The Best Instagram Unfollow App in 2024 + [20 Instagram Unfollowers Tracker to Use]

Best Instagram Unfollow Apps for Mass Unfollow

In the age of Instagram growth, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and gain followers organically on a large scale. Instagrammers use various strategies to accomplish this, one of which is follow/unfollow. Following that, you’re most likely looking for the best Instagram unfollow app!

But it’s not all about it; perhaps you’ve got a personal page and simply want to see who unfollowed you on Instagram and retaliate by unfollowing them! In this circumstance, you need an app to see who unfollowed you on Instagram. Then the best unfollow app for Instagram is required to safely delete all unfollowers!

We’ve written this blog to help you find out the details of the best Instagram unfollowers apps to bulk-unfollow inactive, ghost, or fake Instagram accounts.

So, we’ll introduce the top safest and best unfollow apps for Instagram, and you can decide.

Note: If you don’t want to read through to find out the details, you could start using the best Instagram unfollow app right away. Based on our findings, AiGrow beats other services and tools as the best unfollow app for Instagram. You’ll soon find out why.

What Are Instagram Unfollow Apps?

Say you’ve managed to gain lots of Instagram followers through the Instagram followers app or the follow-for-follow method. And now you’re at a point where you feel you don’t need to keep a large portion of those accounts in your following list.

Instagram unfollow apps serve the primary purpose of helping users identify and unfollow accounts that are no longer relevant or contributing positively to their online presence. They may also include the following features:

Key Features of Instagram Unfollow Apps

Instagram unfollow apps are tools for users looking to manage and optimize their follower base. These apps are useful for individuals, influencers, and businesses seeking ways to mass unfollow accounts, and balance their follower lists.

  • Unfollower Identification: These apps identify accounts that have chosen to unfollow you, saving users the time and effort required for manual tracking.
  • Ghost Follower Detection: One of the standout features is the ability to detect and remove inactive ghost followers.
  • Bulk Unfollowing: Instagram unfollow apps often provide a convenient bulk unfollowing option, streamlining the process for those with a significant number of irrelevant accounts.
  • Analytics and Insights: Many apps offer analytics and insights into your follower base, helping users make informed decisions about who to unfollow and why.

Notice that Instagram unfollower tracker apps are generally regarded as unsafe and violate Instagram’s terms of service for a variety of reasons. So, what are the best Instagram unfollowers apps that won’t jeopardize your account? Continue reading.

19 Best Instagram Unfollow Apps in 2023

If you have a business account with a huge number of followers and notice your engagement rate declines, you may discover that a large portion of your list is made up of inactive ghost followers. But it’s almost impossible to find unfollowers and remove them from your list.

On the other hand, if you are an Instagram influencer trying to get sponsored on IG and monetize your account. You should know that sponsors want to know that people are interested in the value you can offer. Having a huge number of following indicates that your current followers followed you because they expect you to follow them back.

Unfortunately, Instagram has set daily limits on a number of activities, such as how many people you can unfollow on Instagram a day. If you violate these limitations, your account will be blocked or suspended by Instagram.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to mass unfollow followers on Instagram. Knowing about third-party services and apps, such as ghost follower apps, and every app to see who unfollowed you on Instagram is quite beneficial in these circumstances.

If you want to know the details of these Instagram third-party apps, and find the best app to track unfollowers on Instagram, keep reading.

#1 AiGrow: The Best Instagram Unfollow App & Growth Service

Let’s start with a comprehensive Instagram service that offers the best unfollowers app for Instagram!

If you want to know who unfollowed you on Instagram, AiGrow is one of the best Instagram management services on the market. You may track unfollowers using this web-based tool, which also offers insights into follower engagement and speeds up the unfollowing procedure.

best instagram unfollow app
best instagram unfollow app

What distinguishes AiGrow from its competitors is that it gives you dedicated IG account managers as well as a support team comprised of Instagram professionals.

Additionally, AiGrow offers various packages and pricing plans, ensuring accessibility for everyone. The AiGrow Mass Unfollow and Ghost Unfollowers packages, in particular, cater to those who simply want to identify ghost followers or unfollowers and then proceed to mass unfollow them.

AiGrow Features:

AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram growth service that addresses each of your marketing needs. We consider AiGrow the best unfollow app for Instagram for several reasons!

AiGrow is a highly effective unfollowing app for Instagram. Using professional managers is crucial to avoid violating Instagram’s daily limits, which can lead to getting your account restricted.

