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Best Instagram Comment Picker App to Use in 2021

January 15, 2021

Instagram is a trade. You provide users with great free content and users let you grow on Instagram. The same goes for giveaways. You reward your followers on Instagram and in exchange, they let you grow. An Instagram comment picker just eases the process.

Before going further to talk about Instagram comment winner pickers, let’s establish two facts;

  1. People love to win
  2. People love free stuff

So why not leverage these innate human desires in your interest and get a win-win deal out of it?

Here in this article, you will read why you should take advantage of a random comment picker, and among the existing ones, which one is the best?

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Why Instagram Comment Picker?

Have you ever thought between Instagram likes and comments, which one has a more influential impact on your engagement rate?

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No one can tell for sure how Instagram algorithms work- its founder can say of course- but we know one thing for sure. It is easier to like than comment.

It takes to touch a button to like an Instagram post, this is while it takes you to think, type, and send to comment under a post. Instagram Algorithm understands that.

And that has led us to believe that Instagram gives greater weight to the comments than likes.

Yet it is hard to get users to comment unless you run Instagram giveaways and reward the followers who comment.

Instagram giveaways work crazy in terms of increasing comments. The studies show that giveaway posts tend to get 64 times more Instagram comments and 91% of Instagram posts with more than 1000 comments were giveaway posts. 

So why not using an Instagram giveaway picker to reward users who comment? Which Instagram random comment picker? Let’s see!

1. AiGrow

AiGrow is a great Instagram comment picker that provides you with many features. It is easy to work with and is compatible with all devices (iOS, Android, and Windows) 

With AiGrow, you can define giveaway rules so that the Instagram giveaway picker of AiGrow selects the winner among those who already haven’t been picked out.

What those rules can be?

  • The number of users they must tag to participate in giveaways
  • The hashtag they must use
  • If they must share the post
  • Whether they must like your post or not
  • If they must follow a certain account

And more

Other than that, you can automate your DM to send out the winning message to the winner. This automated DM can include the coupon or the instruction to receive the prize.

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Other than Instagram comment winner picker, AiGrow has other tools you might need to manage your Instagram account. Read all about it in its review.

2. Wask

The Wask company has an Instagram comment picker which is all free. Working with Wask is extremely easy. All you need to do is to paste the URL of the giveaway. Then it picks one of the comments, randomly.

3. Gleam Competitions

Gleam Competitions is a random comment picker with an easy giveaway set up. 

Like the first Instagram giveaway picker mentioned in the article, you can filter the winner based on the rules you defined in the setting.

Gleam Competitions has a free version the paid plan is between $10/mo to $399/mo.

4. Instagram Random Comment Picker

Similar to Wask, “Instagram Random Comment Picker” doesn’t have any special features. It is, however, easy to work with as you see in the given picture and free.

5. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a well-designed Instagram comment picker with easy set-up. You can define several criteria for Iconosquare so that it picks the winner with your desired characteristics.

Comment picker of Iconosquare is free to use.

6. Woobox

Woobox is a social media random comment picker. It selects the winner among those who have your predefined criteria.

Woobox allows you to collect the contact information of the participants to verify the eligibility of the winners.

7. Easyproms

Easyproms is an easy-to-work Instagram comment winner picker and is compatible with all cellphone devices.

This Instagram comment picker allows you to import all the comments under your giveaway Instagram post and have them in an Excel file. Before picking, it lets you filter possible winners with defined criteria.

Easyproms has a feature that makes it stand out among all the other pickers and that is its capability in which it lets you run a single giveaway among 10 Instagram posts.

If you couldn’t contact the winner, Easyproms finds you a substitute winner.

Easyproms also;

  • Notifies the winner automatically
  • Blacklists bad users
  • Excludes former winner

Which App Is The Best Instagram Comment Winner Picker?

This is up to you to decide which app is the best Instagram comment winner picker. However, a 

A comparative table helps you to decide with open eyes.

Comment pickersExcludes the previous winnerNotify the winnerSchedule the giveaway postDefining a URL for the giveaway postFilter the winnerPrice
AiGrowFree & Paid
Gleam CompetitionsFree & Paid

[$10- $399]

Instagram Comment Random PickerFree
WooboxFree & paid




Instagram comment has a massive impact to increase your engagement rate, and the most working way to get users to comment and escalate the number of Instagram comments is the Instagram giveaway.

Since Instagram comments play a major role to increase your engagement rate, an Instagram random comment picker can get your followers to comment.

In this article, you read all types of them. Pick one and run a giveaway.

This post was last modified on July 24, 2021 19:21

Zahra Zakipoor

Zahra Zakipoor is a travel freak who survived quarantine during the Corona pandemic! She is a junior digital marketer who has been working with SocialPros since 2018 as a full-time content writer. Her articles are mainly about growing on Instagram as an Instagram marketer. She loves dancing although she does it horribly!

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