Skweezer Reviews; Is It Worth Using in 2022?

Skweezer Review

This post will provide you with a complete and unbiased Skweezer review to help you make an informed decision regarding this Instagram growth agency. Therefore, we will evaluate its features, pricing, pros and cons, customer reviews, and more to see what the service has to offer. 

Are you seeking the best and safest Instagram growth companies to assist you in growing your online business? Do you believe using an Instagram growth service to gain followers is worthwhile? Investigating growth services such as Skweezer will assist you in locating a suitable one to help you build brand exposure.

Some of the world’s most successful businesses rely heavily on social media marketing. Finding a third-party organization to raise your Instagram followers and engagement might relieve a lot of stress.

Skweezer is one of these services that we wish to investigate more to see if it is profitable to use. Here, we’ll grant you a complete Skweezer review to uncover the answers you seek. 

Then, we’ll introduce you to AiGrow, an excellent Skweezer alternative, to grow your Instagram organically because we never recommend buying Instagram followers or likes.

What Is Skweezer

Skweezer Net is a third-party growth service for the Instagram platform. This Instagram growth agency is based in Hong Kong and was launched in 2003. Skweezer allows you to buy IG followers, automatic likes, views, and comments for your Instagram

Skweezer Skweezer

This platform claims to be able to generate real followers, likes, and views in a matter of seconds. As a result, your Instagram will expand organically, your engagement rate will increase, and you will be closer to getting famous on Instagram

However, in our opinion, you cannot achieve this goal by only purchasing followers and likes without the assistance of a support team! Most services offering instant followers, such as Skwezer, are scams. 

 Skweezer  websiteSkweezer website

We never encourage you to use services that use malicious Instagram bots and want you to buy followers since we always advocate services that grow your Instagram followers organically. These bots may provide you with instant follower packages or the quantity you paid for, but they contain fake or inactive followers in the mix. 

Because it’s possible that these engagement packages aren’t real, your account and reputation will suffer as a result.

So, with AiGrow, you are just a click away from a tremendous breakthrough!

How Does Skweezer Work

To begin working with this tool, all you have to do is go to their website with the address Then you can choose a paid service, enter your information, and grow your Instagram account legitimately, as stated on their website.

So, they’ll get right to work as soon as receiving your payment.

Skweezer's Mechanism
How Dos Skweezer Work

The Skweezer free trial is also a new option on the platform that allows you to get free followers and likes.

To access their dashboard, you must put in your Instagram username and sign up with your email.

Then you can participate in a brand awareness campaign to gain free followers or enter your Instagram post URL address for free likes.

Skweezer  Growth Plans
Skweezer Growth Plans

After finishing a campaign addition to get Skweezer free followers, you will receive 25 coins. Keep in mind that your profile should be set to public.

This free trial provides you with an opportunity to determine if these features operate.

Skweezer Packages & Pricing

You may buy a variety of bundles on their website. They also provide a free program that allows you to download any Instagram photo or video.

Simply type in the post’s URL and hit the ‘Download’ button. The following are the other bundles and costs.

 Skweezer  PackagesSkweezer Packages

Skweezer Followers Packages

You have the option of selecting “High-quality” or “Premium” followers. Based on website claims, all of the high-quality ones should have profile photos and a few uploads on their accounts.

Premium followers have no drop and are for individuals who are serious about building their Instagram following. The followers will be delivered to you in a natural and organic manner.

Often, the Skweezer Instagram followers you purchase are delivered. However, some of them are bots or fake accounts that will drop in the long run. 

Skweezer Followers PackagesSkweezer Followers Packages

According to the site’s statements, their follower packages were on sale and offered a 60 percent discount at the time of writing this article.

Skweezer follower packages start at 8.99$ for 500 followers and go up from there. It appears buying followers is a decent approach to starting a page, but don’t rely on it for much longer!

Skweezer Likes Packages

They also offer to buy likes, but the problem with this service is that likes arrive extremely rapidly, and this amount of likes in such a short time seems implausible, and Instagram may suspect foul play.

You should buy likes dependent on the number of followers you have in order to prevent being detected by Instagram.

The cheapest plan for Instagram likes starts at 0.99$ for 50 likes and goes up from there. Furthermore, 100,000 followers will cost you 174.99$.

Skweezer Likes PackagesSkweezer Likes Packages

Skweezer Verification Packages To Get The Blue Tick

Can Skweezer Get Your Instagram Account Verified?

Skweezer platform also promises to be able to authenticate your Instagram account so that you may get the Instagram blue tick faster!

