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Building and maintaing a thriving social media presence, especially across multiple platforms, is tough. You as a business need to do more than simply post content on your social media channels in order to drive results. Content is obviously part of the formula, but there is also getting your content in front of your target audience, engaging with your community, handling your followers/customer’s comments, questions and concerns, and so much more.

The time and energy required to run your business’s social media can be equal to or more than the energy required to actually run your business. This is why using the right social media management tools can really help save the day, Social media management tools can save you a tremendous amount of time energy and ensure that every effort you make on social media is rewarded.

Here are 30 effective social media management tools to use to help you grow your online presence and manage your followers.

1. AiGrow

Three quick stats why Instagram marketing is worth your time:

  • Over a billion users now use Instagram
  • 60% of users find new products on Instagram
  • 75% of  users take action after seeing a post (visiting a website, for example)

With AiGrow, after an initial setup with a qualified marketing strategist, you are given complete control of your own fully-functional Instagram marketing agency. This includes targeted and automated Liking, following, unfollowing, commenting and DMing. AiGrow also allows you to send, receive and manage your DMs, as well as upload and schedule your content from your desktop.

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You’ll also have access to AiGrow’s newest feature, auto pods, which guarantee more authentic Likes and comments from people in and around your community every time you post.

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2. Sendible

This dashboard allows users to manage social networks, schedule personal messages, and receive a snapshot of their social activity.

3. Sprout Social

A one-stop shop when it comes to managing and scheduling content across all of your social media accounts. It also analyzes data and quantifies the content that is resonating best with your followers.

4. AgoraPulse

You’ll appreciate that the social inbox on AgoraPulse is much like your email inbox. This makes it easy to see all of your content in one spot, assign appropriate tags, and filter out spam.

5. Hootsuite

One of the most well-known platforms, Hootsuite provides a way to manage multiple social profiles and schedule content for future publishing.

6. Snapalytics

Designed to offer users insight into their Snapchat account and understand how users are engaging with their content.

7. Buffer

This social media management tool offers services for publishing content, measuring engagement, dissecting analytics and making it easy for teams to collaborate on campaigns.

8. Everypost

Simplifying the publishing process, Everypost makes curating content, scheduling social media posts, and customizing your feed easy.

9. Social Pilot

Offering a free plan in addition to tiered prices, Social Pilot curates and suggests content that is tailored to your specific industry.

10. MavSocial

With a focus on visual content, MavSocial offers a digital library where you can easily manage multimedia and browse millions of stock photo options.

11. CoSchedule

Staying organized is easier than ever with CoSchedule, which helps you find optimal posting times, collaborate with your team, manage your events and more – all in one spot.

12. Edgar

Edgar allows users to create a content library that is divided into multiple categories. These are then split up into time slots that help populate your different social media feeds.

13. Crowdfire

Using a conversation-style setup, Crowdfire figures out what a brand’s social media goals are and recommends strategies to meet them.

14. Friends+Me

With a strong focus on Google+, Friends+Me makes it easy to schedule content across multiple social platforms.

15. Post Planner

Post Planner helps social media managers find high-quality content, post consistently to reach a wide audience, and create a publishing calendar that reaches your followers when they’re actually online.

16. SocialOomph

Unlike many other social media platforms, SocialOomph has the added benefit of allowing you to manage your blog and social media accounts from the same dashboard.

17. Spinklr

Better suited for enterprise-level social media needs, you’ll be able to reach your audience and engage with customers across more than 25 social channels.

18. Tailwind

Built for the highly visual Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind helps you schedule posts, measure results, monitor what users are searching for, and provide recommendations on how you can improve your services.

19. Hubspot

Hubspot makes it easy to monitor what users are talking about, publish content, and access reporting data that allows you to adjust your strategy.

20. TweetDeck

With a multi-columned layout, TweetDeck makes it easy to follow several conversations, schedule content and more.


Standing for “If This Then That,” IFTTT is an automation tool that allows you to link together multiple social media accounts. For example, if you publish a blog post, it will then send out a tweet to alert your followers.

22. Google Analytics

If you are looking for valuable data that will help you understand where your website traffic is coming from and how to improve conversions, look no further than Google Analytics.

23. Oktopost

This social media platform is targeted at B2B marketers. It helps users generate leads using social media, publishing and analytics.

24. Salesforce Social Studio

Providing a comprehensive set of solutions for enterprises, Social Studio helps companies strengthen their relationships with consumers and boost sales efforts.

25. Social Flow

This is a fantastic publishing and advertising tool that can help you increase your social reach, drive traffic to your channels, and launch successful advertising campaigns.

26. FlypChart

FlypChart makes it easy to plan content, monitor online conversations and allows teams to collaborate on projects.

27. Quuu

Along with content scheduling, this social media management tool handpicks content that fits your brand and automatically shares it with followers.


This platform automates your blog content and schedules it at predetermined times, making it easy to recycle content.

29. Tweepi

Looking for a way to identify targeted users on Twitter? Tweepi allows you to find new followers and stay connected with them.

30. Socedo

Socedo makes it easy to find leads on Twitter and LinkedIn, adding to your sales funnel while allowing you to schedule and publish content.

The right set of social media management tools will not only make your life easier, but they will also get your businesss’s social media presence to a successful and thriving state much quicker than if you were to handle your social media with no help at all.

Of course, there are many more social media management tools than those outlined above. If you know of any more social media management tools that have helped you succeed on social media, feel free to share them in the comments below!

In the meantime, if you need location specific help managing your social media, learn more about the digital marketing agency Singapore.