from users or take over foreign accounts to follow your account manually. This method’s effectiveness depends on individual services but is usually frowned upon, both by Instagram and expert marketers.

According to Gerald Smith, an SEO expert, and copywriter at some top college paper writing services, “bots do more harm than good. Even if they work, it’s almost impossible to do anything with hundreds of thousands of followers you can’t convert. It’s best to stay away.”

The Best Instagram Growth Service You Can Rely On + 24 Other Growth Tools

We’ve prepared some of the best social media growth services you can use to grow your social media accounts effectively and consistently. However, some questions arise in this regard. Can these tools lead to safe and real social growth?

Let’s focus on several of these platforms, starting with the best Instagram growth agency, and then you can decide for yourself! Here they are:

1. AiGrow – The Best Organic Instagram Growth Service

You asked, ‘What is the best Instagram growth service?’ Here’s our honest, professional answer summed up in one word: AiGrow!

AiGrow sits at the top of our list as the safest Instagram management service available on the market. Unlike most popular automation services that allow you to buy followers, this top Instagram growth service helps grow your audience by increasing your IG engagement levels.

Its rise to fame has been thanks to its positioning as the safest Instagram growth service that comes with many other excellent features, including:

  • Scheduling posts, stories, and reels
  • Creating CTA buttons
  • Identifying the best IG hashtags
  • Reposting content
  • Sending and receiving DMs on Desktop

The best Instagram growth companies provide several growth tools and services. But AiGrow is indeed different! One of the essential advantages of AiGrow is that everything is organic.

Their growth service comprises a team of Instagram experts who best know how to reach real, targeted Instagram growth with no bots and automation.

Plus, they will guarantee the numbers!

Best Instagram growth service
Best Instagram Growth Services: AIGrow Features

All you need to do is sign-up on the platform and choose your desired plan based on your business needs and the number of followers you wish to get. Then, set your targeting options (you can target followers based on the hashtags they use, accounts they follow, or the location they’re from). Remember that you can try the 1000 free and interested Instagram followers trial, which is unparalleled!

An account manager will then start working on your account and attracting target audiences to visit and follow your page. You can be sure that the followers you get are 100% real, and they are interested in your page and might well become customers of your business.

All these features ensure that AiGrow is the best IG growth service. By the way, you can read the AiGrow review to learn more about its incredible features and services.

Moreover, you can watch the video below to see what AiGrow customers say about the service:

Start your journey to Instagram organic growth right now and enjoy all the perfect features AiGrow can offer you!

2. Kicksta

Kicksta is the other top Instagram growth service on the market, claiming to help boost Instagram followers.

Is Kicksta The Best Organic Instagram Growth Service?

Using Kicksta, you can set your filters to attract your targeted followers while tracking your growth on Instagram.

Once your target audience has been identified, Kicksta starts liking the content on their pages. Doing so, they will notice your page and may decide to follow you back.

3. Combin

Combin seems to be one of the best Instagram growth services available. This platform sports growth and scheduling feature, but it will charge you separately for each.

Instagram growth service Combin

As for its growth service, Combin promises to find the target audience for your content, check your real Instagram growth, and find Instagram influencers in your niche. They will also check your unfollowers and ghost followers. So, Combin is often considered an IG unfollowers app as well.

Combin has reasonable pricing plans compared to some of the best Instagram growth companies. It offers a starter free trial plus a monthly 15-dollar plan for personal accounts and a monthly 30-dollar plan for business accounts. Moreover, you can use its advanced filters like gender, language, and demographics to target your followers.

If you want to know more about this Instagram growth service, look at this complete Combin review for more information.

4. Upleap: One Of The Best Instagram Growth Services

Another tool that claims to be among the best Instagram growth services is Upleap. This platform allows you to buy Instagram followers and grow your account fast. On the upside, their delivery time is expected to be short and optimal, and they don’t ask for your Instagram password. In other words, you only need to provide your username, not your password. So, we can say that it’s a relatively safe app.

best Instagram growth service Upleap
Upleap: Instagram Growth Service No Password Required

However, if you search for the best Instagram growth companies on Reddit, you will see that those Instagrammers who have bought followers from various platforms weren’t happy with the outcome. At some point, you will notice that you’re losing your Instagram followers as quickly as you gained them. And if you run a shadowban test on your account later, you might even realize that you have even been shadowbanned because of buying followers.

