17 Best Free Instagram Giveaway Pickers in 2024

Best Instagram Giveaway Picker to Choose Contest Winners

One of the most effective ways to keep your Instagram followers active and engaged is to hold contests. Giveaways tempts your followers to engage with your content and you can use this strategy to grow your account for free and organically.

As statistics show, accounts that hold contests grow 70% faster! The hardest part of the whole process is figuring out how to host an instagram giveaway contest. Once you’re done with that phase, the most straightforward part is picking the final winners. 

We say it’s the easiest part of the process because by using the best Instagram giveaway picker, you can determine and announce the final winner(s) of your contests and giveaways very easily and quickly.

So if after coming up with some creative Instagram giveaway ideas, you’re struggling to pick a winner on Instagram, don’t worry! In this article, we’ll introduce the best Instagram giveaway picker app. But if you want to skip the article and get to the main answer, run your contests with an automated IG giveaway picker!

What Is an Instagram Giveaway Picker

You have probably heard a lot of digital marketing experts say that this is one of the best methods you can apply to grow your Instagram followers organically. Then, “what is an Instagram contest picker?” you might ask. Here’s the answer. 

Giveaway apps for Instagram are applications that are basically random winner generators for instagram. These apps will pick someone as a winner among many others very quickly and fairly. For example, imagine you post something on Instagram and run a contest, saying that among all of the people who like and comment on this post, you will pick a winner randomly and then give them a free prize. 

Now, among thousands of people, how can you check to see who has both liked and commented on your post? And even if you do, how can you choose a winner that is fair to all? The answer is the Instagram winner picker, or giveaway picker, you can call it by many names.

So basically, an Instagram giveaway winner picker is a tool that helps you identify the people who comply with your contest rules and pick the winner randomly or non randomly based on the rules you have determined for your IG giveaway contest. Whether you run a loop giveaway on Instagram or a regular one, you need a giveaway picker for Instagram. 

There are different types of giveaway winner pickers, and of course, you can expect various features and characteristics from them. Some of them offer these services by requiring you to log into your IG account, and some others allow you to enter the URL of the post you want to run an Instagram contest picker for. 

Then, you can set some settings and rules based on which you’d like to choose your winner. For instance, you can define whether you’d like to have one or more winners and whether you’d like your Instagram giveaway winner to be selected based on the mentions, comments, likes, or etc.  Isn’t it cool to have access to such a tool? An Instagram giveaway picker allows you to automate your giveaway contests and subsequently saves a considerable amount of time!

Top 17 Best & Free Instagram Giveaway Picker Apps

Overall, Instagram contests are interactive content types and excellent for sparking debates and establishing a consistent flow of profile engagement. However, only 0.56% of all Instagram feeds are contests. It might be because when thousands of people enter your giveaways, it’s evident that it’ll be much more challenging to pick the winners and check all the conditions manually for each user! 

When you get to this point, the best option is to use an app to pick a winner on Instagram and let the instagram raffle generator automate the process for you. We’ll introduce the top Instagram random winner pickers, as well as the  best free giveaway pickers in the following section. These platforms and apps will help you set up, schedule, run, and automate contests on this super popular social media platform.

#1 AiGrow Instagram Giveaway Picker

Let’s kick off our exploration of the best giveaway pickers with AiGrow! Gone are the days of hand-picking winners and sifting through endless comments. AiGrow’s giveaway picker automates the entire process, ensuring a fair and random selection based on your defined criteria.

AiGrow: Best Instagarm Giveaway Picker
AiGrow: Best Instagarm Giveaway Picker

Let’s kick off our exploration of the best giveaway pickers with AiGrow! As the first contender on our list, AiGrow is the winner of all giveaway pickers.

Gone are the days of hand-picking winners and sifting through endless comments. AiGrow’s giveaway picker automates the entire process, ensuring a fair and random selection based on your defined criteria.

Simply set your contest end date, specify the number of winners, and let AiGrow do the rest. Plus, you can even designate substitutes for added flexibility.