Indeed, it acts as a bulk unfollow Instagram app and removes ghost accounts in the blink of an eye. If you are in search of the best app to track unfollowers on Instagram, this is the safest option for you.

We also have a complete AiGrow review if you want to find out more about it. Keep reading to know more about Instagram unfollow apps for Android, iOS, and PC.

#2 Massi: Mass Unfollow for Insta

Next on our list is Massi Mass Unfollow for Instagram. Massi: Mass Unfollow for Insta is an Instagram third-party app to see who unfollowed you on Instagram and unfollow accounts in bulk.

Placing second on our list, this tool is a free Instagram unfollow app for iOS to get rid of your unfollowers. While it offers time-saving unfollowing functionality, it is not among the official Instagram authorized apps.

app to see who unfollowed you on instagram
app to see who unfollowed you on Instagram

Key Features:

  • Mass Unfollow: Unfollow all users you follow on Instagram with a single tap.
  • Automatic Unfollow: Enable automatic unfollowing of selected users or all users in the background. (Remember that Instagram’s automated activities are a cause for concern.)
  • Sort and Select: Easily sort and select users for mass unfollowing based on criteria such as mutual followings or non-mutual subscriptions.
  • Track Non-Mutual Followers: View a list of users who have not mutually followed you and analyze your Instagram profile.

To use this app you just need to Open the app, log in to your Instagram account, and choose to unfollow all users or only those not following you mutually.

Notice: Users should exercise caution when using third-party apps like Massi to avoid potential security and privacy risks associated with these unofficial services.

#3 Unfollow Users Android App; Free Unfollow App for Instagram

Unfollow Users for Instagram is a straightforward Instagram management tool designed to identify users who do not follow you back. It allows you to track non-followers and provides the functionality to unfollow single or multiple users simultaneously. This is an Android app positioned as an essential manager for Instagram growth.

Unfollow Users Android App; Free Unfollow App for Instagram

This app focuses on tracking and managing users who don’t follow you back. Using ‘Unfollow users for Instagram,’ you gain the ability to effortlessly compile a comprehensive list of users who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Key Features:

  • Simple UI for Non-Follower Tracking: Easily identify users who do not follow you back on Instagram.
  • Individual Unfollow: Unfollow a single user with a simple click.
  • Bulk Unfollow: Unlimited user unfollowing capability. Unfollow multiple users efficiently by tapping multiple times.
  • Detailed User Information: Click on a user’s header or username to view detailed information about the user.

Notice 1: The app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram.

Notice 2: Caution regarding Instagram’s limits on the number of unfollows per hour. Adherence to these limits is advised to avoid issues.

#4 Followers & Unfollowers; One of the Instagram Unfollow Apps for Android

Followers & Unfollowers provides insights into your Instagram profile, allowing you to manage your followers easily. The app enables performing mass unfollowing of up to 50 users who don’t reciprocate your follow in one action.

Followers & Unfollowers; One of the Instagram Unfollow Apps for Android

Key Features:

  • Don’t Follow Me Back: Identifies users who don’t follow you back on Instagram.
  • Mutual: Displays mutual followers—people you follow and those who follow you back.
  • I Follow: Lists all people you are currently following on Instagram.
  • Recent Unfollowers: Identifies individuals who recently unfollowed your Instagram profile.
  • Starred: Allows users to mark specific individuals as favorites for easy tracking.
  • Mass Unfollow: Unfollows up to 50 people with a single action.
  • Whitelisting (Starred): Prevents whitelisted individuals from being unfollowed.
  • Multiple Account Login: Supports the management of different Instagram accounts within the app.

Note: The app is designed to enhance Instagram profile management and is not officially affiliated with Instagram.

Disclaimer: Users are encouraged to use the app responsibly and in adherence to Instagram’s terms of service.

#5 Reports+: Instagram Unfollowers and Profile Tracker

Reports+ is an Instagram profile tracker app that offers a comprehensive suite of analytics tools to enhance your Instagram experience. It provides real-time insights into various profile interactions, helping you refine your content strategy and boost audience growth.

