Instagram Promotion: A New Way to Get Famous + 3 Best IG Promotion Services

Instagram Promotion

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve presumably seen some promotional content containing contact buttons or CTA that brands and influencers post on the platform. They may inspire you to use Instagram to promote your company. Indeed, Instagram promotion is one of the best and easiest ways to promote your brand and increase sales.

You can get more followers in a variety of ways, including through finding and partnering with influencers, Instagram ads, or through Instagram followers apps. Yet, the new Instagram promotion feature can also work miracles for your growth!

This feature can increase your brand awareness on IG and help a selected post reach a target audience. So if you don’t know the answer to ‘What is the promotion on Instagram?’ and want to know how to use it, Stay with us!

Instagram promotion
Instagram promotion

What Is Instagram Promotion and How Does It Work

We have to admit Instagram ads are ideal for turning new followers into customers. But at times, you may feel that you don’t necessitate a full-blown advertising effort. If you’re only looking to get your name out there, starting a full-scale marketing effort like a campaign may be a waste of time and money. 

That’s when Instagram promotion comes in handy. Promotions are the way to go if you want to stand out from the crowd. Using this relatively new feature, you can turn your previous posts into paid advertisements. 

Keep in mind that most social media platforms’ algorithms are based on a concept known as “virality.” As a result, the algorithm will give you a better position in the feed if you publish more frequently.

Instagram promotion allows you to boost your posts by turning your regular posts, stories, and IG reels into an ad. That is, you pay Instagram so that a previous story or post can appear to a specified target audience. 

It is convenient because you can choose the post and your target audience. Plus, you can have a CTA button like ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Download Now’ added to your content! 

So, the advantages it offers are genuinely tempting! You get to reach a specified target audience, increase visibility, and add clickable calls to action (CTA).

Instagram Promotion Vs. Instagram Ads 

Instagram’s business profiles have been around since 2016. Business profiles include additional capabilities such as contact and call-to-action buttons that are specific to businesses and brands. Among their features, Instagram Promotions are newer than Instagram advertisements.

Instagram Promotion Vs. Instagram Ads
Instagram Promotion Vs. Instagram Ads

Advertising and promotions are designed to increase the number of people who see your content. Yet, IG Ads have the most targeting options and are the most effective for driving sales. But When a post is promoted, it is elevated to a new level. You can promote an Instagram post to raise the bar in terms of interaction, increasing the number of likes, views, and shares.

All you need for promotions on Instagram is an Instagram business profile. However, you must have a Facebook business page linked to your IG business account to use Instagram ads. 

Are you a business marketer owning various websites and Social Media channels? So you must be wondering how to add multiple clickable Links to your IG bio and promote your Instagram post. Unfortunately, Instagram only lets users add one link to their bio. But, keep calm as we have a wonderful solution for you. 

MYURLs is a service that allows you to multiply your bio URL to as many other URLs as you want. You can also connect your social and external links so that your followers can access all of your social media accounts from one place.

 MYURLs service
MYURLs service

You can sign up for free on MYURLs and benefit from its amazing services. Now connect your existing Feed, stories, and highlights, as well as drive people directly from Feed postings to blogs, websites, and web checkout pages.

With this free all-in-one bio link, you can generate more traffic. And supercharge your Instagram bio link page with unique themes, unlimited links and buttons, and cutting-edge functionality.

So, Instagram ads are more complicated, harder to work with and demand a Facebook ad strategy on the side. Yet, it is your choice which tool you choose for your growth!

Why Use Promotion on Instagram

The number of Instagram users worldwide is expected to reach about 1.2 billion by 2023, according to a prediction in October 2020. As a result, the Instagram promotion feature has become one of the finest ways for raising awareness and visibility.

Promoting posts and stories on Instagram can lead to increased sales, as it involves converting regular posts and stories into shoppable ones. Customers who follow a company on social media are 77% more likely to make a purchase, while 66% of those who follow the business on Instagram make purchases.

So, it would be best if you used the Instagram promotion to raise your brand awareness and make shopping easier! 

Does Instagram Promotion Work

The Instagram Promotion tool is excellent because you can access it right from your phone. In comparison, you can’t create an ad campaign without being in the Ads Manager. Indeed, Instagram business profiles are required for both advertising on Instagram and participating in Instagram promotions.

Instagram has a larger audience and more active users, making it an excellent platform for boosting customer awareness of and interest in your brand. Using this social media tool, businesses can expand their outreach, broaden their audience, and generate more revenue. 

If you ask’ does instagram promotion work for my business,’ It’s good to know that a great motivation for marketers to promote their business on Instagram is the opportunity to develop personal interactions with your clients. Instagram users engage with brands on a daily basis. If you believe Instagram promotion is not working, we should say that the average engagement rate per post on this social network is 1.6 percent.

By comparison, these rates are 0.09 percent and 0.048 percent on Facebook and Twitter, respectively. So, according to these statistics, paying for Instagram promotion is worth it, especially if your goal is to boost brand exposure and interaction. Additionally, your brand’s sales and return on investment(ROI) may benefit from your Instagram presence.

