Have a Social Media Manager Without Actually Hiring One

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Why should you hire a social media manager? Well, it’s 2021. Having a social media presence is a non-negotiable business practice. Social media is an easy way to put more eyes on your business, generate more leads and sales, learn what your competitors are doing, give depth to your brand, and naturally interact with your customers on a daily basis. However, With an ever-growing to-do list, the last thing that many business owners have time for is overseeing their social media presence. 

This is why it’s essential to employ the help of a social media manager. A good manager will help boost your online presence. Also, enables you to respond to customer concerns, meet your goals, and grow your online reach. So, read on to learn what the role of a social media manager is and how they can help your small business grow.

Roles & Duties of a Social Media Manager

In short, a social media manager is responsible for maintaining and growing a brand’s online presence. This includes:

#1 Finding the Best Social Media Strategy

Successful online presences depend on careful planning. For a manager, this includes planning and launching creative campaigns, monitoring their progress, and adjusting as necessary in order to meet a company’s goals. For instance, they must know when and how to run a successful: 

Apart from these, they must know the best tools and apps that’ll help them run better strategies. 

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#2 Content Management 

A social media manager is responsible for creating original, high-quality content that resonates with your audience. In addition, content management includes:

Even if you as a business create your own content, an account manager can help you come up with new content ideas, perform competitor analysis, and find the best times for you to post for the best engagement from your audience.

#3 Identifying Target Audience 

A social media manager will be able to identify the users that will provide value to your brand through meaningful interactions. This includes following relevant users and unfollowing fake accounts and others that add no value to your feed.

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#4 Boost Your Follower Engagement on Social Media 

In addition to finding valuable followers, social media managers make engagement easy and streamlined. This includes liking your followers’ content, commenting on the posts of those that follow your competitors, and quickly responding to comments and direct messages.

#5 Run Customer services

Responding to a customer’s message is an easy way to stand out from the competition. In this regard, a good social media manager should take the responsibility of handling most, if not all of your messages. This includes sending mass messages for lead gen, answering common questions, welcoming new customers to your client’s business, making public announcements, providing discounts to your followers/customers, and so on.

Is It Worth It to Hire a Social Media Manager?

Actually, it’d be great to have an employee who keeps track of your social media activities, attracts potential customers to your social channels, and analyzes the performance. However, I’d not recommend you to hire a new and freelance social manager. This is because it really takes time for you to trust your manager, and needs a great deal of effort to tell them all about your prospective clients and company goals. 

Especially, there are thousands of freelance social media managers out there, each offering you different services and prices. For instance, on a platform like Fiverr, you can find thousands of freelance social media managers. But choosing from them and hiring one is really hard and perplexing. 

So, what can you do to manage all the aforementioned tasks? Keep reading!

How to Have a Social Media Manager Without Actually Hiring One?

Well, we suggest you use a trusted social media management service to get better results. Hopefully, we have talked about top social media management tools that freelancers and managers must use. But if you are looking for an all-in-one package to manage all your tasks, and Instagram is the main social channel you use, we recommend you to sign up for free on AiGrow and give it a ride. 

AiGrow Packages Banner

Being one of the most popular Instagram management services, AiGrow offers you a complete package of tools like: 

  • A social media calendar, 
  • A post, story, and IGTV scheduler, 
  • DM manager tools to send bulk messages and automated DMs, 
  • An Instagram activity tracker, 

And services like a dedicated account manager and content creation and curation. 

So, without requiring you to share your account information with anyone else, it provides you with the opportunity to add up to 80 Instagram accounts to a single dashboard and manage your social media accounts all at once. So, go ahead and give it a try for free. 

Final Thoughts

Social media managers can help you reduce your workload and get better results in a shorter time. However, sharing your username and password with someone that you just met would be risky. Plus, freelance managers usually can’t guarantee real results. So, try a social media management service instead and have a social manager without actually hiring one!