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Top 5 Proven Instagram Growth Tools for Real Results

November 14, 2020

It’s a fact: without any Instagram growth tool, it’s pretty much impossible to promote your posts and account. To beat your competitors, increase your brand awareness, and boost your engagement, you’ll need the best Instagram growth tools that won’t damage your account. 

This article will show you the top five proven Instagram growth tools that will get you real results. So, stay with Social Pros to find out!    

Why Should You Use The Best Instagram Growth Tools?

Even if you’re a pro-Instagrammer, you cannot promote your Instagram without any helps. Here are the reasons why you should use Instagram growth tools:

1- Instagram Is too Crowded

We all know that Instagram is super popular among people. With over one billion active users,  it seems everyone’s on Instagram! Although this is an advantage, especially for small businesses looking for local followers, it can also be very competitive. 

You can find every niche and business on Instagram. So, in this crowded community, it isn’t easy to be seen and heard. To create a buzz around your business or personal brand on Instagram, you need to use the app’s potential to its finest. That’s why using Instagram tools for growth is a must in your marketing strategies.

These tools make it easy to do social listening, schedule your posts, reach new audiences, and analyze your Instagram marketing campaign.  

2- Instagram Growth Tools Saves Times and Energy

Growing Instagram is a full-time job, and it’s challenging. If you have other responsibilities, you won’t manage all of the Instagram tasks properly. Using Instagram growth tools offered by some third-party apps is like outsourcing all or some of your activities. This way, you avoid boring tasks, save your precious time, and use it for more important issues such as planning your post strategies.

3- Reduces the Danger of Being Banned

Thanks to its latest algorithm, Instagram growth is all about gaining real engagement. The more active you are on the platform and the more interaction you have with other users, the more engagement you’ll get. However, there’s a daily limitation for Instagram activities, and if you cross it, you’ll be banned by Instagram. 

The companies that offer Instagram growth services usually have Instagram experts in their teams to avoid such problems. These experts constantly monitor and test Instagram limitations to keep the client accounts safe and secure. 

4- In-app Tools Are Not Adequate

Although it has developed in so many ways, Instagram still has some limitations regarding growth tools. For example, scheduling posts is an important feature that helps you with consistency, but Instagram does not have such a tool yet. 

Instagram growth tools help you to do promotional activities that normally it’s not possible on the app. 

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Here Are Top 5 Proven Instagram Growth Tools for Real Results

Without any further ado, let’s check out the best Instagram tools for growth:

1- MyURLs.Bio

One of the greatest limitations of Instagram is that it doesn’t allow users to add clickable external links to the feed posts. Actually, it’s only possible to add one hotlink to the bio. MyURLs.Bio is one of the best all-in-one free Instagram growth tools that allows you to cross this limitation. It builds a practical landing page for your Instagram, where you can add all of your social media links to your bio and add one clickable link to each post and Story. You put this landing page’s link to your bio and invite your followers to visit it.

After signing up for, you can add your Instagram account(s) and start designing your landing page. Go to your user-friendly dashboard and click on “Bio-Link,” and claim your unique URL. 

Use the social media widgets to cross-promotion your channels, and don’t forget to add buttons such as “Shop Now” or “Delivery Info” to make your Instagram more interactive. 

Add external links to the posts and scroll down a little bit to see all of your posts. Under each post, you’ll see two buttons: “Add Link” (for adding the clickable external link) and “Tag Product” (to add product price).

Finally, choose a theme for your page and then hit “preview” to see what your landing page looks like. Here’s an example:

MyURLs in Bio

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But Bio-Link is not the only feature that MyURLs.Bio offers. It also has a smart Instagram scheduler that helps you to stay consistent. Using this tool, you can plan your posts days and even months ahead. 

Last but the least, MyURLs.Bio provides organic growth packages and “Direct Messages” that boost the number of followers. 

2- Curalate


This Instagram tool claims it has everything that you want for marketing Instagram in one place. With the Curalate dashboard, you can schedule posts and stories, data of your activities, find content similar to your business, monitor your campaigns, and have a shoppable gallery and stories.

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3- FollowingLike


FollowingLike is another Instagram account manager that offers some features such as Instagram follow/unfollow. FollowingLike automates your account activities on other platforms as well. Its goal is to save your time as you can control all your social media through one place on Followinglike. 

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4- EverLiker


Everliker | Social Automation Assistant is a Chrome Extension that helps you reach a higher rate of Instagram engagement by offering auto likes. There are two versions of this plug-in. The free version uses hashtags to find relevant posts and likes them. The PRO version of Everliker allows you to experience a broader range of features.

5- Audience Gain

Audience Gain

Audience Gain helps you to promote your Instagram account by providing four different services. You can buy followers, likes, video views, and auto likes. Also, each service consists of several packages. For example, you can buy likes in packages of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, and 20000. Audience Gain collects likes from all over the world and from real Instagram ads. It also offers a 30-day like replacement guarantee.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I tried to show you the top proven Instagram growth tools for getting real results to boost your Instagram engagement. Don’t forget that some of these services are free, which can be a real bonus for you.  


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