Best Instagram Giveaway Template Examples for Marketers + Tools

Best Instagram Giveaway Template

The number of Instagrammers has steadily grown and this broad audience makes Instagram an apt choice for those who wish to grow a brand on social media. Many IG users try to attract more followers by holding contests. They embed their details of requirements in the most appealing Instagram giveaway template so that viewers can easily follow the rules.

Thus, an excellent strategy for growing followers is hosting effective giveaways. However, giveaways are too demanding, and you can only succeed when you have Instagram giveaway templates for posts and rules at your disposal!

Plus, the immense power of giveaways and the necessity of accessing the best giveaway post templates for Instagram, have compelled us to dedicate an article to this subject. Here, I will answer all your questions about giveaways and how you can make the process demanding!

Note: To choose the winner, you will undoubtedly require a giveaway picker tool, so we will present you with AiGrow, the top-notch option tailored specifically for Instagram users.

What Is an Instagram Giveaway

An Instagram giveaway is a promotional event where participants have the chance to win a prize by engaging with a post on Instagram. Typically, to enter, users must follow the account hosting the giveaway, like or comment on the post, and sometimes tag friends to increase engagement.

It’s a strategy used by brands or individuals to grow their following, boost engagement, and give back to their community. The giveaways can vary, but they often involve users performing specific actions like following, liking, commenting, or sharing content to qualify for winning prizes.

Why Run Instagram Giveaways 

According to statistics, contests and giveaways have a conversion rate of 34%. Thus, exploiting Instagram giveaway strategies and ideas allows you to turn mere visitors into followers and finally convert them into loyal customers! In other words, giveaways work miracles for your brand if done right.

Benefits of holding Instagram giveaways
Benefits of holding Instagram giveaways

You may run contests or loop giveaways for various reasons, including:

No matter what you’re trying to get out of Instagram giveaways, there is no doubt that they are essential for your fast and organic Instagram growth.

How to Run Instagram Giveaways

Now that we know how crucial Instagram giveaways are, it’s time to explain how you can run and automate Instagram giveaways!

How to do a successful giveaway on Instagram

We have discussed this question at length before, but let’s briefly go over the steps you need to take:

Once you have gone through all these steps, you can ensure that your giveaway will produce favorable results!

Note: Use an influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer to collaborate with the top influencers and promote your giveaway if you want to ensure your success.

Instagram Giveaway Template for Rules

This section will provide an Instagram giveaway template to copy and paste into your caption. So, let’s get to it!

Before starting your giveaway, you need to be fully aware of Instagram promotion guidelines. These guidelines ensure that you offer clear contest rules and terms of eligibility.

Yet not only is it necessary for you to be aware of the guidelines, but it is also essential that your followers or the participants are informed. Here’s an Instagram giveaway template you can add to your giveaway post:

“Per Instagram guidelines, I must state this giveaway is by no means sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram Inc. By participating, entrants acknowledge that they are 18+ years of age, agree to Instagram terms of use, and release Instagram of all responsibility”.

This can also serve as an excellent Instagram giveaway caption template. You can also add your own predetermined rules to make everything fully clear. 

What to Include in Instagram Giveaway Rules

Let’s first discuss what should be in your giveaway rules before moving on to templates for Instagram giveaways:

  • Mention that Instagram is not involved in the sponsorship or administration of your Instagram contest or giveaway.
  • Specify the brand name of the organization running the Instagram competition or giveaway.
  • Mention the days the campaign will run, including the timeframe.
  • Set limitations on participation, including age and place.
  • Write detailed instructions on how to get involved.
  • Describe how and when the winner(s) will be announced, as well as how and when the winner should claim the reward.

Best Instagram Giveaway Template Examples

There are different types of Instagram giveaways and contests these days. For instance, you can run Instagram photography contests or simply ask your followers to like the post and tag a friend. 

However, no matter what type of giveaway you choose, you need to look at the best giveaway examples. So, let’s check out some Instagram flyers so you can decide what layout is best for an Instagram giveaway template. 

#1 Instagram Giveaway Post Template

If you’re looking for a highly appealing giveaway post template for Instagram posts, check out these Instagram giveaway templates. 

Let’s start with the most basic Instagram giveaway template. This image is attention-grabbing yet simple and effective. However, it’s best to include your contest rules and deadline in the image. So, you can change the Instagram giveaway template text.

Instagram giveaway template
Instagram Giveaway Template (Source: PosterMyWall)

Next in line, we have a more colorful Instagram giveaway post template. It will stand out among all the posts on the Explore page, and since it is informative, it can be an excellent option for you.

Instagram giveaway template
Instagram Giveaway Template (Source: PosterMyWall)

Like the last Instagram giveaway template, this one is colorful and includes all the essential information.

Instagram giveaway template
Instagram Giveaway Template (Source: PosterMyWall)

If you wish to host a giveaway and are looking for an Instagram post template for your brand, you can also exploit this one. It is just as good as the last ones yet even more expressive!