AiGrow giveaway picker eliminates duplicate entries and filters out users who might try to game the system with multiple comments. This ensures everyone has a fair shot at winning, fostering a positive experience for all participants.

While the giveaway picker is a star attraction, AiGrow offers a treasure trove of additional features to elevate your Instagram presence.

We’re talking about scheduling capabilities for future giveaways, helpful reminders to keep you on track, and a suite of powerful tools (think post designs, analytics, and follower growth) waiting to be explored.

Now, let me show you how to run your contest with AiGrow’s giveaway picker:

  • Step 1:

If you’re new to AiGrow, sign up for free and add your Instagram account to the dashboard.

Step 1: Sign up on AiGrow for Free
Step 1: Sign up on AiGrow for Free

Step 2:

Tap the Giveaway Picker on the top menu and click on Start A Giveaway Contest Now.

AiGrow Giveaway App

Step 3:

Enter the giveaway post URL and tap on Get Started to go to the next step.

How to pick a Giveaway Winner on Instagram: Try AiGrow
How to pick a Giveaway Winner on Instagram: Try AiGrow

Step 4:

Here, you can define a name for your contest, enter the number of winners, identify if the users need to mention someone or use a certain hashtag, and tap Submit Contest Settings (You can use top Instagram giveaway hashtags to grow visibility).

Use AiGrow to Pick a Winner Instagarm
Use AiGrow to Pick a Winner Instagarm

Step 5:

Remember, your first giveaway can be done on a Free Trial, with no cost involved. But for the next ones, you’ll need to grab one of the monthly or yearly plans.

Finally, the tool randomly picks the winners based on the rules you set from the comments.


IDETA is also a free instagram comment picker tool.  It connects directly to your Instagram and lets you choose how many winners to pick, how many times someone can be mentioned, and even consider how many times each person entered.

Then it will randomly choose a winner based on your comments and filters. But one thing you should consider is that Instagram is very strict with third-party tools. So be careful with this part!

IDETA  Giveaway Winner Picker

#3 You to Gift

Another Instagram giveaway picker on our list is called You to Gift. operating since 2019, it is a trusted Instagram and YouTube giveaway tool with a large base of happy customers, crossing 1.5 million. It is one of the best services for hosting Instagram giveaways and picking the winners based on comments and likes. You can use You to Gift for youtube giveaways too.

You to Gift Homepage
You to Gift Homepage

Using the ‘You to Gift’ service, you have access to the following features:

  • It’s safe. You don’t need to provide your Instagram username/password or register on the site. Just provide the link to your giveaway post and pick a winner.
  •  It’s versatile. With You to Gift, you can pick a winner based on likes, comments, and profile subscriptions. 
  •  The first giveaways are completely free. So you can test it without spending money to see how effective it can be. Using the service, you can pick giveaway winners on Instagram or YouTube, download your database of subscribers, likes, and comments in Excel or CSV format, and use the free random number generator.

Additionally,  the app does screen recording. The You to Gift app will send you a reminder before you start. When it’s over, the video will be saved to your device’s gallery. Now, you can post the video on your social media profiles to show your followers that the winners were chosen fairly.

Here are main features of this tool:

  1. Instagram giveaway picker
  2. YouTube winner selection
  3. Instagram data export
  4. Random number generation
  5. Random name selection

#4 Tropee

 Tropee is an all-in-one platform designed to simplify the giveaway process. It lets you pick winners randomly, eliminate fake entries, and automatically notify them – all while keeping things transparent for your audience.

Tropee Instagram giveaway picker
Tropee Instagram Giveaway Picker

Tropee also goes beyond basic comment pickers. It allows you to customize giveaway actions and branding, making it fit seamlessly with your campaign. Plus, it offers one-click entry for participants and powerful tracking options, so you can see how your giveaway is performing.