Reports+: Instagram Unfollowers and Profile Tracker

Key Features:

  • Profile Interactions: Comprehensive engagement metrics, covering story and post interactions, new followers, lost followers, follows, unfollows, and more.
  • Secret Admirers: Discover hidden admirers through in-depth profile interaction analysis.
  • Top Followers: Identify and appreciate your most dedicated followers.
  • Ghost Followers: Filter out inactive followers who are no longer interacting with your content.
  • Post Performance Analytics: Assess the impact of your posts and refine your approach for maximum audience engagement.
  • New and Lost Followers: Instantly see who has added or unfollowed you.
  • Accounts Not Following You Back: Identify accounts that do not follow you back.
  • Mutual Followers: Monitor accounts with whom you share a mutual follow-back relationship.
  • Support for Multiple Accounts: Manage up to 4 accounts seamlessly.
  • Caption & Hashtag Toolkit: Retrieve captions and extract hashtags with ease.

According to the app’s description on the Apple Store, Reports+ Premium Unlimited provides unrestricted, ad-free access to all content.

Disclaimer: This app is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Instagram.

#6 Track Followers & Unfollowers iOS App for Instagram

Track Followers & Unfollowers is an iOS app designed for daily Instagram account analytics. It provides insights into post-performance, follower growth, and engagement levels.

Track Followers & Unfollowers iOS app

Key Features:

  • Unfollow for Instagram: Easily identify and unfollow users who do not follow you back on Instagram.
  • Instagram Followers Tracker: Keep detailed track of your followers, including those who unfollowed you, through comprehensive reports.
  • Mass Unfollow Detecting: Compare the number of followers day by day with the mass unfollow detecting feature.
  • Lost Followers: Receive notifications about users who unfollowed you and when it occurred.
  • Followers Pro for Instagram: Advanced features like identifying accounts that blocked you on Instagram and those who follow you back.
  • Instagram Follow Back: Easily follow back accounts that follow you.
  • Likes Tracker: Monitor who likes your posts and when.

Disclaimer: Before using these apps, carefully examine their features and read reviews left by other users.

#7 Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Unfollow for Instagram is a straightforward Instagram Manager tool designed to identify users who do not follow you back. It simplifies the process of tracking non-followers and enables you to unfollow single or multiple users at a time.

Mass unfollow Instagram unfollow app

This unfollow app for Instagram is only available for iPhone and iOS devices. So if you don’t own one, keep on reading the list. It allows you to mass-follow and unfollow accounts. It also enables you to keep track of ghost followers.

Key Features:

  • Non-Follower Tracking: Easily identify users who do not follow you back on Instagram.
  • Single and Multiple Unfollow: Unfollow a single user or multiple users simultaneously.
  • Instagram Growth Manager: Positioned as a must-have tool for Instagram growth.
  • Instafollow Capability: Allows you to follow other Instagram users easily.

Disclaimer: The app’s purpose is to track and unfollow users who do not follow back; it is not affiliated with Instagram.

#8 Follow Cop: An Instagram Unfollowers App

Follow Cop aims to be a comprehensive and user-friendly Instagram management tool, actively seeking user support and feedback for continuous improvement. Users are encouraged to rate the app to contribute to its ongoing development and maintenance.

Follow Cop: An Instagram Unfollowers App

Follow Cop not only keeps track of your unfollowers but also organizes your account. This app is not available on Google Play but is on Aptoide and is only available for Android.

Key Features:

  • Non-Followers: Identify users who don’t follow you back on Instagram.
  • Visibility and Popularity Boost: This Instagram unfollow app provides the opportunity for global shoutouts to help get your Instagram page more visibility.
  • Multi-Account Support: Manage up to 3 Instagram accounts simultaneously.
  • Unfollow Tracker: Keep track of users you don’t follow back on Instagram.
  • Recent Unfollowers: Stay informed about users who recently unfollowed you.
  • Whitelist Feature: Add favorite users to a whitelist, excluding them from your Non-Followers & Ghost Followers list.
  • Mass Unfollow: Unfollow up to 20 people with a single click.

Note: The app is not affiliated with Instagram but utilizes Instagram APIs.

#9 Unfollow For Instagram App – Non-Followers And Fans

Unfollow for Instagram is a simple and effective Instagram Manager tool. The app allows you to track non-followers and unfollow single or multiple users at a time, making it an essential tool for Instagram growth.This is a free unfollow app for Instagram for all Instagram enthusiasts.

best Instagram unfollow app
One of the Best Instagram Unfollow Apps

Key Features:

  • Non-Follower Tracking: Identify users who do not follow you back on Instagram.
  • Unfollow Options: Unfollow a single user or multiple users by tapping multiple times.
  • Limitless Unfollowing: Unfollow unlimited users with ease.
  • Single and Multiple Unfollow Options: Unfollow a single user or tap multiple times to unfollow multiple users.

