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Great Way to Share Instagram Coupons for Giveaways and Discounts

September 15, 2020

Little by little, Instagram is becoming one of the largest marketplaces for everyone. No matter if you are a customer or a seller, Instagram has countless benefits for you. In this article, we’re going to focus on one of the trending marketing strategies on the platform: Coupons on Instagram. 

On Instagram, you have numerous ways to promote your products or services, from partnering with influencers to running ads. If designed and represented correctly, coupons are great tools to boost sales on Instagram and grow your Instagram organically

Compared to other online social media, on Instagram, users tend to buy stuff more – even as a hobby. A study by Business Insider revealed that 72% of Instagram users report having made a product purchase after seeing it on the app.

 Let’s start from scratch and dive into the world of coupons.

What is a Promo Code or a Coupon Code?

A promo code or coupon on Instagram is a unique code, such as SAVMILLER20, MIM70, FIRST24, and SAF84125. You gave this code to all or a part of your (potential) customers as a part of hosting giveaways on Instagram or maybe simple discounts. 

Sometimes, brands use influencers to share the coupons to use their power of followers. In this case, they might give each influencer a unique code. For example, an influencer may be a person introducing the code on an IG page or mentioning it in their podcast.

Why is Instagram a good channel for sharing coupons?

There are two main reasons why sharing coupons is a good idea on Instagram:

Reason #1: To Gain More Engagement

Everyone loves to gain more followers on Instagram. After all, it has more than one billion active users who can become potential customers. Using Instagram coupons, you encourage people to interact more with your page.

When you run an Instagram coupon campaign, you receive more likes, comments, followers, profile visits, and as a result, your page’s overall Instagram engagement will surge dramatically. So, distributing coupons on Instagram might be one of the best decisions that you make regarding your brand’s marketing.

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Reason #2: To Increase Brand Awareness

Another great advantage of coupons on Instagram is the increase in brand awareness. When your followers see that you offer discounts, they pay more attention to your products and share them with their friends. This way, more people will recognize your brand, and they will remember it more easily in future encounters.

Now that you know how much coupons can help you sell your products, it’s time to effectively use them on Instagram. 


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How to share a coupon code on Instagram?

There are many different ways to share a coupon on Instagram. But first, let’s see how you can make a coupon.

Step 1: Create an Instagram coupon code

To create a unique coupon on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an excellent coupon name: Although it sounds unnecessary, choosing a catchy name even for your coupon might be advantageous.
  2. Choose whether your discount is a percentage of the cost or a specific dollar amount. People love details.
  3. Choose which product your code applies to.
  4. Set the promotional period for your coupon. You can give urgency to followers in the finishing days.

Step 2: Share the coupon on Instagram

There are many ways to promote your coupon on Instagram. Here are the most common ways, and we start with the most effective one:

Put the Coupon on Your Instagram Bio

Instagram bio is the best place to put your coupon because every visitor will see it immediately when entering your page along with the link that leads them to the purchase page. There is only one problem with this: You will never know who receives and uses that coupon.

A great way to optimize your bio for this purpose is to use an Instagram marketing tool such as AiSchedul

Use AiSchedul to manage your coupons on Instagram

AiSchedul helps you to manage your Instagram coupon campaign in the best way possible. This app has many features such as a smart scheduler, social calendar, hashtags, and account monitoring, and a unique feature called Bio Link.

With Bio Link, you will get a gorgeous page like this:

AiSchedul Bio Link Feature

The good thing about this page is that you can add as many external links and buttons as possible to your Instagram. 

If you sign up for AiSchedul, you can see “add your coupon to your bio” in your Bio Link tap. When you click on it, you see an email template like this:

Building Instagram Coupons Using AiSchedul

As you can see, you edit this text and add your own unique Instagram coupon code or Instagram influencer discount code. In the section “What fans must do to receive this email?,” apart from the email address which is mandatory for fans to add, you can collect more information by adding more input fields. For example, you may ask them to add their first name, their age, or any other question related to the coupon campaign; it’s completely up to you!

 After clicking ok, a button will be added to your Instagram bio built by AiSchedul:


Coupon Button for Instagram by AiSchedul

By clicking on “Request Coupon,” your followers will be asked to add their name, email, and any other fields you have added to receive the coupon in their email. 

Sending Instagram Coupons via Email

And this feature makes AiSchedul a perfect tool for your Instagram coupon campaign. Instead of showing your special Instagram coupon code to everyone on bio, you lead the followers to a page where you can get emails addresses from Instagram followers

Email marketing is still one of the best marketing channels in terms of ROI; for every $1 that you spend on email marketing, you get $42 back!

Another great thing to point out about using this method is that you’re collecting more valuable emails. Why? Think about it; the people who click on the “Request Coupon” are actually high-potential purchasers. So, if you want to run an email campaign using these emails in the future, the chances of being successful will probably be multifold!

Moreover, you receive a notification whenever someone requests a coupon. This gives you a good hint about the success of your campaign, and you can use the emails to crunch the number of total buyers using that code. 

Promote Your Coupon on Posts and Stories

Let people know about your discounts and coupons. Regularly publish promotional posts and encourage people to use the Instagram coupon; you can even start earlier and share a post about your future discount, but do not yet tell the whole story. This is a great way to make your followers more interested. 

Moreover, you can use AiSchedul to plan your posts before and during the Instagram coupon campaign. And the best part? 

As most of the posts related to coupon campaigns are temporary, AiSchedul can help you to automatically delete these posts whenever you want. When scheduling a post, besides setting a time to publish the post, you can also set a post for the deletion.

As mentioned before, AiSchedul has many different tools to offer. With its smart scheduler, you can plan publishing posts for the coming weeks and even months.

Work with Influencers

As you know, partnering with influencers is a great way to introduce your coupons. Influencers have their own style and niche. As followers put a lot of trust in them, influencers can easily persuade them to purchase your products on Instagram.

Also, you can even give each influencer a unique code to calculate their effectiveness in the campaign.

Offering Coupon Code by Influencers

Are you thinking about finding suitable influencers in your niche for your coupon Instagram campaign that matches your budget? No worries, we happen to know a great platform to discover influencers from all types: Ainfluencer.

Just visit this website and navigate through many influencers and choose the best of them to match.

Final words on Instagram coupons

Instagram is becoming dominant in very different areas, especially for brands. Use Instagram to its fullest potential and give the Instagram coupon campaigns a try. You won’t regret it!

This post was last modified on October 12, 2021 02:31


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