#5 Gleam: Run Beautiful Instagram Giveaway

Instagram giveaway picker: Gleam
Instagram Giveaway Picker Gleam

Gleam is also another popular giveaway picker. It’s worth noting that Gleam focuses solely on Instagram giveaways and doesn’t include any other features like AiGrow. However, Gleam works in a completely specialized way in the field of giveaways. Here is how Gleam has you covered:

Instant Randomization with Quick Draw:

Gleam’s Quick Draw feature takes the guesswork out of winner selection. It allows you to instantly choose random winners from a variety of sources,  including lists of names, Instagram comments, and even participants from previous Gleam contests. No matter what kind of contest you’re running, Quick Draw streamlines the process, ensuring a fair and transparent outcome.

Need a Simple Name Picker?

For smaller giveaways or even friendly bets, Gleam’s Random Name Picker is your answer.  Simply paste in a list of names directly, or upload a CSV file containing all the participants. With a few clicks, Gleam randomly selects a winner, making the process quick and hassle-free.

Using this platform, you can run giveaways on different social media accounts such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr, etc. So it’s best to say Gleam is an excellent Instagram comment picker you could use for free. You can even Install Gleam on your website and choose your contest winner from your website clients.

 Furthermore, it has so many templates you can use to make the process much easier. 

Gleam offers various pricing plans. Check out the prices in the screenshot below:

Gleam pricing
Gleam Pricing

If you’re interested in having access to an Instagram winner generator for free, this platform might not suit your needs. To use this contest picker, you have to pay 97$ a month.

Gleam full package pricing
Gleam Full Package Pricing

#6 Wishpond 


Another genuine Instagram giveaway app is Wishpond. It is a growth tool but has so many other features as well. Wishpond simplifies running captivating social media contests. Here’s the gist:

  • 10 Contest Formats: Pick the perfect fit – sweepstakes, photo contests, referrals – to achieve your goals.
  • Platform Agnostic: Run contests on your website, Facebook, or Twitter – all device-friendly.
  • Branded & Data-Driven: Design contests that reflect your brand while collecting valuable audience insights.
  • Engagement Boosters: Skyrocket participation with tools like share buttons and referral rewards.
  • Real-Time Insights & A/B Testing: Track performance and optimize your strategy for maximum impact.
  • All-in-One Suite: Wishpond offers landing pages, email marketing, and automation managing everything from one platform.

One of its features is ‘Social Promotions,’ which lets you run contests and grow on your social accounts. Like Gleam, Wishpond also falls under the social media contest apps category. But here’s all its features:

For using one of its features, which in our case is giveaway picker, you can first choose your Instagram giveaway template, use the best IG contest hashtags, and specify your giveaway rules. Once you start this giveaway, you can automate the process, run photo/video contests, and a lot more. In general, you can pick a winner with this app, but it’s not a free Instagram giveaway picker! In fact, it is quite costly. 

The platform is also not free, and you can check out the prices as shown in the screenshot below:

Wishpond Pricing
Wishpond Pricing

#7 Easy Promos App

Easy Promos
Easy Promos

Easy Promos App is probably not the best random Instagram contest picker for Instagram but is still an effective free giveaway app. However, this platform has a limitation. It can only pick one user from many who have commented under your posts. So, it doesn’t track the users’ actions.  Hence, it can be suitable for contests that don’t have any specific conditions, and for those that the only rule they have is to share a comment!

Basically, Easypromos automatically gathers comments, lets you choose finalists, and randomly picks winners based on comments or tagged friends. You can also organize giveaways in collaboration with other brands or influencers with Easy Promos.

This tool also lets you include posts you’ve promoted with Facebook Ads in your Instagram giveaways. That means you can reach an even wider audience and get more people excited to join. Plus, you can combine up to 10 different posts into one giveaway, giving participants more chances to win.

