Instagram Giveaway Rules 2024 (8 Essential Instagram Contest Guidelines)

Instagram Giveaway Rules

As rewarding as running Instagram giveaways are, it’s not like a piece of cake! You have many tasks and challenges to overcome when running giveaways. Specifying Instagram giveaway rules is one of them!

Hosting IG giveaways can be genuinely challenging. But precisely determining Instagram contest guidelines in your giveaway post can work miracles for you because it reflects your transparency and encourages your audience to enter.

As essential as this step is, it also needs to be clarified. So, you need to know how to do a giveaway on Instagram and set rules. To help you, I have decided to prepare a thorough guide on IG giveaway rules and guidelines!

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An Overview of Instagram Giveaway Rules

Hosting an Instagram giveaway is indeed an excellent strategy for growing brands and businesses on Instagram, an ideal platform with more than 2.4 billion global users. To hold it successfully you need to know how to do a giveaway on Instagram.

Running Instagram giveaways involves handling many tasks. One of the most crucial ones is to specify rules for the Instagram giveaway. So, it is essential to take giveaway rules seriously.

To specify Instagram contest guidelines you need to comply with these points:

  • Recognize that the Instagram contest is independent of Instagram.
  • Mention the hosting brand/company’s name.
  • Specify campaign dates and time zones.
  • State any restrictions such as location and age.
  • Provide clear entry guidelines.
  • Utilize a giveaway picker tool for automated winner selection.
  • Explain the winner selection process.
  • Outline winner announcement and prize claim details.
  • Clarify prize delivery arrangements and responsibilities.

You need to choose a way to reward your followers, determine contest rules, and select the winners with IG giveaway pickers. But how? Keep reading to know the details of the rules for Instagram giveaways.

Instagram Contest Guidelines + Examples

So far, you have learned that for your giveaway on Instagram, the rules should be clear and predetermined. Now let’s see what giveaway rules you must include on your Instagram post! 

#1 Explain and Share Instagram Giveaway Rules

The IG giveaway rules determine who can qualify to participate in the contest or giveaway and receive the prize. Therefore, if you don’t share your rules and terms of eligibility, users won’t know how they should take part.

Plus, the less transparent you are with your giveaway Instagram rules, the less they can trust you. So read the other’s giveaway rules to get to know what you should include on your Rules for Instagram Giveaway.

You have already learned what information you should include in your giveaway post. To make your job easier, we have an Instagram giveaway rules template. Using this, you don’t have to spend too much time thinking about how to include Instagram guidelines in your post.

Instagram Giveaway Rules Copy and Paste

For an efficient and fruitful giveaway, your giveaway rules for Instagram should be clearly defined and visible. To help you here is a contest rules and regulations template for you. For your Instagram giveaway, copy and paste this, and specify your own rules.

Explain About Eligibility: The contest is open to all Instagram users aged 18 and above. Employees of [Company Name] and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.
Include Entry Period: The contest begins on [start date] at 12:00 AM [timezone] and ends on [end date] at 11:59 PM [timezone].

Explain How to Enter:

  1. Follow [@CompanyHandle] on Instagram.
  2. Like this post.
  3. Tag three friends in the comments section.
    For an extra entry, share this post on your Instagram story and tag [@CompanyHandle].

Explain What Is The Process of Winner Selection:

  • One winner will be randomly selected from eligible entries using our giveaway picker tool.
  • The winner will be announced on [announcement date] via Instagram post and story.
  • They will also be contacted through direct message.

Prize & Its Delivery:
The winner will receive [description of prize].
Prize delivery will be coordinated with the winner directly.
Additional Terms:
This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Instagram.
By entering, participants agree to release Instagram of any responsibility.
Entries that do not comply with the guidelines will be disqualified.
By participating in this contest, you agree to abide by these guidelines. Good luck!

For your Instagram giveaway, copy and paste this additionall sentences, and you’re good to go:

“Per Instagram guidelines, I should announce that this giveaway is by no means sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram. By taking part, participants acknowledge that they are +18, agree to Instagram terms of use, and release Instagram of all responsibility you.”

So, this is an Instagram contest rules template to help you understand the guidelines fully. Now read on as the next one is a crucial one to consider.

#2 Use a Giveaway Picker Tool

Although it is not an Instagram competition rule, to facilitate selecting the winner don’t overlook the importance of a winner picker tool. A giveaway picker tool is a useful web application designed to randomly select winners for contests or giveaways hosted on platforms such as Instagram.

It helps your giveaway appear more professional. Furthermore, because giveaway picker software automates the winner selection process, it saves time while ensuring fairness for all participants.