Note: The app is not affiliated with Instagram but complies with Instagram API usage policy.

Caution: Instagram imposes a limit on the number of unfollows per hour (between 60 and 200 requests). Users are advised not to exceed this limit to avoid issues.

#10 Followers Insights Tracker For Instagram: A Safe IG Unfollow App

Followers Insights+ is a professional Instagram followers analysis and tracking tool designed to provide detailed data on your Instagram account.

The app is available for iOS devices and aims to offer users a deeper understanding of their Instagram profile by revealing insights such as lost followers, users who did not follow back, those who liked your posts, and those who commented on them.

Followers Insights Tracker For Instagram

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Obtain detailed data and insights into your Instagram account.
  • Lost Followers Tracking: Identify and track users who unfollowed you.
  • Non-Followers: Discover users who did not follow you back.
  • Likes and Comments Analysis: Analyze users who liked and commented on your posts.
  • Effective Account Management: Utilize insights for efficient account management.

This unfollowers app for Instagram provides you with detailed insight into why you’re losing IG followers. However, one grievance about this app is its many ads and that it takes a long time to launch.

#11 Unfollowers And Followers Analytics For Instagram: Best Instagram Unfollow Tracker App

Followers and Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram is a valuable tool for active social media users, providing real-time statistics on followers and unfollowers. Designed for ease of use, the app is compatible with various mobile devices, offering a straightforward installation process.

This app is not available on Google Play and is only available on Softonic.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Keep track of followers and unfollowers on your Instagram profile in real-time.
  • Basic Analytical Insights: Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your Instagram account.
  • Intended Users: Particularly beneficial for influencers and individuals leveraging Instagram for product marketing.
  • Functionality: Monitors your Instagram profile and provides basic analytical features.
  • Target Audience: Tailored for individuals actively using their social media accounts, especially those engaging in product marketing on Instagram.

#12 Unfollowers And Ghost Followers: Mass Unfollow Instagram Tool

This unfollowers app for Instagram will give you information about your followers, following, ghost followers, and mutual followers, all from a dashboard. However, it still depends on you to unfollow accounts or keep them.

Instagram followers app
Instagram followers app

Key Features:

  • Unfollower Tracking: Identifies all your unfollowers, allowing you to unfollow them directly within the app.
  • Ghost Followers (Fans) Tracking: Lists all your ghost followers and provides an option to follow them directly.
  • Mutual Followers: Displays a list of users who follow you and whom you also follow.
  • Recent Unfollowers: Keeps track of users who recently unfollowed you.
  • Promotion Features: Global Shout-out and Media Shout-out to enhance visibility and followers.
  • Whitelisting Feature: Enables users to create a whitelist for easier management.
  • Multi-Account Support: Provides support for managing multiple accounts.

#13 FollowMeter For Instagram: Free Unfollow App For Instagram

The following Instagram unfollow app on our list is FollowMeter for Instagram. Many users have asked ’Is followmeter safe?’ Indeed, this Instagram unfollow app shows you the number of new followers and unfollowers you receive. It also tells you your most viewed post, along with its likes and comments.

Note: Unfollowgram and Followmeter were two of the best Instagram unfollower apps on the market that recently were shut down because of Instagram’s new updates. For this reason, we don’t recommend using Followmeter for Instagram if you want to find out who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram.

#14 Followers-Unfollowers

Guessing from its name, you might think it’s a follow-unfollow Instagram app. In fact, this application is a decent Instagram unfollow app for all those who want to learn how to unfollow on Instagram.

how to unfollow on Instagram
Instagram unfollowers

It presents a list of your inactive and active followers. So, you can choose to unfollow all your ghost followers and star all your favorite followers. This way, you won’t accidentally remove your IG followers!

#15 Follower Tracker InsReport+

Follower Tracker InsReport+ is a third-party Instagram app available for download on the Apple Store. While it offers users the functionality to manage and unfollow accounts on Instagram, it’s important to note that it falls under the category of Instagram third-party apps, rather than Instagram authorized apps.

Follower Tracker InsReport+

Users should exercise discretion when using such apps and be aware of potential security and privacy considerations associated with unofficial services like InsReport+.

