Trusy Social Review 2022; Is It a Scam? *The Truth Will Shock You*

Trusy Social Review

It’s growing harder and harder to stand out on Instagram. There are a lot of similar profiles in your niche and industry that are competing for the same target audience as you. Then, how can you succeed and build your brand awareness on such a competitive platform?

As a solution to this issue, various Instagram growth services and apps are now available to assist you in growing your IG account. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to find businesses like Trusy Social that make lofty claims about being the finest in the field. 

The challenge here, however, is to find out which of these Instagram growth services actually work and which one is a rip-off. How can you tell which Instagram growth company makes nothing but baseless claims versus the one that goes all out to meet your expectations? 

The aim of this review is to help you decide whether Trusy Social is worth your time and money. Here, we will analyze its features, customer reviews, and pros & cons in-depth to determine what TrusySocial is all about and how it can help. We’ll provide you with more options to pick from, along with an alternative to TrusySocial called AiGrow, which will do miracles for you. Therefore, stick around with us to learn more about them.

What Is Trusy Social

TrusySocial describes itself as being able to organically grow Instagram and TikTok profiles. These kinds of claims are simple to state, but do they make any logical sense? Or what techniques do they employ to assist you in achieving this goal?

Trusy Social website
Trusy Social Website

They also claim to offer weekly placements in actual mega-influencer giveaways, leading to an overnight increase of 850 – 10,000+ real followers! It claims to be able to provide you with up to 5000 actual fast IG followers each and every month. Is it possible? Of course not!

You’ll probably get less than that with tons of fake followers and engagements. So, Trusy Social won’t have any positive effect on your Instagram growth strategy in the long run. 

How Does Trusy Social Work

Trusy Social claims to assist users by providing some features like growth through celebrity partnership giveaways, growth with press coverage (PR), etc., to boost your Instagram engagement rate and increase your reputation! It promises that whenever you post new content, its real subscribers will provide you with likes, comments, and all the rest. 

Additionally, Trusy Social makes the claim that it can assist customers in enhancing their online presence by providing features such as actual engaged subscribers, rapid publicity, and a variety of other features.

TrusySocial featuresTrusySocial Features

Trust Social also promises that it will provide you with a dedicated account manager for organic Instagram growth.

But do things like loop giveaways or celebrity partnerships improve your followers? Or are they just trying to deceive users into buying their service? These are what we are going to cover in the next sections.

TrusySocial; How to Get Started?

Getting Started with TrusySocial is simple; here’s what you need to do:

  1. For Trusy login, go to their official website at Trusy. co 
  2. Choose one of their growth plans that best suits your needs. 
  3. Be patient and wait for a response from the company.
  4. Define your goals, niche, and the target audience you’d like to attract. 
  5. Trust promises that it will send you real followers and engagement. However, their customers say something else. To verify Trusy Social’s claims, we will examine their reviews on reputable websites.  

Trusy Social Features

TrusySocial promises that it will assign you a dedicated account manager for the duration of your membership. However, it’s important to look into their team’s efficiency and investigate how supportive they are. The other Trusy Social IG features are as follows:

Growth On Instagram

They assert that they have a tried and tested method that involves sending highly targeted actions from a wide network of users that they have built up over an extended period of time and by collaborating with the most powerful influencers on the platform.

Trusy Social IG growthTrusy Social IG Growth

They claim that they are able to boost your content’s visibility on Instagram’s explore pages, as well as on relevant IG hashtags and geo-locations. But do you believe it will be enough to gain you the visibility you require to succeed in your niche?

According to the findings of our investigation, this company employs malicious bots and provides totally fake engagement for your social media posts. Therefore, be careful if you decide to use their service.

Trusy Social; Growth With Instagram Loops

A loop giveaway is a marketing tactic for gaining lots of fans that has surged throughout Instagram feeds courtesy of the Kardashians! If you’re wondering how a loop giveaway works, consider this: a brand presents a tempting offer, such as winning $10,000. Users must follow all participating accounts to enter the Instagram giveaway loop.

The number of accounts engaged might vary, but the more accounts involved, the greater the motivation for people to participate. In order to join the loop giveaways, participants must follow 40 to 70 accounts. Indeed, it’s a significant number and may discourage people from doing so.

