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Managing a brand today means that you absolutely need to have a social media presence, across various channels where your target audience spends their time. What that doesn’t mean is that it’s enough to just exist on social networks. And also doesn’t mean that you’ll spontaneously earn more followers or inspire people to engage with your posts. So many competitors in every single industry make these accomplishments truly difficult. Because every single platform is already filled with sponsored posts and powerful brands with unparalleled social strategies. 

Okay, you might not be able to beat Starbucks on social media and exceed its engagement rates, but you can definitely do your best to refine how your brand utilizes social media to grow its digital presence, its reputation, and ultimately its follower base. Since Instagram is definitely among the top most-popular social platforms today, we’ll go over the key strategies that apply to this particular network and others that boast similar levels of attention for your modern-day audience.

Bring FOMO to life with stories

IG stories

A psychological phenomenon so prominent among numerous audiences today, known as the fear of missing out (or FOMO for short) is easy to inspire with posts that have a time-bound quality, such as Instagram stories. They immediately steal the spotlight. Since they are pinned to the very top of the newsfeed, and they let your followers see snippets of your brand’s daily life, behind-the-scenes content, and similar unique perspectives that instantly inspire engagement. When you want to extend the life of certain stories on your feed, you can highlight the stories that you find to be most representative of your brand. Otherwise, these bits of engaging content will vanish after 24 hours.

By the way, what can you do to make the best out of stories? Is it possible to share stories from the desktop? Can you schedule them or also repost them to save more time?



Luckily, the answer to all these questions is YES! But how? Actually, there is an Instagram management tool called AiSchedul that can help you with these issues. This tool is a secure way to repost on Instagram stories, schedule your stories and create catchy posts to share on Instagram. Also, using this amazing tool you do not necessarily need your phone. This means that you can repost, create and share stories even on the desktop

Moreover, this management tool can help you to:

Hence, this tool can really help you to grow your brand on Instagram. So, give it a try for free.

Also, Facebook and Snapchat have this type of content option. So that you can achieve the same effect with your audience on different platforms. Stories are a perfect way to generate immediate interest. And that will also raise awareness among your followers and help you reach more people over time. So, their impact might seem temporary, but when used strategically, it can be far more powerful than that.

Give your narrative a visual edge


Blog posts and other written content is still vital for your brand identity and engagement. But to fully benefit from your Instagram presence as well as all of your other social media channels, you need to diversify your content with the help of visuals. This customer tendency to prefer visually-supported storytelling has caused brands to focus on producing more original images, infographics, graphs, animated content, and the like.

You’ll find that experts including Infostarters produce infographics and similar visually striking content supported by the brand’s original, authentic narrative to strengthen the emotional bond with the brand’s customer base. Plus, people will be more likely to remember the information that’s concisely presented in visualized bullet-points instead of purely in blocks of text. Combine your stories with your visuals, and you’ll get a winning content strategy for your social media.

Moreover, as a professional brand owner, you need to link your blog or website to your Instagram account for some reason. For instance, by linking your website to your IG account, you can:

But how can you do all these things due to the Instagram strict limitations?

AiSchedul as a Bio Tool

Yes! With AiSchedul. Actually, one of the best tools that this app offers is its “All In One Bio Link”


Using this tool, you can simply:

As an example, you can take a look at


As you see, this tool can really help you to connect your website and IG account. So, open the website right now, create an account for free and enjoy your progress!


BrandID is the next great tool that can help to grow your brand on Instagram.

This tool can help you design a bio profile using your brand’s colors, fonts, and more to enhance your brand’s personality.

Keep learning about your brand audience

brand audience

Current trends define your ongoing strategy. But trends come and go, and your brand needs to be impervious to such changes. While retaining brand consistency across different social channels, you should also learn about your target demographic and their preferences on these very same networks. Collecting relevant data allows you insights that can reshape when you spot on different social media, how you craft your posts, their lengths, the kind of tags you use, and other details.

Your customer behavior changes alter overall content marketing trends. This means you need to monitor how these tides will affect your brand presence and your posting strategies across different platforms. 

Embrace collaboration


Over the past several years, social networks have become so much more than digital chatrooms for friends and family. Businesses now use them to establish their authority, and even more so, give over the reins of their creativity to their loyal followers and even more so, influencers that can elevate their brand presence. Their voice in favor of your brand can make all the difference in how the entire audience perceives your business. And also, how willing they are to interact via comments, shares, likes, and tags.

Now, an essential point to consider is that these relationships need to be long-lasting to take effect. Collaborate with Instagram influencers in your industry to earn more trust in your community, share their posts, encourage them to share genuine reviews of your products or services, and you’ll get more brand visibility, as well as recognition.


Social networks are considered the final frontier for many brands as the ultimate place to win over your customers and build up your overall reputation. With the right strategies up your sleeve, you can always improve how you interact and engage your social audience and generate more leads, loyalty, and more sales from your social efforts. Be mindful of trends, make sure you’re consistent across all channels, but above all, never let your social strategy stagnate. This will help you make the most of your brand’s presence on social networks and enhance your standing in your industry over time.

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