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Prediction on the Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2021


Are you craving for posting at different times of the day and jotting down each of your posts’ “likes per minute?” The desire to make a powerful Instagram presence resonates with every Digital marketerInstagram is the second topmost social media platform for everyday use and is only projected to grow its user base over the coming years. Because of the Covid-19, this new Global crisis, the future of Instagram is in shadow, and inspecting the best time to post on Instagram is challenging. 

Is It Important to Know the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

If you are willing to reach your industry’s target audience, you should inspect associated data to make precise decisions. Consequently, you can be aware of the best day and time to post on Instagram and make the most of your promotion budget.

Engaging numerous Instagram followers is essential, but if you post your feed at the wrong time, most of your audience won’t see them.

Now the enigma is: Is it possible to predict the optimal post time for your particular audience?

Actually, the best process to find an ideal posting time is by testing your posts’ timing and monitoring which post time causes the most audience engagement.

However, if you don’t have adequate sources or time to manage your tests, some social media management platforms can help you. They analyze their users’ data to detect the time of generating the most engagement in their social media posts. 

Prime For Instagram is an Instagram tool that finds your personalized best time to post to Instagram to get more likes!

While other apps give you generic Prime times, this app analyzes your followers and timezones to calculate your personalized best time to post. Moreover, it schedules posts for later and previews your new grid!

The Best Time to Post on Instagram

The Instagram algorithm concentrates on “recency” and evaluates each post’s engagement. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your feed is “recent” when your target users are most likely to surf the platform. 

Looking at some aggregate customer data for Instagram, you can see that the following days and times in Central Daylight Time (CDT) are ideal for generating the most engagement and grow your brand on the social network:

Normally, the best time to post on Instagram is between 2 PM and 3 PM CDT. Still, your engagement rate can change conclusively according to the day of the week you post. Therefore, the weekday you post can change how much engagement you actually get at 2 – 3 PM.

 Moreover, the best day to post on Instagram is Thursday, at 5 AM, 11 AM, and 4 PM.

If this seems strange to you, remember your different moods and feelings in various moments of the day and week.

In the following, you will see some further insights about ace post timing:

  • As people normally check their phones at lunchtime or when they start to get exhausted at the end of the workday, posting from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM CDT through the weekdays generates a lot of engagement.
  • On the weekends, post on Saturday about 11:00 AM CDT when people have brunch or gathering.
  • Mostly, people check their phones right when they wake up, so posting at 5:00 AM CDT from Tuesday to Friday generates sort of the highest engagement.

As a result, when you want to post, consider the time, the weekday, and your Industry. But how to avoid missing the best time to post on Instagram?

Schedule Your Posts and Stay on Time

Well, to avoid missing the best time, you need to schedule your posts and manage your content. AiSchedul is one of the most powerful Instagram scheduling app that you can rely on to post your feed ahead of time. 

Using this amazing tool, you have the chance to monitor your competitors, repost content, do in-depth hashtag research for your posts, and much more than this. So, read the AiSchedul review here and know more about it.

Best time to post on Instagram during the lockdown

Best Times to Post on Instagram for different businesses

According to the text above, it is important to analyze your insights and consider all the aspects that affect your engagement rate also your business type. Because the audience of every brand is different, and it changes by age, gender, career, and personal interests.

Healthcare Companies

For Healthcare Companies, the best time is Tuesday at 1:00 PM CDT. Also, the most consistent engagement days are Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM CDT. The best day is Tuesday; however, the worst days are Saturday & Sunday.

B2C Companies

For B2C companies, the best time is on Friday at 11:00 AM & 1:00 PM CDT. Also, the most consistent engagement days are every day from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM CDT. The best day is Wednesday; however, the worst day is Sunday.

Educational Org

For Educational Organizations, the best time is on Monday at 8:00 PM CDT. Also, the most consistent engagement days are Weekdays from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM CDT. The best day is Monday; however, the worst day is Sunday.

Tech Companies

For technology companies, the best time is on Wednesday at 10:00 AM CDT. Also, the most consistent engagement days are Wednesday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM CDT. The best day is Thursday; however, the worst day is Sunday.

Best time to post on Instagram during Quarantine(COVID-19)

As we all know, Corona Virus has had a great impact on our lives and even changed our lifestyle. Digital marketing is not excluded from this also.

Before Covid-19, as mentioned above, marketers noticed the best engagement on Wednesday and Friday mornings. However, currently, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings perform best for Instagram marketers, as well as a splinter of engagement opportunity on Tuesday afternoons.

Besides, while previous analysis indicated that Instagram activity carried on with some consistency through early morning and late evening, during Covid-19, activities are much more focused in the workday, with a definite sack out visit after 6 p.m. On the other hand, weekends are also profoundly active between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Instagram Insights

How to find your Personalized Best Time to Post on Instagram

Instagram and promote engagement and help each Instagram post reach all your audience.

Instagram Insights is one of the best options to help you make smart decisions and find your best time and day to post for your specific audience. 

To access your personalized Instagram Insights data on top of the screen, tap on the bar graph icon. Also, you can see data for individual posts and Instagram stories.

As you scroll down your Insight page, you’ll notice graphs that provide insight on follower activity. So you will see your Instagram activity data during the past week, the number of created posts, and the number of followers you’ve got or lost.

Above all, the Instagram Insights Followers part gives you fundamental information when your followers are most active on the platform. One graph shows when your followers are most active online each day. Also, the other one shows which days your followers are online.

As a result, you’ll monitor times and days of high usage and discover the best times to reach your followers through targeted posting strategies.

Final Thoughts

To create a considerable, engaged Instagram following, you need to know your followers more and more. One of the best ways to get to know your followers and gain their attention is grasping precisely when they desire to surf the platform. Remember, it is important to frequently inspect your Instagram Insights because as your followers grow, your peak time changes, and you need to update yourself accordingly.