Trusy IG loopsTrusy IG Loops

On the other hand, this strategy only temporarily increases the number of followers. Some people believe that after the giveaway, not only did their follower count drop but so did their engagement rate. As a result, having this technique can not be a good reason to consider using this service.

Growth With Press Coverage (PR)

Using a combination of mainstream media exposure and a network of high-profile celebrity influencers, they promise that your brand will experience unprecedented success with this type of growth strategy. To put it simply, they claim to help you gain exposure by keeping you in the spotlight.

In today’s market, however, standing out from the crowd is practically impossible. You may also be aware that press coverage and public relations (PR) may make or ruin a startup. So this is a crucial procedure that will harm your organization if not carried out properly.

Account Audit

Trusy also offers free account audits to its customers. As a result, you will get some tips on when to post, and which hashtags and geotags to use, but it’s not a particularly impressive feature. 

Trusy Social; Growth On TikTok

In addition, Social Trusy offers a TikTok growth strategy. When it comes to the #fyp #foryou page, they believe that understanding when you submit your material is quite crucial. They believe that it will help users gain more followers on the TikTok app.

They provide free Tik Tok account audits for customers as well. They claim that using audit tips will result in significant organic growth and getting famous on TikTok. In a sense, you may become an influencer or even a celebrity on the fly by growing a following on autopilot!

All of those claims are great, but only if they come true! There has been a lot of bad feedback from people who have used this service. We’ll check into them in the Trusy Social review section.

Trusy Social Pricing

TrusySocial has several packages and fees for each feature on the site. If you’re interested in their Instagram loop packages, they have four options, starting at $267 a month.

Expert guidance from top influencers, a dedicated account manager, 24/7 management + support, monthly loop promotions, Instagram compliance, and other features are included in this quite pricey package.

Their premium package, which costs $657, includes all of the features listed earlier. Every month, it offers 5k or more actual and engaged IG followers. This bundle is extremely expensive, and there is no assurance that you will obtain these numbers of followers.

A package called “prestige” is also available, but the price is not revealed. This bundle provides between 10 and 100 thousand monthly followers. You can estimate how much the package will cost by reading the details. 

Furthermore, the gap between 10 and 100k followers is so large that it depends on your luck to obtain how many followers, making it suspicious!

Trusy Social pricing
See? The price of Trusy Packages is too high.

 If you want to become an influencer on Instagram, you can use the package with this name. Its features include a free account audit, expert Instagram strategist, expert guidance from top influencers, increased brand presence & engagement, and unlimited customer support.

The Micro-Influencer bundle costs $97 but does not ensure a specific number of followers. The influencer package costs $197 and includes a brand collaboration database and unique access to the verification blueprint In addition to the previous package features. Neither does it guarantee the result.

You can pay $627 for guaranteed growth. Ultimate growth and weekly USA loop promotions are included in the Elite package to help you expand your Instagram account as quickly as possible. The prices in the screenshot below have been reduced, although they are still quite high.

Trusy pricing
Trusy Pricing

In short, these pricing packages are too expensive and beyond most people’s social media marketing budgets. Additionally, we don’t think The Trusy features and services are worth the price they charge.

There are companies providing similar features at a lower cost. AiGrow is a service that offers a wide range of options at reasonable costs. We will talk more about AiGrow and its incredible features a bit later on. 

Trusy Social TikTok Packages

The silver bundle is the cheapest option for growing your TikTok. It is extremely expensive at $189 per month. After the discount, the price drops to $97, which is still somewhat costly.

Expert guidance from prominent influencers, a dedicated account manager, and a free account audit are some of the features they offer to help you go viral on TikTok.

TikTok gold package costs $299 before the discount and $167 after. Platinum used to cost $699, but it is now $397. As you can see, the costs are extremely expensive, and the only difference between packages is the number of posts they provide per month and the brand collab feature.

Trusy Social Reviews

Surprisingly, Trusy reviews on the Reddit website suggest that they are a scam. It is depicted in the screenshot below. When queried about fake accounts, they respond they are aware of an increase of bot accounts flooding the platform!