Upleap promises to give you more followers instantly. If you go to their website, no information is provided regarding the process of getting new followers or their quality. But don’t worry; we conducted thorough research on the web for its pros and cons and user reviews. After reading this upleap review, you will definitely better understand this Instagram growth service.

5. Buzzoid

Our next best Instagram growth agency is Buzzoid. It claims to provide you with instant likes and followers, and that all orders are delivered within an hour of purchase, or you can get your money back. Here are the Key Features of Buzzoid:

  • Instagram growth service no password required.
  • The Buzzoid website offers secure payment gateways.

6. SimplyGram

SimplyGram comes sixth in our list of the best Instagram promotion services. This platform uses the mother-child Instagram growth method to improve your Instagram account. They promise 5000 new Instagram followers every month. That is, they will create 25-100 accounts on your behalf, and with those accounts, they send messages to other Instagrammers.

They strongly claim to be an Instagram growth service(no password required). But of course, they use AI tools to ensure that those users will be interested in your content and will happily interact.


Perhaps one of the reasons why they’re one of the best Instagram growth companies is that they don’t literally manage your IG but direct followers to your account. However, as effective or safe as this method might be for some Instagrammers, it could be quite irritating for those who receive messages from those accounts.

Related resource: SimplyGram Review & Best Alternative

7. Mr. Insta: An IG Growth Service Bot

Another growth service that can perfectly meet your needs is Mr. Insta. Actually, Mr. Insta is a social media growth service that helps you grow your accounts on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Mr. Insta

Using this tool, you can buy IG followers, likes, views, and comments. So, there aren’t any tools to help you attract your targeted audiences with it.

Also, you can read our complete review of Mr.Insta to decide whether it is exactly what you are looking for or not. But suffice it to say that it might not be a legit Instagram growth service since it uses bots and can’t boost your account organically.

8. Nitreo: One Of The Best Instagram Growth Companies

The next best tool among organic Instagram growth services is Nitreo. With its straightforward setup and user-friendly features, this tool promises real followers to engage with your content. Plus, Nitreo is believed to double your IG engagement rate.

According to Nitreo, it will strive to increase your followers using the strategic and top hashtags you’ve added, follow & unfollow method, etc.


You can try Nitreo and hold them to their word. See if it can work well for you!

By the way, if you are interested in knowing more about this Instagram growth service, check out this all-inclusive Nitreo review to better decide whether it is worth your investment.

9. Growthoid

As its name suggests, Growthoid is the other best Instagram growth service on the list. It is among those Instagram growth companies committed to the safety and security of its clients.

However, according to this all-inclusive Growthoid review, recently, when you go to the Growthoid website and click on it, you will be redirected to another Instagram growth service called UseViral. It is a bit strange, and we don’t know whether it is a kind of rebranding or something else.

10. SocialBoost: One Of The Best Instagram Growth Companies

SocialBoost also introduces itself as the best Instagram booster. It seems to use a professional team of experienced experts in growing IG accounts. One of the best features they promise is that they will offer analytics to help you understand where you stand.

Besides, they deny using any sort of automation or bots. So, if these features are real and they deliver their promises, this app could be a safe option.

Our duty is to find out the truth and see how they live up to their promises. Therefore, we reviewed SocialBoost in depth so you could get all the information about it.

11. Ampfluence: An Instgram Marketinvg Service

Next on our list of Instagram growth services is Ampfluence, which claims to be entirely human-powered. Ampfluence aims to amplify your IG influence and success with its features and tools. In addition, they claim to provide you with an excellent and professional team that uses organic strategies for your growth.

best Instagram growth service Ampfluence

Yet, one of its main drawbacks is that they use your account to interact with your followers, which means you have to leave your password in their hands. Plus, entirely leaving your account to a tool, even if it’s among the top Instagram services, is risky and takes all the fun and authenticity out of your social media presence!

So, if you plan to invest in the Ampfluence Instagram growth service, we invite you to take a look at its foolproof review here to find out how reliable it is.

12. FollowAdder – Automated Followers Growth

FollowAdder is a promotion software app that employs automation to get the job done. Instead of manually following/unfollowing Instagram users, FollowAdder does it for you.