Instagram giveaway template
Instagram Giveaway Template (Source: PosterMyWall)

You might think that a black-and-gold template is not colorful enough. But, keep in mind that it will call attention to itself among the sea of posts on the explore section!

Instagram giveaway template
Instagram Giveaway Example (Source: PosterMyWall)

#2 Instagram Giveaway Template for Stories

This Instagram story giveaway template is attractive and offers all the information about your giveaway. You can also add a CTA button to your IG story to direct your followers to your website.

Instagram giveaway template
Instagram Story Giveaway Template (Source: PosterMyWall)

For promoting your giveaway on your stories, you can also choose and edit this Instagram giveaway template. It might not fully express the contest rules and deadline, but it can contain an image of the prize!

Instagram giveaway template
Instagram Story Giveaway Template (Source: PosterMyWall)

Next in line, we have this Instagram story giveaway template that you can edit and turn into an Instagram giveaway post template!

Instagram giveaway template
source: postermywall

Example of an Instagram Giveaway Template For Stories

An illustration of a contest rule on Instagram that can be shared on your story is provided here. It inspires you to incorporate your intended rules to inform individuals of what they should take into account and what they should do to enter the contest.

Example Of an Instagram Giveaway Rules Template For Stories
Example Of an Instagram Giveaway Rules Template For Stories

#3 Instagram Giveaway Winner Template 

One of the best social media marketing strategies to gain the trust of your followers is to announce the giveaway winners in a separate post. 

Of course, you can edit the previous templates to announce the winner, but you can also use this simple Instagram giveaway winner template! It has a simple design and can be conveniently edited.

Instagram giveaway template
Giveaway Template for Instagram (source: Postermywall)

If you’re looking for an Instagram giveaway winner template that is more colorful, you can go ahead with this template.

Instagram giveaway template
Instagram Giveaway Template (Source: PosterMyWall)

Instagram Giveaway Text Template Examples

Ready to ramp up your Instagram game with a giveaway?! In this section, I’ll dive into a collection of giveaway text templates to get you started and spark participation among your followers.

General Giveaway:

  • GIVEAWAY ALERT! We’re giving away a [prize] to one lucky follower! Here’s how to enter:
    • ✅ Follow us (@yourusername)
    • ❤️ Like this post
    • ️ Tag a friend in the comments (each comment with a unique tag is an entry!)

Bonus Entry Giveaway:

  • Level up your chance to win! For an extra entry:
    • ➡️ Share this post to your story!

Creative Entry Giveaway:

  • Show us your [skill/talent]! To enter:
    • Create a post related to [theme] and tag us (@yourusername).
    • We’ll pick the most creative entry to win!

Specific Action Giveaway:

  • Looking for the ultimate [product]? We’re giving one away to celebrate [occasion]! Here’s how to win:
    • Head over to our website (link in bio) and browse our [product category].
    • Come back here and comment with your favorite product!

Remember to always include:

  • A captivating image or video showcasing the prize.
  • A clear deadline for entries.
  • How the winner(s) will be selected and announced.
  • Disclaimer: “This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.”

Helpful Tools to Create and Edit an Instagram Giveaway Template

Hosting Instagram giveaways are complicated and time-consuming. However, using the right Instagram giveaway poster makers can help you save time while getting the desired outcome. 

Here, I will introduce tools and platforms that enable you to edit a downloadable Instagram giveaway template or create one for free. So, let’s get to it!

1– Placeit: Instagram Giveaway Template Generator

Placeit is a template generator that will allow you to edit a template for your giveaway post. On this platform, you can choose a preset and modify it however you want, or start designing a template from scratch.

Placeit homepage
Placeit: Instagram giveaway template tool

However, a significant drawback to using Placeit is that you can’t access all the templates unless you purchase their plans. 

2– Canva

It is impossible to run an Instagram business account and not know Canva! Canva is a genuinely practical application that enables you to create creative designs or go through templates and edit them! 

Canva homepage
Canva: Instagram giveaway template tool

If you use Instagram for your business and are interested in creating and editing an Instagram giveaway template for free, you can’t forgo this fantastic application. However, To access more templates and options, you must purchase one of Canva’s plans.

3- PosterMyWall: Free Downloadable Instagram Giveaway Templates

Poster My Wall offers giveaway templates that you can edit and save for free.

Postermywall homepage
Postermywall: Downloadable Instagram giveaway template for free

All you need to do is:

  • Search for the word ‘Giveaway.’ 
  • Then, tap on any attractive giveaway templates.
  • Click on ‘Customize this design’ to add elements to your design.
  • Finally, save it.

It’s pretty easy, right? Remember to resize the templates to match social media image sizes and specs!

