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With over a billion people visiting the platform every month, Instagram has become a must-use tool for every modern marketer. it’s among the most widely-used apps in the world and it was the second-most-downloaded app in 2018, behind only YouTube.

As a marketing tool, it’s just as dominant. Marketers in the U.S. spend about 31% of their ad Instagram budget on creating engaging Instagram stories. For companies looking to accelerate their growth, it’s a tool that cannot be ignored.

Anyone who has used Instagram can tell you it’s not easy gaining a following there, much less growing your account enough to convert users to paying customers. The easiest way to make the process more bearable is by using growth services. These platforms help you gain more followers, build your brand, improve your social presence, and attain better marketing revenues from your marketing budgets.

In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about Instagram marketing agencies. We have also brought a list of top Instagram growth services for you to choose from.

But in case you are not interested in working with an agency, there are some tools you can use to ease the management of your Instagram account. We have some helpful articles around:

What is an Instagram Growth Service?

A lot of people balk at the idea of growth services. Instagram is always on the lookout for abnormal activity triggered by things like bot activity and bans accounts associated with such traffic. There is cause for concern, but a growth service can mean one of several things.

Growth services could come in the form of a marketing agency, a solo freelancer or as an automated program to boost your profile metrics. There are significant differences in how to approach each option and the kind of results they produce.

For most companies and individual accounts, an agency is the most reliable solution because they have to consult with you every step of the way. A freelancer would be just as good if they are experienced, but will otherwise require more oversight than an agency would.

The final route – automation – often involves the use of bots to spur action from users or taking over foreign accounts to manually follow your account. The effectiveness of this method depends on the individual services but is usually frowned upon, both by Instagram and expert marketers.

According to Gerald Smith, an SEO expert, and copywriter at some of the top college paper writing services, ‘bots do more harm than good. Even if they do work, it’s almost impossible to do anything with hundreds of thousands of followers that you can’t convert. It’s best to stay away.’

Choose Among Top Instagram Growth Services

Instead, we’ve prepared a list of some of the most popular services for giving you insight into how people interact with your Instagram account and what aspects you can improve on. is the best Instagram growth services available on the market. Unlike most popular automation services that allow you to buy followers, this program helps to grow your audience by increasing engagement levels. Its rise to fame has been thanks to its positioning as an entire growth tool. It comes with features such as post scheduling, targeted hashtags, a desktop DM tool and Instagram engagement pods.

There are many reasons behind why we have chosen AiGrow to be on top of the list. One of the most important advantages of AiGrow is that everything is organic and happens in a natural way. Their growth service consists of a team of Instagram experts who best know how to grow an account, no bots, no automations and no way to concern about your account.

The other thing to mention here is that AiGrow guarantees the numbers and you can be sure that your targets are met.

Using AiGrow is really easy. All you need to do is to sign-up for free on the platform, choose your desired plan based on the number of followers you wish to get, set your targeting options (you can target followers based on the hashtags they use, accounts they follow, or the location they’re from) and done. Then an account manager will start working on your account and attracting users to visit and follow your page. You can be sure that the followers you get are 100% real and they all have intrests in your page and might become customers to your business.

Like all great tools, it comes with a week-long free trial. This should be enough time to make up your mind on whether integrating it with your projects is going to be sustainable.


Kicksta is another tool to help you grow followers for Instagram.

It provides you with some filters and mechanisms to identify people that operate in the same niche as you. By liking their photos, you’re creating attention from third parties in the hopes that they will visit your feed and follow you.


Combin is another account management tools for Instagram. The service is offered in two separate plans – Starter, intended for small accounts looking to boost their reach, and a Pro package that brings more features and lifts restrictions such as the number of actions that can be taken in a day.


Upleap is an Instagram growth service, similar to other platforms and software that have been featured on this list already. The only thing that makes Upleap all that different from these accounts is how smooth it is to get started and get used to the platform.

The platform’s onboarding process includes using your username and password to log in via the Upleap interface, then adding up to ten accounts and hashtags that are similar to yours. This allows Upleap to target accounts that are relevant and will likely be interested in the content you post. It also allows you to block hashtags you want to ignore.

Finally, you can specify up to ten different locations Upleap will use to target users according to demographics. Normally, listing accounts and locations that fit every criterion is the best way to narrow down your search. This is useful for ignoring countries that are known to have a lot of fake followers and users.

Upleap offers three different packages that provide all the features incrementally depending on the kinds of resources you need.


Instazood, an automation platform for your account. Once you’ve signed up, you are assigned bots that will like posts, leave comments and follow other accounts on your behalf. The same goes for unfollowing users. If your follower/following ratio is off, the platform allows you to mass unfollow users to help you maximize the number of impressions your Instagram profile receives.

It also accesses the Instagram API to serve you content based on geolocation and hashtags if you’d rather take the mantle and handle it on your own. The whole platform runs on the ‘pay for what you need’ philosophy that has taken over the market in recent years.


Popamatic is a more simplistic service than most others featured on this list. Their pricing model only features one tier, and the overall service has a very generous seven-day trial for people that just want to try out the service. For the most part, that should be enough to get some substantial results and decide if the platform is for you.


Instagram has established itself as a platform no marketer can ignore. However, considering the fierce competition, it’s not an easy social media network to crack. To facilitate faster integration, you need some assistances and Instagram growth services are one.

Help comes in the form of these tools to boost your engagement rates by interacting with potential followers, schedule posts for timely releases and responding to DMs. A quality growth tool is a must-have for a top-notch digital marketing strategy.

Do you any experience working with Instagram growth services? drop us a comment below 😉