How to Promote on Instagram

Now that you know what promotion is on Instagram and its advantages, you may want to know how to promote your business on Instagram. In this part, we will show you that. Keep reading to know how to promote an Instagram post, story, or reels.

Promote Instagram Post

Using your best-performing content is the best practice to follow. A new promotional campaign may be in order, and you may need to come up with fresh content for it. However, you can save a lot of time and effort by reusing your current content.

To get the most out of your Instagram promotion, go through all of your organic posts and pick out the most interesting ones. Promote Instagram posts to see an uptick in readership and an increase in their overall readership base.

Additionally, you can boost Instagram posts with product tags. To access Instagram promotion:

  • First, go to your professional profile.
  • Then, tap and choose one of the best posts you’d like to boost. (Try not to select posts featuring images greater than 8 MB)
  • Now tap ‘Boost’ below the post’s image. (Fill in the details and set your criteria, like your goal, audience, budget, and duration. 
  • Tap ‘Next,’ then tap ‘Create Ad’ under Review to complete your ad.
How to Promote on Instagram
How to Promote on Instagram
How to Promote on Instagram
How to Promote on Instagram

If you don’t have a specific post in mind, you can have Instagram choose your ideal post for promotion. Or you can upload a new post, and this way, you get to write excellent promotion captions for the Instagram posts. To have IG choose your promotion post, follow this path:

  • Open your profile feed.
  • Then, select the ‘Ads’ button.
  • Tap ‘New Ad’ and either create a new post, choose one of your previous posts, or accept Instagram’s suggestion.
Promote Instagram Post
Promote Instagram Post

Suppose you did not connect your Instagram professional account to a Facebook account when you created it. In that case, you will be prompted to do so. You have the option of selecting an existing account or tapping Skip. If you tap Skip, this step will be hidden from future boosts. At any time, you can reconnect a Facebook Page to your profile.

Once your ad has been reviewed and authorized, it will appear. If your ad is approved, denied, or past the date, you’ll get a message in your Activity Feed.

Promote Instagram Stories and Highlights 

Instagram stories are by far the most popular feature on the platform. It is possible to include calls to action in regular Instagram posts and stories using the promotion feature. 

As soon as 24 hours have passed since they were published, Stories may be the first thing to vanish. However, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the format’s capabilities.

When promoting on Instagram, brands should take advantage of Stories, which more than 500 million people use every day. It’s common for businesses to post user-generated content, such as photos and videos, from inside the company. Because your visuals don’t have to be “perfect,” one of the benefits of using Stories is the freedom it provides.

Instagram constantly updates Stories with new features, such as the new Quiz sticker, polls, questions, countdowns, and other interactive components. Maintaining an Instagram presence entails remaining active and informed on the platform’s latest features. For a more distinctive and participatory Instagram promotion, marketers can engage with followers via stories.

Creating a promotional campaign for Stories and Highlights is similar to the promotion of posts procedure except for the initial phases. To begin, select a Story or Highlight, press the side menu, then select the ‘Promote’ command.

What to Consider When Using Instagram Promotion

Before anything else, know what you want to accomplish. You can use Instagram promotion in various ways, including increasing profile visits, driving traffic to your website, or simply promoting your content. To get the most out of your Instagram promotion efforts, make sure you understand each and every one of them and how they function. 

1- Choose Your Goal

If you want to increase your Instagram profile visits, Instagram has its own algorithms, and for this one, they’ll promote your page to people who are likely to visit it. Or a system of algorithms will target people who are likely to click on your website if you want more Website traffic.

Increasing the number of people who see your post is the goal of Promotion Views, but it does not guarantee that they will interact with your ad in any way. This is more of brand awareness.

To get the best result, select your target audience. You won’t be able to contact all of the IG users in the world because there are so many of them. You must be selective and strategic in who you target, just as we’ve covered with regard to the characteristics of parameters.

2- Choose Your Target Audiences

If you want to target a specific demographic with your Instagram promotion, you can do so in three different ways. You can select between Automatic Audience, Local Audience, and Manual Audience.

Automatic Audiences

The automatic Audience option focuses on people similar to your demographic characteristics. It also reaches out to people interested in a level of engagement with your organic content previously.

If you want to keep in touch with IG users who have already expressed an interest in your brand, this is a good option. On the other hand, if your goal is to attract new users, this is not the best strategy.

Local Audiences

The Local Audience option targets individuals within a specified radius of a specific location, with age range and gender options. This could be advantageous if you’re marketing a spur-of-the-moment event taking place in a particular area. Additionally, it displays your post to individuals who are geographically similar to your followers.

Manual Audiences

Aside from your specific goals, this is often the most excellent option because you have the most control. This option allows you to target a particular group of people based on their demographics, such as age, geography, and interests.