Trusy reviews
Trusy Reviews

Other users have complained that the service is flooded with fake IG followers and comments. Their most expensive plan promises 5k new followers a month, but this customer only gained 2500 in the first 30 days of service!

A customer also stated that they have no genuine help, no phone number to call, and only a bunch of scripted email responses when you ask them a question. Another user stated that because of Trusy, “I lost my whole number of followers because of bots and ghost IG followers that followed me.”

Additionally, we discovered Trusy Social reviews on Trustpilot. On Trustpilot, Trusy has a 3.3 score, with a large number of negative evaluations. Many users have complained about fake followers and bots. They believe that this service should be banned!

Trusy Social reviews
Trusy Social Reviews

There is no way for us to list all negative reviews here. But we recommend checking the Trusy Social reviews on Trustpilot before falling prey to their empty promises. 

Trusy Reviews Instagram
Trusy Reviews Instagram

To help you choose the right growth service, we have analyzed different Instagram growth services. Here are some popular reviews that might be of interest to you: 

So, why not try another solution, such as AiGrow, which provides you with a human-based team and guaranteed organic results? This magical service will be discussed in depth in the following sections.

TrusySocial Pros & Cons 

In this section, let’s focus on its advantages and disadvantages to determine whether it is worthwhile to invest in. 

TrusySocial Pros 

✅ Trusy Social has a trendy, sleek, and very user-friendly website. 

✅ For Trusy login, you don’t have to give them the password, which is great. 

TrusySocial Cons

?The Trusy social media service advertises itself as an organic Instagram growth service but is nothing more than a glorified Instagram bot.

? According to Trusy Social reviews, many clients received tons of fake followers. Moreover, many people reported getting action blocked from Instagram after using the Trusy Social IG bot.  

? It does not provide very effective customer support. Your inquiries will be answered, but many of them will be excuses instead of solutions. Based on testimonials from Trusy customers, when they complained about their fake followers or low Instagram engagement rate, their account managers denied the fakeness of their service, made excuses and requested patience! 

? Trusy social offers no free trial and its packages are too expensive. 

? A lack of support from account managers.

?User reviews that are really negative.   

Despite their claims to be 100% legit and organic, Trusy Social media is highly risky and unreliable. So, you’d better avoid it and go with more established and reputable Instagram growth services. 

If you are looking for the best Instagram management tool to help grow your IG account safely and organically, continue reading. 

The Best Trusy Social Alternative; AiGrow

If you want to grow your Instagram organically and need more solutions, AiGrow is the service for you. AiGrow provides IG users with a dedicated account manager, and helpful tools like bulk delete posts, mass unfollow, link in bio, giveaway picker tools, and much more.

AiGrow website

AiGrow can help you with your engagement strategy. It boasts a sophisticated set of features and a support team that includes Instagram specialists and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Their specialized solution will create a complete dashboard for you to use AiGrow’s incredible features. Some of its features that can’t be seen on other platforms are as follows.

AiGrow’s Unique Features

Influencer marketing, hosting giveaway contests, and other features found on the Trusy Social platform, are also available on the AiGrow service. TrusySocial, on the other hand, lacks a few functionalities. Among them are:

All In One Bio-Link

The all-in-one bio-link for Instagram is an effective tool for driving traffic to your website or earning sales. This tool, which exists on the AiGrow dashboard, allows you to integrate a variety of links in your posts, stories, and bio. More traffic and leads will be generated as a result of this.

AiGrow Bulk Delete Posts

The quickest way to remove all of your Instagram posts is to use a reputable third-party service. An Instagram administration and growth solution like Aigrow has everything you’ll need to run your account like a pro, including mass deletion of old posts.

AiGrow Bulk Delete PostsAiGrow Bulk Delete Posts

AiGrow Giveaway Picker

AiGrow provides this feature as a supplementary tool to the others. It’s one of the most effective methods for selecting the winners. You can set the number of winners, the giveaway rules, and the deadline using this tool. There is no Instagram growth solution that has this feature in addition to other growth capabilities.