Best Instagram Growth Services- Followadder

With this app, you can also schedule posts, like back photos, send auto DMs, and search by hashtag and geotags. Also, Follow Adder allows you to manage multiple IG accounts and grow each of them individually.

Yet, you need to bear in mind that the best Instagram growth services never use automation. Such bots can only deliver fake followers who won’t engage with your content or buy from you. Moreover, if Instagram detects your account for using bots or automation software, it may block or suspend your business account which is a real problem.

13. Instalike – Use Photos & Stories To Increase Engagement

Instalike is an Instagram follower growth service to help you get more followers. This app offers many useful tools. Here are some of them:

  • Automatic Likes, Comments, Following, and Unfollowing
  • Promoting Unlimited Accounts on Instagram
  • Offline Service: No Need for Installing an App
  • Showing All Instagram chats in one place
  • Schedule Videos
  • Send Direct Messages Automatically

However, perhaps you should think twice before you trust it as a top Instagram growth service because there are not many verified reviews of Instalike. That is, no one can ensure organic growth because there are no authority reviews.

14. Likepool – Automated Instagram Likes Growth

Coming next on our list of the best Instagram growth services is Likepool. It is a simple and free Instagram Google Chrome extension that works automatically. It claims that it is 10 times better than other Instagram follower bots.

Likepool only offers likes, and there is no news of auto comments. Basically, this bot creates a pool of users and uses these accounts for give-and-take likes.


As you have already noticed, LikePool may perform well for Instagrammers who are obsessed with seeing more numbers. Obviously, it is not the best alternative for those who wish for the best Instagram growth service that can offer engaged followers.

15. Instazood

Best Instagram growth service
Instagram growth service

Instazood is another platform that claims to be one of the best Instagram growth services. A dashboard that also includes DMs, posts, and comments make customers select the accounts they want to target. Their bot will then interact with these accounts automatically, from viewing Stories to sending DMs and everything in between.

You can also examine the click-through rate of a certain post on your dashboard and use their marketing analytics tool. Yet again, it is a bot we’re talking about, so you need to be careful.

For more information, please refer to our latest Instazood review.

16. Skweezer

Skweezer is yet another best organic Instagram growth service you can consider to gain IG followers. The service allows you to buy Instagram likes, comments, and followers.

Like most other IG followers’ growth services, Skyweezer claims to provide you with genuine followers. These followers are accounts made by their network members who are compensated for following you. So, buying followers is purportedly safe and risk-free. Just choose what you want to buy, fill out your personal information, and their service will deliver it to you.

However, you must consider the important truth that you can’t turn your new followers into customers or loyal fans. After all, these accounts are not genuinely interested in your content.

If you want to better understand its pros and cons, read this Skweezer review.

17. SocialViral: One Of The Best Instagram Growth Companies

SocialViral is another promising Instagram growth service.

Instagram followers, likes, comments, views, and auto likes are for sale on SocialViral. It is listed among the best Instagram services and promises to be the only platform where you can receive genuine Instagram followers.

The followers you gain are of excellent quality and behave realistically. This, however, is most likely not the case. Buying Instagram followers is not a good way to grow your account and will not result in genuine growth. Instead, you should employ organic growth strategies to attract your target audience to your page.

18. IGClerk

IG Clerk is another Instagram account growth service claiming to help you grow your followers organically. This social media growth service specifically employs ‘Instagram clerks’ to help clients expand their Instagram accounts. This ensures that IG Clerk doesn’t rely on automated bots.

To attract more follower on Instagram you can use IGClerk, a top Instagram growth service.

On the other hand, IG Clerk makes no mention of what its personnel does to increase your account or how its crew can handle numerous clients at once. This lack of information can be a deal-breaker for any Instagrammer.

That is why we decided to thoroughly review IGClerk to inform you fully about this Instagram growth service.

19. Social Buddy

Social Buddy promises real followers. They use information you share, such as niches, competitors, and hashtags, to target individuals. Then, Social Buddy alerts these accounts to the existence of your page, encouraging them to visit and follow you. They’ll also go after social media influencers and followers of your competition. They claim you’ll gain between 150 and 500 new followers weekly.

You can check it out in this Socialbuddy review to see if they are one of the best Instagram growth companies, as they claim to be!

20. Jarvee: A Social Media Growth Service

Jarvee, an automation software, offers 24/7 support for those who wish to use it to drive more traffic to their website, grow fast, and automate accounts.