However, it’s advisable to utilize a reliable giveaway picker tool to prevent errors and ensure fairness for all participants. Keep reading to know the best giveaway-picker tool on the market.

AiGrow; the Best Giveaway Picker Tool

AiGrow is an Instagram growth tool with many functionalities. One of them is a useful IG winner-picker tool. AiGrow’s Giveaway Picker Tool is the perfect option for selecting a fair and hassle-free winner for your Instagram giveaway! With AiGrow, holding giveaways is as easy as pie.

AiGrow’s smart automation allows you to effortlessly select winners based on comments, likes, tags, and following. Here’s how it works: simply copy and paste the URL to your giveaway post, and AiGrow will handle the rest. For additional information, see the video below:

Its advanced randomization algorithm ensures fairness by selecting winners from the pool of entries without bias. Experience the convenience and reliability of AiGrow’s Giveaway Picker Tool today!

#3 Include the Instagram Promotion Guidelines

When it comes to giveaway rules, you should pay close attention to Instagram’s limitations and rules. Instagram has specific guidelines for giveaways and contests. According to IG promotion guidelines, you need to release Instagram of all responsibility. For instance, this giveaway caption states that it is not affiliated with Instagram.

Instagram giveaway rules
Instagram giveaway rules

#4 Mention What the Participants Should Do

There are different giveaway ideas. For instance, you might ask the participants to leave a comment to qualify, use the best giveaway hashtags while reposting your content, or you might make it a bit more challenging and ask them to tag friends, follow an account, or put up a story.

Whatever you would like to ask, be fully clear, and make sure that you’re not asking for too much! Remember that your followers won’t jump through hoops for you. Moreover, let your followers know about what they should do to get bonus entries. 

For instance, they have thoroughly explained the rules in this giveaway post. So, the Instagrammers can fully understand what steps they should take to enter the giveaway and how to get extra entries!

Instagram giveaway rules
IG giveaway rules

#5 Inform the Participants about the Prize

It’s needless to say the prize is your followers’ motive to participate in the giveaway. So, as you mention your rules, don’t forget to provide adequate information about the prize. 

You can consider any product or service as your prize, but it’s a best practice to share an Instagram coupon as the giveaway reward. No matter what you choose, don’t forget to inform your followers!

For instance, they offer Apple Air Pods to the winner in this giveaway. And the prize is visible both in the image and the caption!

To reach a wider audience and maximize your giveaway campaigns, you can utilize a free influencer marketing platform. By doing so, you can provide influencers in your niche with coupons or discount codes, and they will share them with their followers. This way, you can increase your reach and attract potential customers.

Ainfluencer is the best influencer marketing platform that will allow you to search through an extensive database of legit influencers based on niche, hashtags, followers count, location, etc. Collaborate with the right influencers within a safe and user-friendly environment and enhance the effectiveness of your giveaway campaigns.

Instagram giveaway rules
Instagram giveaway prize

#6 Rules for Instagram Giveaway; Specify the Restrictions

It is entirely natural for a giveaway to have certain restrictions. For instance, you might only be able to send the product to a particular region. Or, you might want to offer the prize to a specific group of a certain age. 

Whatever restrictions you have for the entrants, including age or region, you must specify them from the get-go. 

Take a look at this giveaway, for example. They have briefly mentioned that they can only offer the prize to those in the US and above 18.

Instagram giveaway rules
Instagram rules for giveaways

#7 Set a Clear Deadline

You are certainly not running the giveaway for an indefinite time. So, you should inform the entrants of the deadline, including the date, time, and time zone. 

For instance, the deadline for this giveaway is January 27, 11:59 PM EST. Remember that you can also mention the deadline in your Instagram giveaway rules template.

Instagram giveaway rules
Contest rules and regulations template

#8 Explain How the Winners Will be Chosen

When it comes to social media success, transparency goes a long way. If you’d like to win your audience’s trust, you should be smart enough to explain when and how you will choose the winners. If you use Instagram comment pickers, you can share this information with your followers. 

For example, by reading the caption of this giveaway, we understand how many winners they’d like to select when the winners are chosen, and where they will be announced. 

Instagram Contest Guidelines
Instagram Contest Guidelines

Some of you may claim that these Instagram contest guidelines differ from what you’ve seen before. You may have noticed Instagram giveaways in which users encourage their followers to follow other Instagram pages.

They’re called Instagram giveaway loops. The Instagram loop giveaway rules are the same as regular Instagram giveaways, however they may differ in several aspects. Continue reading to get to know them.

Instagram Loop Giveaway Rules

A loop giveaway on Instagram is a collaborative promotion in which numerous accounts work together to provide a reward or prizes. To join the contest, participants must follow all of the accounts in the loop, resulting in a loop of followers.