It’s an excellent Instagram competition picker, but as you can see, you have to pay to have full access to their Instagram comment picker tool. The plans offered by EasyPromos and their prices are:

Easy Promos plans
Easy Promos Plans

#8 Instagram Random Comment Picker

Instagram comment picker
Instagram Random Comment Picker

An Instagram giveaway winner picker to use for free is Comment Picker! As the name suggests, this tool is designed as an Instagram comment picker. You can randomly pick a winner among all the users participating in your giveaway using this platform. 

Here is how the comment picker works for Instagram:

  1. Log in with Facebook (You must have an Instagram business or creator account linked to a Facebook business page).
  2. Choose Your Instagram & Giveaway Settings:
  3. Select the Instagram account associated with your giveaway.
  4. Specify the Instagram post or video where the giveaway took place.
  5. Customize giveaway settings (e.g., filter comments by @mentions, text, likes, and date).
  6. Retrieve Comments: CommentPicker.com fetches all comments from the specified Instagram post.
  7. Randomly Select a Winner!

Alongside the Instagram giveaway picker, the wheel picker option can randomly choose a name or an item for you. So, like the Easy Promos app, it’s a relatively helpful tool to determine a winner in simple Instagram giveaways that don’t have particular rules.

So, we can partially say that it’s the best Instagram giveaway picker for free! Well, to some extent! As I said above, this tool doesn’t support personal accounts, and you need to switch to a business account first and connect your account to your Facebook page, and then log in with your Facebook account.

And aside from all this, Instagram Comment Picker lacks many features compared to AiGrow which is free.

#9 Rafflecopter

This tool helps you access giveaway design templates for forms and can help you embed them on your website and track the participants. 

You can also specify your contest rules for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Then, Rafflecopter will keep track of your entries and choose any number of random winners you want.

Rafflecopter offers some special giveaway features for its users.

1- Customizable Poll/Survey Entry Option: Poll your entrants for an entry into your promotion.

2- Customizable Start/End Times: Choose precise start and end times for your giveaways.

3- Advanced Title Typography: Customize the size and style of your widget’s title banner.

You can also run your giveaways in multiple languages with Rafflecopter!

Plus, your giveaway performance is promised to be analyzed. So, you can understand where you went wrong and what you did right! Rafflecopter also promises excellent support for those who subscribe.Yet, the pricing might be a bit expensive for an app that only offers these options. AiGrow would be a more economical option as it offers more tools for a more reasonable cost!

Rafflecopter pricing plans
Rafflecopter Pricing Plans

#10 Heyo

Much like Rafflecopter, Heyo enables you to create landing pages and forms to gather information from visitors. You can hold your giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Heyo takes the hassle out of running Instagram giveaways with their user-friendly Instagram Sweeps feature.  This tool lets you review and approve entries before they appear in your contest gallery. So you can make sure only valid entries are included.

Heyo also empowers you to make sure entries follow your contest rules. If they don’t you can eliminate them from the contest and keep it fair!

Finally, Heyo lets you make changes to each entry if needed. This means you can fix any small mistakes or typos people might make when they enter. Isn’t it thoughtful? 

Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t provide extra features for growth or Instagram account management! The Heyo pricing is as follows:

Heyo pricing
Heyo Pricing

#11 Wask

Wask: Instagram Giveaway Picker
Wask: Instagram Giveaway Picker

Wask is a free instagram comment picker you can use to run your contests on Instagram. This tool claims to offer you other services such as influencer finder, campaign optimization, smart analytics and target audience creator as well.

Generally speaking, Wask is a tool for advertising on Instagram and other platforms. It also focuses more on the advertising campaigns on different platforms like Facebook. Therefore, it may not be the best option for your Instagram giveaways. The wisest thing to do is to choose a service the main focus of which is Instagram. 

Several users have reported that they have difficulty using their automated features. So, we decided to test the Instagram tools it offers to see whether they work. Much to our disappointment, the ‘Influencer Finder’ tool doesn’t work AT ALL, and its free Instagram giveaway picker only gives you two tries. You need to register and pay 9$ to continue. 

Why is AiGrow Better Than Wask Giveaway Picker?