IG growth service
Jarvee automation

If you’re looking for such services and have no problem with automation, you can use Jarvee for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and Tumblr.

21. ThunderClap

ThunderClap allows you to purchase Instagram likes, views, followers, and anything in between. We know that such tools can be risky since you would buy ghost followers. However, this service distinguishes itself by promising a refund.


Having your money back won’t solve anything if Instagram bans you. However, if you’re bound on buying followers, you might as well buy from an agency that offers a refund for the worst-case scenario.

22. Ampya

This platform offers real, organic growth to clients. And it does look like a legit Instagram growth service, yet we have our reservations because you should buy followers. And as mentioned multiple times, purchasing Instagram followers is never a good idea.

Ampya: A Top Instagram Growth Service

So, if you’re in a hurry and want to settle for quantity alone, Ampya can be one of the best Instagram promotion services.

23. Trusy Social: Instagram Organic Growth On Autopilot

Trusy social

Trusy social claims to be the number one Instagram growth agency. And their motto is that you get to build a following on autopilot. Using this top Instagram growth service, you can build brand awareness on IG, attract new followers and bring about relatively safe growth.

Like AiGrow, this platform promises to dedicate human managers to your account. Yet, we don’t know if they deliver that promise like AiGrow or only use it to get customers.

24. Flock Social

The next social media growth service on the list is FlockSocial, which claims to help you get real followers and engagement on Instagram and TikTok. To achieve this, they engage with other Instagram accounts on your behalf.

Their plans are divided into two categories. The first is for personal profiles and costs $49 per month. The next, for $99 per month, is designed for businesses and guarantees 1,000 new followers.

If you want to know more about this Instagram growth tool, take a look at this Flock Social review.

25. Instaboostgram

Instaboostgram is the other best instagram growth service to consider. The process of using this tool is very simple. First, you need to sign up on the website, choose a package, purchase it, and wait for the followers to roll into your account.

In spite of the fact that they delivered new followers instantly, Instaboostgram customers complained about the low quality of followers they received. Many said that they lost their Instaboostgram followers over the next few hours.

Moreover, based on our recent Instaboostgram review, the Instaboostgram website with the domain name ‘Instaboostgram.com’ has stopped working for some time. So, we do not recommend it anymore and suggest using the other social media growth service instead.

Want to Have a High-Quality Instagram Growth Service, Helping to Grow Your IG Account Safely and Organically?

FAQs on Instagram Growth Service

In this post, we introduced you to 25 Instagram growth services you can use to grow your followers. Now, let’s explore more of your frequently asked questions about Instagram growth services. Are you ready to begin?

Q1. What Does an Organic Growth Service for Instagram Do?

An Organic Instagram growth service is the best type of follower growth because it uses organic growth strategies to expand your reach and visibility on the media.

Instead of using automation or bots, organic Instagram growth services take advantage of highly professional human resources to grow your IG account with targeted and engaged followers.

In light of the fact that these experts are well aware of the Instagram algorithm, its new updates, and its daily limits, you can rest assured that your Instagram account is in safe hands and it will not get banned or suspended by Instagram.

Want to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically and Safely?

Get Started with AiGrow Now.

Q2. Do Instagram Growth Services Work?

Yes. If you choose the right Instagram growth service, it will work for you. You can think of this guide as a checklist you can follow when evaluating the best Instagram growth services, and deciding which one is right for you.

Q3. Can You Still Grow on Instagram in 2023?

It was October 2010 when Instagram came out. Now, almost 13 years following that date, Instagram is still a popular platform for growing your brand in 2023.

In spite of the increased level of competition on the platform, if you choose the right Instagram growth service and have a good Instagram marketing strategy in place, you can achieve great success and improve your online presence there.

Conclusion On The Best Instagram Growth Services

Instagram has established itself as a platform no marketer can ignore. However, considering the fierce competition, it’s not an easy social media network to crack. To facilitate faster integration, you need some assistance, and top Instagram growth tools can provide it.

For this reason, many best Instagram growth services have come to play to take on the burden of getting you more target and engaged followers and let you boost Instagram followers. If you ask, ‘How to grow my IG followers?’ from us, we recommend AiGrow as your best, safest shot.

Can you expand our list of the best Instagram growth services? Please drop us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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