The main purpose of a loop giveaway is to increase follower count and engagement for all participating accounts.

As for the rules of an Instagram loop giveaway, they typically include:

  • Entry Requirements: Participants must follow all accounts involved in the loop giveaway.
  • Entry Period: Specific dates and times for when the giveaway starts and ends.
  • Eligibility: Any restrictions on who can participate (e.g., age, location).
  • Prize: Description of the prize(s) being offered in the giveaway.
  • Winner Selection: Details on how winners will be chosen (e.g., randomly, based on specific criteria).
  • Winner Announcement: How and when winners will be announced (e.g., via Instagram post, story, direct message).
  • Prize Claim: Instructions for winners to claim their prizes (e.g., contacting the host account, providing shipping information).
  • Additional Terms: Any other relevant terms and conditions, such as disclaimers about the giveaway not being sponsored by Instagram and release of liability.

As you can see, the Instagram contest guidelines are the same except for the first one. Participants must carefully review and follow the rules of a loop giveaway to verify eligibility and avoid rejection.

Do you ask where to share rules for an Instagram giveaway? While you can share your Instagram giveaway rules in your caption, it’s best to share the most important ones in your giveaway image or video as well.

That is, you need to first call attention to the rules and terms of eligibility through visuals, then include the details in your caption. Many Instagram giveaway templates for posts and stories enable you to share your giveaway rules in your image.

Remember that you can also create a CTA button and design a landing page to explain all the terms and conditions at length. At any rate, you should make sure that your followers can easily access and read your Instagram giveaway rules.

Run and Manage Instagram Giveaways Instantly

You have already noticed that running a giveaway can be confusing and time-consuming. Choosing giveaway winners is tricky, in particular, because we don’t have the luxury of time to manually go through thousands of names and comments to figure out who wins! So, we need help to automate Instagram giveaways

An excellent tool that enables us to have more manageable, more efficient giveaways is AiGrow. This platform is an IG management service and has fantastic features, including a top-notch Instagram giveaway picker. 

AiSchedul features

Here’s how you can exploit the giveaway picker tool on AiGrow:

  • Create a free account on AiGrow and connect your Instagram username.
  • Then in your dashboard, select ‘Manage’ and pick the ‘Giveaway Picker’ tab. 
  • At this point, click on the ‘Start a Giveaway Contest Now’ button. 
aigrow giveaway picker
  • Enter the link to your giveaway post and specify the number of winners, substitute winners, your Instagram giveaway rules, and a deadline.
  • Finally, click on ‘Submit Contest settings.’
aigrow Instagram contest competition rules
AiGrow Instagram contest competition rules

Voila! Now you know how to do a giveaway on Instagram while saving your time and achieving all the favorable results! So, just sit back and wait for AiGrow to find the winners and email them to you! Impressive, right?!

Sign up for AiGrow now to get access to this great Instagram giveaway picker!

Last Words on Instagram Giveaway Rules

You may ask why run Instagram giveaways. According to reliable statistics, accounts hosting giveaways and contests grow their followers 70% faster. Plus, nearly 34% of new customers come from giveaways or contests! These astounding numbers speak for themselves!

Aside from organic follower growth, you can also gain traffic to your website and expose your brand if you exploit the right Instagram giveaway strategies and ideas.

Many successful brands use this unique opportunity to grow and engage their target audience. So, we suggest you don’t take this opportunity for granted! You can use various giveaways, such as loop giveaways or IG photography contests.

To succeed in your social media marketing, you can run effective Instagram giveaways. However, it can be a tiring process that requires much of your energy! In this article, we tried to simplify this process by explaining Instagram contest guidelines and rules and where you should share them! Bear in mind that an excellent tool that can speed up your giveaways, like AiGrow, can work miracles!

FAQ On Instagram Competition Rules

We have, so far, introduced what you should include in your Instagram rules for giveaways. Now, it’s time to answer more of your questions!

Q1. What Should I Include in the Instagram Loop Giveaway Rules?

In effect, you should mention the same information about Instagram terms of use and promotional guidelines. However, you should be clear about how many accounts you would like the entrants to interact with! That is, they shouldn’t have to visit and follow another account only to find that they have to follow even more users! So, make sure that you’re clear about your Instagram loop giveaway rules. And don’t forget to use the template!

Q2. How Long Should My Instagram Giveaway Caption Be?

There’s no clear-cut answer to this question! However, what we can tell you is that your giveaway caption should be short and to the point and encompass all the rules. So, don’t worry about the length. Just make sure that everything is fully covered!