When we look at AiGrow and Wask for picking Instagram giveaway winners, AiGrow comes out as the better choice for a few reasons.

First, AiGrow offers more stuff than just picking winners. Wask mainly focuses on ads and campaigns, but AiGrow is all about helping with Instagram, including giveaways. With AiGrow, you not only pick winners but also plan giveaways, remove duplicate comments, and set end dates for contests. This makes running giveaways easier and gets more people involved.

Second, AiGrow gives you extra help from account managers who know Instagram really well. They use organic Instagram growth strategies to keep your account safe and successful. Wask doesn’t give this kind of support, so you might have to figure out Instagram on your own.

Also, AiGrow is big on making sure giveaways are fair. It gets rid of duplicate comments and users so everyone has the same chance to win. Wask might not be as good at this, which could make some people feel like the contest isn’t fair.So why don’t you sign up to AiGrow and see for yourself?

#12 Iconosquare

Iconosquare: Instagram Contest Picker

If you still need to see more tools to make an informed decision, here’s another Instagram giveaway winner picker. Iconosquare promises to give you the opportunity to smoothly run your contests on Instagram. 

Iconosquare offers a free Random Comment Picker Tool that helps you choose a winner from your Instagram or Facebook contest entries. It offers you some features like:

Deadline: Decide if only comments made before a specific date count.

Unique Entries: Choose if you only want to consider comments people made once (no multiples).

Number of Winners: Select up to 5 lucky winners!

However, there’s something you need to be careful about. 

Iconosquare’s Instagram contest picker is free, but you need to log in with Facebook or Instagram to be able to use this feature. As you may know, Instagram is extremely sensitive when it comes to using third-party apps. It’s against its terms of use and penalizes the accounts that are not mindful of them by shadowbanning or shutting down their pages for good. 

Therefore, it’s best to steer clear of such tools.

#13 Woobox

Woobox is the best instagram giveaway picker free from any cost! That’s right. You can use this tool totally free.

Woobox simplifies the entire process, making it easy to choose winners from those who liked, commented on, or interacted with your contest posts in any way you define.

Here’s how it works:

  •  simply sign in with your existing Facebook or Instagram account (it’s free!), 
  • select the contest post you want a winner for,  and set your criteria. Will it be based on likes, comments, or both?  You can even set a deadline for entries to ensure fairness.
  • With a click, Woobox randomly picks one or more winners based on your chosen rules. Don’t worry about mistakes – you can easily remove anyone who doesn’t meet your requirements before finalizing the selection.

Woobox’s Giveaway Picker takes the guesswork out of contest winner selection, making it a fun and transparent experience for everyone involved.

#14 Woorise


Woorise is another instagram giveaway generator which is totally free.  With one click, Woorise randomly picks winners from everyone who entered your contest. It’s fair and keeps things exciting! There are also some other privileges that Woorsie offers you for free:

Want to choose winners who followed you or used a special hashtag? No problem! Woorise lets you filter entries based on your contest rules.

Feeling picky? You can also choose winners manually from the list of entries.

Need to pick several lucky winners? Woorise makes it a breeze to select multiple winners at once.

Bonus! If you require email verification for your contest, Woorise automatically keeps those who haven’t verified out of the winner pool.

#15 Sorteos


Sorteos offers a free Instagram comment picker called Rafflys. Similar to Sorteos itself, Rafflys picks winners randomly with a single click. It’s fair and keeps the excitement going! Rafflys also lets you filter comments before picking a winner, ensuring they follow your contest rules.

Sorteos provides a certificate you can share to prove the winner selection process was fair and random. They even give you a video for extra proof!

Sorteos is super user-friendly, even if you’re not tech-savvy. As you can see in the picture, all you need to do is enter your instagram post link and the giveaway shall begin!

#16 Giveaway Jet

Giveaway Jet

Just like other options, GiveawayJet lives up to its name. It’s another free instagram giveaway picker that helps you effortlessly choose winners for your Instagram contests.

