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How to Attract a Target Audience on Instagram? Tips & Tricks


We all know that our Instagram businesses do not lead us to success unless we get a relative number of followers. But, just getting followers is not enough and doesn’t mean that we also have a great number of potential customers. So, that’s why buying fake followers and using bots leads to failure. But, what can we do to identify the target audience and how to attract a target audience on Instagram?

Well, this is what I’m gonna talk about in this article. Obviously, the first step of attracting an audience on Instagram is to get to know the potential ones. So, let’s jump into the tips without a waste of time. 

How to Identify Your Target Audience on Instagram?

Before going to know the tips that help you in identifying your target audience, you have to discern your own definition of a customer. To do so, you have to start with bigger marketing characters. This doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent your business. No! But, you have to clarify your situation by answering the following questions:

  • What are my products and services?
  • Who do I want to attract?
  • What characteristics should my audience have?
  • How to attract a target audience on Instagram?

Is it confusing? Ok! Let’s see how this helps with an example! To illustrate, take a look at the @zoyanailpolish’s Instagram account:

Well, as you see, they are selling vegan-friendly nail polishes. That means that the target audience should preferably:

  1. Like nail polishes
  2. Prefer to use organic products
  3. Need to wear nail polishes for a long time (needs long-lasting nail polishes)

And also, afford the prices. So, before going to attract an audience and get followers, they must check these boxes to have a great list of the identified audience who potentially turns to be a customer. 

Now that you have specified the characters of a target audience on Instagram, let’s identify them on your account and see what type of posts they prefer to see. 

Check Instagram Demographics

Fortunately, Instagram has an amazing feature that lets you know your actual audience better. This feature is Instagram Insights which helps you know how many followers you have gained/lost, track link clicks, and also know about the age range, gender, and locations of your followers. 

These demographic insights tell you some amazing facts about your followers which help you create and share better content to improve your performance, and hence, get more customers. So, check out these analytics every week, combine them with your own customer personas, and then go to see how to attract a target audience on Instagram. 

Analyze Your Performance and Monitor Your Competitors

One of the most essential things in identifying your target audience is to know what types of products they like, and what they want to see on Instagram. For this, you have to check two things: 1) Success rate of your own posts, 2) Success rate of your competitors.

But how to do this? Well, to see how successful your posts are, just go to your Instagram account and see which posts have more likes, comments, and views. This helps you to know what to post on Instagram for the next time. Also, using the insights tools, find out the best time to post on Instagram to get more benefits from it. 

But how can you see how successful your competitors are? Well, you can simply open Instagram, open each account, and see which posts have more likes, comments, etc. But it takes a great deal of time, right? So, I recommend you to use a monitoring tool such as AiGrow. Using this tool, you can track and monitor the latest actions of your followers and see how they perform without following them.

Now that we know how to identify our target audience, it’s time to attract them. But how to attract a target audience on Instagram? Let’s see!

How to Attract a Target Audience on Instagram?

In the previous sections we have learned how to recognize and identify our target audience. We exactly know what they should look like, and also what they prefer to see and purchase on Instagram. So, let’s impress them and encourage them to become our customers using the following tips.

Leverage Your Hashtags

As we all know, hashtags can be interpreted as keywords that help Instagrammers find the posts they like. Well, this can help you to attract your target audience. How? 

All you have to do is to choose the best Instagram post idea to share, find the best Instagram hashtags related to your niche, and add them to your posts. Luckily, this can be done easily using the AiGrow hashtag research tool. All you need is to specify your own niche in the app and then, it will suggest the related hashtags to you. 

Start Location Tagging

One of the best features of Instagram is the location tagging. Obviously, most of the Instagram followers who become a customer live in some near locations. Additionally, Instagram shows up the location-tagged posts and stories in relevant searches and this increases your post views with the target audience for sure. 

Moreover, people are more interested in content from their own locations for so many reasons. For instance, this reduces the shipping prices by far, and more than this. So, by starting location tagging, you enhance the chance of attracting your target audience. 

As an example, look at @charlyontv on Instagram to see how they use location tags to attract the target audience:

Interact with Your Target Audience

One of the most important steps you must take to attract your target audience is to start interactions with them. This is really easy. No one loses by liking a photo on Instagram, replying to a comment, or even following someone else on Instagram. This helps you to show people that you are existing out there and this takes their attraction to at least come and take a look at your page to see what you are doing. 

Moreover, a good way to interact with your target audience is to start a partnership with an influencer and run Instagram giveaway contests. Using these things, you can also send people DMs and gain more engagement. 