AiGrow FeaturesAiGrow Features

AiGrow’s distinguishing qualities don’t end there; they additionally consist of:

  • Schedule Feed, IGTV, Stories
  • Reward Post 
  • Hashtag Monitoring
  • Reposting Feed & Stories
  • Youtube to IGTV Repost 
  • Grid Preview for Feed Scheduling
  • Mass unfollowing on Instagram
  • DM to email and vice versa
  • Bulk direct massaging
  • Competitor analysis report
  • Smart targeting

For Instagram users, AiGrow’s VIP Managed Service provides access to experts, manual growth services, and sophisticated capabilities such as growing followers as fast as possible, increasing engagement, managing direct messages, and more. So, start utilizing AiGrow right away to avoid wasting time.

How To Start Using AiGrow

To start using AiGrow, you can go to their website by clicking here. They have three different packages for Instagram growth and two packages for mass delete posts and mass unfollowing.

Their pro-managed service is affordable and includes all manual growth efforts. It offers 300+ new followers each month, a dedicated account manager, AI hashtag research, competitions, geographic research, daily and weekly growth reports, and limitless platform usage.

Simply go to the AiGrow website and select a plan that meets your requirements. They will provide you with a comprehensive dashboard when you pay, and your dedicated account manager will contact you to assist you in getting the best results.

Trusy Social VS. AiGrow

When comparing AiGrow with Trusy Social, we might note that both services provide users with a dedicated management team, organic growth, and smart targeting, among other things. 

Do you want more options, such as a link in the bio tool, a giveaway picker, and bulk delete or mass unfollow tools? So why not choose a service that offers all of these advantages in one place?

AiGrow provides all of the functionality, and because it employs organic development strategies for Instagram, it is completely risk-free. With them, you can rest assured that your Instagram account is safe since they adhere to Instagram’s algorithm and daily limits. On the other hand, AiGrow has prominently displayed information on all of its packaging.

The following table shows the differences between these two services:

AI-powered technology 
Organic growth method. No bots, spam, or fake followers
Hashtag generator tool
Advanced filtering & targeting options
Growth with Instagram Loops
Growth with Press Coverage (PR)
Growth with influencer marketing
Instagram analytics & social monitoring tools
Managed growth plans
An experienced account manager will take care of your Instagram account (Manual Growth)
24/7 effective customer Support
No password required
Viewing Insta stories
The number of followers and success guaranteed
Content design template (feed/stories)
Scheduling Tool
Multiple links in the bio
Instagram post deleter tool
Instagram Mass unfollow tool
Mass DM marketing
Giveaway & contest picker
Fast delivery of services
Trustpilot Score 3.34.6
Trusy Social VS. AiGrow

FAQs On Trusy Social

Many questions about Trusy Social may remain unclear. We attempted to cover them in this section. However, if you still have questions, please leave us a comment and we will gladly answer them.

1. Is Trusy Social Legit?

We can’t say that Trusy is safe or is a genuine service after looking into user reviews and experiences. Many individuals have expressed dissatisfaction with the phony engagements and fake, untargeted followers they deliver and the lack of refunds after discontinuing the service. 

Moreover, after extensive research, we found that Trusy Social advertises itself as an organic Instagram growth service, but in reality, is nothing more than an Instagram bot. Consequently, many people lost their Instagram accounts after using this bot service. Trusysocial is also too expensive, making it even worse.

So, in answering the question ‘Is Trusy Social legit?’ our final verdict is an emphatic NO.

2. Does Trusy Social Have a Free Trial?

Trusy Social does not offer a free trial. So, unless you buy it, you won’t be able to use the dashboard or any of the other features.

3. Where Can I Find Trusy Social Coupons?

There are several websites that offer Trusy Social coupons if you search the internet. For example, and, are two places where you may get Trusy Social discount codes.

Conclusion on TrusySocial 

A considerable percentage of Trusy Social assessments, including our own, show pessimism regarding the quality of the given service. In addition, there is no clear information about the company on their site. Furthermore, using the service may result in the loss of your social media accounts. So it’s better not to rely on them.

Organic Instagram growth services, on the other hand, such as AiGrow, are crystal clear and won’t try to deceive you with bogus claims and promises. They are reliable and capable of elevating your online business to the next level.

Interested in learning more? Click here to set an appointment with your manager.