The techniques and tactics outlined above will help you make the most of your Instagram promotion. In addition to what we discussed, Check your material in terms of being mobile-friendly, as 91 percent of users access social networks from mobile devices. 

Making your promoted content look organic, Making the most of user-generated content, and posting faces to increase engagement are challenges you’d best consider.

3 Best Instagram Promotion Services

To help you make the most of Instagram promotion, There are Instagram management tools that you can use to manage your posts and stories. Here we introduce the three best services:

#1 AiGrow: The Best Instagram Promotion Service

AiGrow is a popular Instagram growth tool that has taken off in the last few years. If you’ve ever used Instagram, you’ll know how helpful this service is. The outcome is a wide range of solutions, such as AI-driven hashtags, Instagram scheduling, growth packages, creating link-in-bio, and automating a perfect giveaway.

What distinguishes AiGrow is that it assigns a human social media manager to oversee everything! So, you won’t be risking your credibility and getting shadowbanned by using dangerous Instagram bots. 

But why does it make sense to use AiGrow instead of Instagram promotion? Well, Instagram promotion is an ideal opportunity if you want one of your posts to reach your target audience. However, if you’re on a budget, you need a more economical alternative.

AiGrow enables you to use a broad range of features and reach interested followers and potential customers. Besides, you get a professional team of Instagram managers who will facilitate your progress. Indeed, this app helps you grow Instagram followers organically

 So, if you want to find out how to promote your Instagram page and not just one post, AiGrow is a fantastic choice.

So, sign up for AiGrow right now and get immediate access to all the excellent features for followers’ promotion.

To better understand how it works and whether it can help you gain genuine followers and likes, let’s check out this link.

AiGrow; one of the best Instagram promotion service
AiGrow Instagram growth tool features

#2 AiSchedul 

AiSchedul is one of the Instagram promotion services and Instagram scheduler tools that lets you schedule posts, repost content, create an all-in-one bio link, track and monitor your competitors on Instagram. 

Additionally, it enables you to concurrently post to all of your Instagram profiles. AiSchdeul will be the most cost-effective option for you. Additionally, this software enables you to expand organically on Instagram. 

Keep in mind that this Instagram scheduling tool completes all tasks manually and within Instagram’s daily limit. 

So go ahead and sign up on AiSchedul for free.

AiSchedul; one of the best Instagram promotion service
AiSchedul features

#3 Ainfluencer

Ainfluencer is another Instagram service that makes it easy for you to become an Instagram influencer! For Instagram influencer marketing and marketplace ads, Ainfluencer is a fast and straightforward tool to use. It’s completely free. It’s as simple as uploading a few photographs or videos, along with a caption and campaign information, to get started. 

Ainfluencer Instagram service sign up
Ainfluencer Instagram service

With this excellent service, you can find and work with renowned Instagram Influencers in your industry to increase traffic, leads, and sales. After placing your ad on the marketplace, thousands of qualified influencers will be able to respond. 

Ainfluencer’s AI engine can help you search and locate influential people to collaborate with on your project. Then you can invite one or more people to work with you on your Ad if you want to. A lot of features are included in this amazing service such as using smart workflow chat with Influencers and managing payments and verifying the post, etc.

So, to use Ainfluencer service you can sign up here.

Ainfluencer Instagram service features
Ainfluencer Instagram service features

#4 Social Buddy

Social Buddy is one of the finest Instagram growth services available. It is a service provider for Instagram users focused on results, safety, and affordability. 

Social Buddy’s advanced targeting capabilities help you attract followers who are genuinely interested in and engaged with the content you provide on your account. They target you based on your location, interests, and hashtags relevant to your account’s specialization or sector, among other variables.

FAQs on Instagram Promotion

There are a lot of questions unsolved on how to promote on Instagram and its cost. In this part, we tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by Instagram users.

  1. How Much does Instagram Promotion Cost?

According to the guidelines, you must select the total amount you wish to spend on post-promotional expenses. Then you specify the promotion duration, and the social network automatically determines how much money it may write off each day. You can never spend more than the total amount of your budget.

To be more specific, consider addressing the cost-per-click (CPC) metric. The average cost per click for Instagram advertisements, according to sources, is between $0.50 and $1.00. For businesses with high levels of competition, such as clothes, the cost per click might reach up to $3.00.

  1. When Does Instagram Take Payment for Promotion?

You can pay for your Instagram promotions in one of two ways: 

  • Pay within the Instagram application. You can select a payment option at the conclusion of the promotion setup process. They’ll charge this payment method automatically if you reach your billing threshold and again on your monthly bill date for any remaining charges.
  • Make a link with your Meta Ads account. You can connect a Facebook Page that you run to your Instagram business account in order to use the same payment method as for Facebook ads.

Final Words on Instagram Promotion

The power of a picture is immeasurable. The visual nature of Instagram makes it stand out from other social media platforms. So, use the immense power of the Instagram promotion feature to help your ideal Instagram posts, stories, and reels reach an interested target audience.

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