To illustrate how this helps, take a look at the following post:

As you see, there are so many comments that can be replied to, so many new accounts to attract, and etc. But since Instagram contest giveaways take a great deal of time to run, you’d better use AiGrow to automate your Instagram giveaway contest

How to Attract a Target Audience on Instagram in a Short Time?

Now, we know how to attract a target audience on Instagram using the mentioned tips. But, to be honest, it may take months and years to target a relevant number of customers in this way. Additionally, there are so many other things to care about. For instance, you have to gain followers using other social media networks, create and share posts on your blog, etc. So, it is better to find an easier way to attract our target audience. But is there any?

Luckily, yes! In the previous sections, we have talked about AiGrow many times. But what is it and how can it? 

Actually, AiGrow is a smart Instagram marketing package with AI-powered growth and engagement tools that helps you turn into a professional Instagram marketer. Using this intriguing tool you can:

And more. But here, I want to talk about one of the best, most complete packages of this tool which is the Pro-Managed package.

As you see, using this amazing package you can get more than 300 new followers per month. So, it professionally helps you in attracting more followers and customers on Instagram. So, using it you will win the marketplace in a short period of time. But how to attract a target audience on Instagram using it? Let’s see!

How to Attract a Target Audience on Instagram via AiGrow?

To start attracting your target audience using AiGrow, sign up for free from here. Then, add your Instagram account by tapping on the “Add Instagram account” button. Note that you can add as many accounts as you want. So, don’t hesitate to do so. After setting up your account, follow these steps to attract your target audience on Instagram:

How to Identify Target Audience On AiGrow?

First of all, tap on the “Manage Account” button on your dashboard. 

Then, open the “Growth” tab.

As you can see in the picture, here you can view a brief report of the growth process. 

Now, what you have to do is to identify your target audience. Remember that I have mentioned hashtags, location tags, competitors, and influencers in the previous section? I told you that you have to get benefits from each of these things manually and attract your target audience which would take hours and days. Here, AiGrow helps you to accelerate the process. All you have to do is to target prospective customers and followers using hashtags, locations, and influencers they follow. Let’s see how to do this.


The first thing that helps you to identify the target audience is hashtags. So, tap on the “Search & Add” button and add related hashtags. Note that you can add as many hashtags as you want. So, do not forget to do so because it helps to find more target audiences. 


Instead of adding locations to your own posts, you can find people who are living near you. Just go there and add all the locations you want to get the audience. 

Influencer Accounts

Another way to target audiences is to attract people following one or more influencers on Instagram. As you may know, influencers have a great impact on users’ minds by doing some special activities, eating healthier, or introducing some specific products. Hence, you can say that almost all the followers of an influencer follow the same path and have the same idea. So, if you see that your business is related to the mind of an influencer, you can target their followers to get your own followers!


And finally, the last way to identify your target audience on AiGrow is to upload a list of usernames. This can help you to accelerate the process since you have already found the people that might follow you. So, don’t want to waste time interacting with each one separately. Just upload the list and let AiGrow start attracting them. 

Now that you have specified the characters of your target audience, it’s time to attract them. But how to attract a target audience on Instagram using AiGrow? Stay tuned!

How to Attract a Target Audience?

Now it’s time to choose a path to attract the audience on Instagram! What can you do to attract people on Instagram without using third-parties? Yes! You’ll try to interact with them to grab their attention. You can follow them, like their posts, or even send them DMs.

This is exactly what happens on AiGrow, After finding a list of followers, the AiGrow Instagram managers start to attract your target audience by engaging with them. All You have to do is to set the desired actions and then, let our expert managers start attracting people. 

Actually, we suggest you use the default settings at first because different activities have different speeds and rates. But, the default settings work way faster. 

Now that you have set all the things, it’s time to start the growth. Choose the category of your niche and then, hit the “Start Growth” button. 

After hitting the start button, you will get a list of potential followers.

Then, you just have to tap “Next”. By doing so, the AiGrow managers do your best to attract your target audience. Note that using this tool, you are not going to be shadow-banned because all the things are being done manually and no bots are used. So, sign up right now and enjoy the ride. Also, take a look at the following video for more details:

Another thing to mention is that AiGrow has many other packages at different prices. So, choose the best plan for your needs and attract your target audience ASAP. Here is a list of the packages, their features, and also the prices:


To sum it up, it can be hard to attract people on Instagram who will turn to customers. Also, if you try your best to do so using the professional hacks we discussed, it may take a great deal of time. So, how to attract a target audience on Instagram in a short time? We recommend you to hire an Instagram manager and use third-parties to get better results in a shorter time.