With GiveawayJet is a breeze. All you need to do is copy the link to your giveaway post, paste it into the tool, and define the rules for participation. GiveawayJet will then randomly pick a winner based on your criteria. All done!

There’s no need to download any additional software or apps. GiveawayJet’s simple interface lets you focus on the important things: setting up giveaway rules, choosing your prize, and inviting participants from your existing Instagram audience.

#17 Pickawinner

Rounding out our best instagram giveaway picker free to use list, is Pickawinner. it might not be the most feature-rich option, it’s still a user-friendly tool for picking random winners from your Instagram giveaways.

So, if you’re looking for a straightforward way to run engaging Instagram contests and giveaways, Pickawinner is a solid choice to consider. It also lets you choose a winner in Youtube, tiktok and twitter comments too. It might not offer everything some other platforms do, but it excels at its core function. Don’t rule it out!

Why Do I Need to Run Instagram Giveaways

As mentioned earlier, Instagram contests can lead to solid, sustainable, and organic growth on Instagram. Planning and successfully hosting Instagram giveaways will also boost your account’s engagement rate and help increase brand awareness. Most importantly, they provide you with an opportunity to increase conversion rates by almost 189%.

Moreover, by using a reliable Instagram giveaway picker you can increase the engagement rate of your IG page. According to the statistics, over 91% of Instagram posts that have over 1000 comments under them are contest posts. 

Giveaways are especially effective for businesses of all types, especially when you know the best time to post on Instagram. Have you seen a business owner who hates attracting more audiences and turning them into paying customers? You haven’t, and neither have I!

An Instagram giveaway can help create a bond between you and your followers based on positive feelings and loyalty. Think about it. No one likes a business owner that is only trying to sell their products and services without adding value. If you run such contests with valuable prizes, you will be recognized as a brand that is also generous and giving. 

Giveaways on Instagram are among the most effective and efficient ways to push your account in front of the right audience. Especially in June and November, which are the ideal time of the year to launch contest campaigns. We all know the cost of not maintaining an active presence on the platform. Your followers may decide to unfollow your Instagram account if they see you’re not doing much to capture their attention.However, aside from choosing the perfect prize and using the ideal giveaway hashtags, you need an Instagram giveaway winner picker to ensure your success.

Last Words on Instagram Giveaway Picker

To wrap up, you can leverage Instagram giveaway contests to gain more followers and stay ahead of your game on Instagram. However, sharing contest posts regularly on multiple accounts and tracking the participants to check the conditions take considerable time.So, it is better to automate the process. For this purpose, you can check out AiGrow right now and use all these features!

FAQs on the Best Instagram Giveaway Picker

So far, we have discussed various giveaway pickers. Now, let’s answer more of your questions!

1- What Is the Best Prize for Giveaway Winners?

For your giveaway to have the ideal outcome, you need to specify the ideal prize! How you reward your best followers depends on your content and budget. 
But keep in mind that the best prize you can give is one that is one of your products or related to them. For instance, you can share coupon codes for your Instagram giveaways!

2- How to Pick a Giveaway Winner on Instagram?

Let’s think this through. In order to take the most out of these contests, you need to ask yourself a question first: ‘why do I want to run an Instagram giveaway anyway?’ The way you should pick the winner pretty much depends on your answer to this question. How?
For instance, if you wish to increase your followers by holding such contests you should probably ask the participants to mention 2 or 3 of their friends. This way, you’ll draw new traffic to your account, and consequently, gain new followers. 
However, if your goal is to increase your Instagram engagement rate, you can ask them to like and comment to be qualified for the contest. This will also help your post to appear on Instagram’s explore page
After you’re done with setting your strategy, the only thing you need to do now is to choose the best Instagram giveaway picker.
As explained in the article, our recommendation is AiGrow; an excellent all-in-one tool you can use to manage your Instagram page, have organic growth, and run a fair contest through its Instagram giveaway picker feature.

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