4– Adobe Express: Instagram Giveaway Template for Free

Adobe Express homepage
Adobe Express

Adobe Express allows you to choose from their free Instagram giveaway templates and edit them. You can conveniently edit, customize, crop, and save any Instagram giveaway template with this platform!

Facilitate Instagram Giveaways with AiGrow

As significant and influential Instagram giveaways might be, they are also challenging. So far, we have introduced the best Instagram giveaway template examples. Now, it’s time to see how you can facilitate the process of choosing giveaway winners with the best IG comment picker in the market. 

AiGrow homepage

Want an easy way to handle your Instagram giveaways? Try AiGrow’s giveaway picker! It’s super simple and picks winners for you.

Just link your Instagram giveaway post to AiGrow. It’ll check the rules and choose winners from those who followed them. With AiGrow, you can relax and focus on having fun with your followers while your giveaway runs smoothly. In the next section, I’ll explain how using AiGrow makes choosing giveaway winners easier.

How to Use AiGrow Giveaway Picker

Once your Instagram giveaway template is ready, post it and wait for your followers to participate. Once it’s past the deadline, use AiGrow to find the winners!

To exploit the giveaway picker, follow the steps below:

  • Sign up on AiGrow for free and connect your IG by following the prompts.
  • Then, click on ‘Manage account’ and choose ‘Giveaway picker.’
  • Select ‘Start a Giveaway Contest Now’ and paste the link to your giveaway post.
AiGrow giveaway picker

  • Now, specify the number of winners, your contest rules, and the deadline. 
  • Finally, choose the ‘Submit Contest Settings.’
AiGrow giveaway picker

You can sit back and relax! This tool will find the winners and email them to you! So, don’t wait around anymore!

Use Ainfluencer To Promote Your Giveaways

You need a third-party service to promote your giveaway material once you’ve decided on your contest’s rules, prizes, Instagram contest template, and everything else we’ve stated thus far.

Ainfluencer is the greatest influencer marketplace for finding the best influencers based on your niche, location, gender, and other factors. You can contact influencers, negotiate with them, and sign contracts with them.

Learn more about this service by reading the Ainfluencer review. All of the Ainfluencer characteristics are shown in the image below.

Ainfluencer features
Ainfluencer features

So don’t spend any time and sign up for Ainfluencer now.

Last Words on Instagram Giveaway Templates

Handling Instagram giveaways single-handedly is impossible. It takes too much time and might even be more of a hindrance to your progress! However, if you know the best Instagram giveaway template examples and how to create them, you can host them efficiently! 

This article aimed to show you some of the best tools to download and create Instagram giveaway templates.

But don’t forget to use third-party apps like AiGrow to benefit from the greatest giveaway picker, and Ainfluencer to better promote your contest.

If you have any unanswered questions regarding giveaway post templates, contact us; it won’t go unnoticed! 🙂

FAQs on Instagram Giveaway Template

You might have more inquiries about Instagram contest templates. Here, we discuss a few of them in an effort to help you with your issue.

Q1: Are Facebook Giveaways And Instagram Contests The Same?

Instagram giveaways are not the same as Facebook giveaways. A giveaway can be hosted on a Facebook Page’s Timeline, a Facebook Page Tab, or a Facebook App page. A giveaway cannot be held on the Timeline of a Personal Profile. In fact, many individuals attempt to operate them but it doesn’t work.

Instagram, unlike Facebook, does not allow you to simply share and redistribute Facebook giveaway templates and content. 

Q2: What Are Some Pointers For Modifying Instagram Contest Templates?

Here are some Instagram giveaway ideas to help you make your giveaway posts more appealing:

  • Using eye-catching pictures, you may get your audience interested in your Instagram contest.
  • Use high-quality images to highlight the giveaway prize, and add creative borders, backdrops, or motion to your design to make it stand out in your feed.
  • Make variants of your Instagram giveaway design for all of Instagram’s posting options, like grid posts, stories, and Reels.
  • In your design, description, or both, include clear messaging about the giveaway prize and rules.
  • To maximize the exposure your post will receive, feel free to incorporate your logo or the branding from your collaborators into the prize design.

Q3: Are Instagram Giveaways Legal?

Instagram giveaways are legal, but they must follow certain rules to ensure they comply with the law. To ensure legal compliance for your Instagram giveaway:

1. Follow Instagram’s Promotion Guidelines, taking responsibility for the lawful operation, rules, and eligibility criteria.

2. Clearly state that your giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram.

3. Differentiate between a giveaway, contest, and lottery; ensure no paid entry is required.

4. Comply with all relevant laws, including federal, state, or local regulations.

Consulting with legal experts and staying updated on Instagram’s guidelines can help ensure a successful and legally compliant giveaway.

Q4: Can I Run Multiple Instagram Giveaways at the Same Time?

Running multiple Instagram giveaways is possible, but consider the workload and potential for confusing followers. It might be better to focus on one well-managed giveaway or run a series with a common theme.

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