To check your account’s eligibility, you can put your username and email to see if you can get a verified badge.

Any company out there that can offer something like this is most likely in it for a quick buck. Instagram is the only entity that can verify you when it comes to the blue tick. For companies like Skwezer, this feature merely functions as a marketing ploy that has no actual value. Moreover, there are some customer complaints concerning this feature.  We will describe this scammy feature in more detail in the following section.

They also provide comment packages starting at 1.79$ for 30 comments and view packages starting at 0.6$ for 100 views.  Again, keep in mind that the number of Instagram views or comments you buy should correspond with the number of followers you have; Otherwise, you may get shadowbanned by Instagram. There are also Skweezer coupons that you may obtain by browsing the web to get a discount.

Skweezer Reviews: What Do Their Real Customers Say? 

By looking at Skweezer reviews and users’ experiences, you can make a better decision. Based on Skweezer claims, this platform does not sell bots and fake engagement.

But users have shown dissatisfaction with fake followers, slow delivery, and disability of verification. The Trustpilot site provides a space for users to reveal their reviews after using a service.

The point is that there are not any Skweezer Instagram follower reviews on their site. Additionally, when we searched the expression ‘Skweezer net,’ we faced this text in the screenshot below that the Trustpilot site considers this profile a bad fit for their site!

Skweezer ReviewsSkweezer Reviews

Reddit also has a Skweezer review about the verification process. As far as I know, several Skweezer users have left reviews on Reddit about the verification process. According to the Skweezer clients,  ‘It’s bullshit.’

All they do is the same thing you can, which is submit your ID and account for verification. And as nearly always comes off that, it won’t get verified.

Skweezer reviews on Reddit

So, Skweezer verification reviews on Reddit show that it is better to do this process on your own. 

Skweezer verification reviews on Reddit
Skweezer verification reviews on Reddit

Do not rely on services that offer to buy followers and likes right away, as this is against Instagram’s terms & conditions and could harm your IG account and online reputation.

Instead, choose services that provide you with a management team and complete support to help you increase your engagement rate organically and safely.

Skweezer Pros & Cons

For a thorough Skweezer review, it’s time to consider its pros and cons. Let’s first start with the benefits of using this Instagram growth service:

Skweezers Pros 

Skweezers Cons 

  • Skwezer followers/engagement aren’t all real. In contrast, their followers/engagement is fake and low quality. 
  • Very poor and unresponsive customer support 
  • Skweezers Instagram verification service is a scam 
  • Fake reviews on their website (i.e., review section)
  • It is not a good option if you want to achieve long-term, sustainable growth on Instagram. 
  • Using Skwezer, your IG account may get banned or suspended by Instagram. 
  • It has a weak rating on credible websites like Trustpilot or Reddit. 

AiGrow; The Best Skweezer Alternative

The majority of existing Instagram influencers have used, and continue to use an organic growth service.

AiGrow is a valued organic Instagram growth solution. This is a virtual assistant service at a reasonable price. 

 AiGrow  websiteAiGrow website

AiGrow can help you build your Instagram account by doing the time-consuming and dull chores of engaging with current and future followers. 

They’re also capable of communicating with only those users who are likely to be interested in your content and sector. 

You’re likely already aware of how time-consuming it may be to attract the right people to your page. With AiGrow, you will receive targeted, active, and engaged followers as an ideal fan base for your Instagram account. 

So, most of your time could be spent elsewhere, especially if you have access to a high-quality and reasonably priced growth service. 

It is an organic Instagram growth service with a positive online reputation. Additionally, a dedicated account manager with a vast knowledge of the Instagram algorithm and its daily limits will continuously manage your IG account. 

Sign up now and schedule a meeting with an expert.

AiGrow Features

AiGrow is the safest approach, which assigns social media managers to implement AI-driven data.

Using a combination of human knowledge and artificial intelligence results in safe and rapid growth that is solely focused on obtaining genuine and engaged followers.

AiGrow Features
AiGrow Features

AiGrow offers incredible features and tools to assist you in a fast and safe IG growth: 

AiGrow Growth Tool 

Despite many Instagram growth systems that use dangerous bots, AiGrow delivers human managers.

You need to add relevant hashtags, your competitors’ IG profiles, or a specific location to assist the AI engine in identifying followers based on them.

AiGrow Growth Tool AiGrow Growth Tool 

AiGrow Link-In-Bio Tool 

Multiple links can be added to your Instagram bio and feed posts and stories using the bio-link tool on AiGrow’s dashboard.

If you’re trying to get more people to your website or sell your items, this is a simple and effective way to do so.