#16 Followers Assistant: Unfollow App

Here’s yet another app you can use to unfollow people on Instagram. If you wish to check out who is ghosting you, whom you’re following but don’t follow you back, and who has recently unfollowed you, you can use this Instagram unfollowers tracker app.

Followers Assistant: Unfollow App

However, you need to know that the users of this app have also reported several bugs and issues as well. Although it was a very popular Instagram unfollow app on the market, it has failed to live up to its promises in recent years.

The Instagram unfollowers app has been criticized for being unhelpful and unsafe by many users over the past few years.

#17 Nfollowers

Now, let me introduce you to the other app helpful on how to see who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram. This free app will not only show you who is not following back on Instagram but also Showcase the followers who interact most with your posts.

However, nfollowers is only available on iOS. Moreover, many people who have used this Instagram unfollow app have lost their IG accounts!

If you don’t believe us, check out nfollowers reviews to see how unsatisfied their customers are with the overall performance of nfollowers as an Instagram management tool.

#18 SpamGuard

If you want to know how to unfollow on Instagram or stop Instagram spam, Spamguard is a sensible alternative. You may also exploit this tool to block suspicious comments and accounts.

You can use this app to search your account for any undesirable categories, like bots, commercials, and so forth. Clear out unnecessary accounts that are impeding the expansion of ER. If you enable protection, bots will stop following you!

#19 Growthoid: IG Unfollow App

As is clear from its name, Growthoid is a growth service and an Instagram account management. It will remove and bulk unfollows Instagram accounts and target those interested in your content.

However, it is more of an Instagram followers bot and a risky option. So, why would you risk getting shadowbanned by Instagram when you can simply pick other Instagram unfollow apps?!

Anyways, you can look at the Growthoid review we have provided you before in case you’re interested to know more about this tool.

How to Know Who Doesn’t Follow Me Back on Instagram Without an App?

Instagram does not provide a built-in feature to see a list of users who don’t follow you back within the app itself. To check who doesn’t follow you back, you may need to use third-party apps or online services.

Here’s a general method to see who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram without using an app:

1. Manually Review Your Followers and Following Lists:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile.
  • Tap on “Followers” to see a list of accounts following you.
  • Tap on “Following” to see a list of accounts you’re following.

2. Compare Lists:

Manually compare the lists of followers and the accounts you’re following.

Any accounts that appear in the “Following” list but not in the “Followers” list are users who don’t follow you back.

You might want to unfollow only a few followers without bothering with an application! To do this, you can simply search for their IDs or find them on your following list. Then, if you tap on the ‘Following’ button in front of their name, it’s over!

These methods are time-consuming, especially if you have a large number of followers and accounts you’re following. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to manage your followers and see who doesn’t follow you back, you may consider using a trusted third-party app or online service that provides these features.

AiGrow stands out as a top-tier Instagram management service, offering a robust unfollowers service. You have the flexibility to select a package that aligns with your specific requirements and financial considerations. Rest assured, using AiGrow eliminates the concern of Instagram blocking you, as their team conducts these actions manually.

Final Thoughts On The Best Instagram Unfollow App

As long as you keep your follower-to-following ratio at bay using a reliable Instagram unfollow app, using a follow-for-follow method to gain more Instagram followers is one of the quickest and most effective ways to grow your Instagram. So rest assured you can still count on this method to attract more followers effectively.


So far, we have introduced 19 practical tools for mass unfollowing, and we have provided the details of each IG unfollow app. Now, let’s turn to some common questions!

Q1. Why Is My Instagram Unfollow App Not Working?

If you’re experiencing issues with unfollowing on Instagram, it could be due to in-app bugs and glitches. However, it’s crucial to remember that using third-party apps and bots to unfollow accounts goes against Instagram’s terms of use and can result in penalties.
Instagram may block the application or even ban your account if it detects you’re using an unfollow app that violates its guidelines.

Q2. How Many People Can You Unfollow on Instagram a Day?

The Instagram unfollow limit is influenced by several factors, such as your account’s activity, age, follower count, and engagement rate. For most users, the daily unfollow limit typically ranges from 100 to 200 unfollows. If you have a smaller account, it’s safer to start with around 50 unfollows per day and gradually increase it.

Q3. What Are Instagram Authorized Apps?

These are apps and services that Instagram officially partners with and authorizes to integrate with the Instagram platform. Authorized apps have gone through a rigorous approval process by Instagram and have access to specific features and data through Instagram’s API.