AiGrow Link-In-Bio Tool AiGrow Link-In-Bio Tool 

AiGrow DM Tool

In order to send and receive messages from your email inbox, as well as mass DM potential customers and followers, AiGrow is a great tool to use.

Email addresses can be linked to your account and used to respond to DMs. You can also compose a message, select the recipients, then send it.

AiGrow DM ToolAiGrow DM Tool

AiGrow Scheduler

Using this tool you may upload and schedule IG posts, track the performance of your competitors even if you don’t follow them, identify and save the ideal hashtags for your content, notice what other Instagrammers are saying about your page, and schedule a contest.

AiGrow SchedulerAiGrow Scheduler

Bulk Delete

It takes a long time to delete each of your posts one by one.

AiGrow allows you to select the posts that you no longer wish to see, and it will delete them for you at your convenience.

Giveaway Picker

You can copy and paste the link to your offer into the ‘Giveaway Picker’. In the next step, you can choose the number of winners, the conditions for the contest, and the deadline. As many winners as you wish will be selected automatically by this tool.

Giveaway PickerGiveaway Picker

So,  don’t waste any more time and sign up with AiGrow, where you may add as many Instagram accounts to your dashboard as you like!

AiGrow Pricing

AiGrow provides you with a variety of bundle options. You can select the most appropriate option for your requirements.

Here is a basic explanation of what they are. They have a number of various packages available for each of the plans that they offer. Their plans are as follows:

  • Growth Plans
  • Postmate Plans
  • Scheduler Plans
  • Unfollow Plans
  • Dm Plans
  • Bulk Post Delete Plans
  • Free Plan

AiGrow offers a one-week package for new users. You’ll pay $29 for the service, and you can cancel at any moment.

We’ll provide you access to all of Instagram management tools, including scheduling, mass DM, and bio-linking even with a weekly plan.

AiGrow PricingAiGrow Pricing

Furthermore, if you want to get the most out of AiGrow, the ProManaged subscription allows you to obtain over 300 organic followers per month.

In addition, your personal account manager will handle all of your page’s difficulties. So all you have to do is choose your ideal goals, and AiGrow will do the rest.

Here you can see all the plans and prices. 

Skweezer Vs. AiGrow

Skweezer, as previously said, is a bot-based service that allows you to buy followers and likes.

AiGrow, on the other hand, has a variety of plans, features, and a support team dedicated solely to assisting you and growing your business. 

Are they insufficient to win the competition? If that’s the case, we created a table to compare them and discovered that Skweezer has nothing to compete with AiGrow!

Features SkweezerAiGrow 
AI-powered technology 
Organic growth method. No bots, spam, or fake followers
Hashtag generator tool
Advanced filtering & targeting options
Instagram analytics & social monitoring tools
Managed growth plans
Support in developing your Instagram content strategy
An experienced account manager will take care of your Instagram account (Manual Growth)
24/7 Support
No password required
Viewing Insta stories
The number of followers and success guaranteed
Content design template (feed/stories)
Scheduling Tool
Multiple links in the bio
Instagram post deleter tool
Instagram unfollow tool
Mass DM marketing
Giveaway & contest picker
Fast delivery of services
PriceBased on the number of followers$99, $129, $169
Trustpilot Score Not given4.4 
Skweezer vs. AiGrow

FAQs On Skweezer

There may be some questions left unanswered for you in this section, but we made an effort to address some of them. If you have any further queries, you can post them in the comments section, and will try to answer your questions in the upcoming updates. 

1- Which Payment Methods Does Skweezer Accept?

Skweezer allows payments via Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro credit cards. They do not now support PayPal, however, they do see it as a possibility in the future.

2- Is Skweezer Safe And Legit?

We did not find any proof of danger or unlawful issues with this site however if you want to start using Skweezer, you’d best start with lower packages or a free trial.

Also, based on Skweezer reviews on Trustpilot, Skweezer’s Instagram followers/engagement may be fake. Moreover, some Skweezer clients complained that their Instagram verification service was a scam. 

Final Thought On Skweezer

You can perceive the differences between these two services after reading this post. Do you prefer to implement a service like Skweezer, which only allows you to buy followers and likes using bots, or a service like AiGrow, which offers fantastic features and never leaves you alone thanks to its robust human-based management team?

We don’t think that Skweezer is worth your time and money in any capacity, because they can’t offer the quality of followers and likes you need to succeed on your Instagram page.

Only use organic Instagram growth services provided by third parties that have an excellent track record. Please let us know if you agree or disagree in the comment section.

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